Amazing Hawt Show Friday 2/12/16

Well, it’s the end of the weekend and I still am buzzing over the amazing show that was put on by the Elysium Cabaret on Friday night. It’s been a rough start to the week with being sick and trying to get back on track after my trip.  So sitting at the Empire room on Friday night was just what I needed!

Just like always and right on time, the Empire room came alive with the sounds of everyone rushing to their seats from the bar with drinks in each hand. DJ Gunner took to the airwaves and the dancers were getting final prep completed when all of a sudden the sound of the Black Eyed Peas brought a hush to the theater. It was time and we all knew because of that familar song “I Gotta Feeling”!

First up was Corri! Haunting and beautiful are the only two words I can come up with to describe her interpretation of Disturbed’s amazing cover of  Sound of Silence.  The one thing I love most about dance is that it does not matter how many times I hear a song, the person on the stage can evoke emotions that no other can. And, Corri did this for me with the simplest of set and beauty of movement.

After Corri was finished, I knew this was going to be a great night for dance! The Hawt meter was only beginning to climb and it took another step closer to explosion when our next dancer Ally took the stage.  Whenever I hear that song “Riding Solo” by Jason DeRulo, I know that I’m in for a treat and again she did not dissapoint with costuming and the right movements. “Rain” by Blackmill began to come alive right infront of our eyes. Wow! Ally! HOT HOT!

I am not sure what Wiz was up to this week with the line up but he sure did set up the audiance with a continued climb to the top of the hotness meter! The gentlemen watching were just sitting on the edge of their seats. Finally, there was some excitment coming for the Ladies! Mona provided with a colorful redition of Toni Braxton’s hit – “You’re Making me High”!  She was joined on stage by Cyan, Salonge, Gunner and Storm! I will have to say the ladies were treated to bliss seeing those two guys in their g-strings.  WTG MONA!

Well, up next was Wiz. I finally realized why he got the audience so intranced with the ladies of Elysium. See, I try really hard to make it to rehearsal on thursdays to see the dances before I sit and write a review. This week I had no clue what Wiz had up his sleeve. As soon as the music started though, I KNEW!!! Here comes the Ru-Wiz with his rockin’ moves to RuPaul’s “Don’t Be Jealous of my Boogie”.  The Ladies had nothing on Ru-Wiz when it came to his dance in his epic drag costume of RuPaul! Darn, Wiz how can you walk in those shoes?

Our next dance came from the Phoenix Dance Troupe! Jack brought over his tribute to David Bowie and I can saw that no matter how many times I see this dance, the memories of great music and a great time of my life flood into my mind. Since I already aged myself, I can say that this dance hits every right note ever sung by this great man. There are so many things I can say about this dance but none would do it justice.  I guess what I can say is, thanks Jack for reminding us there is “Magic in Dance”!

Have you been to Gotham City lately? Well, I have and it was so cool to visit with Sebastain and his craziness! If you did not know the Joker is alive and can really move around a dance floor! Sebastain grabbed Salonge’s hand and said come dance with me to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”! What a great number and I’m so jealous of his imagination. Where does he come up with these dances! This one was flawless!

Next up was a debut! Elysium Cabaret welcomed Tray to its troupe with open arms. I have seen some debuts on this stage and this one was up near the top! Tray, dancing with the gorgeous and so-stylish Immy, brought his love of dance and movement to the stage with set changes that not only gave us a sceen but told a story! It’s so nice to see more of us guys getting out on the stage and showing that dance is not defined by gender! Tray made me a believer and is a welcome addition to the Elysium Cabaret family!  Welcome Home!

The show is winding down now but it can not be complete unless Baby gets to take the stage. It does not matter what song Baby has chosen to dance to, I get chills watching art come alive over my screen. This dance was no different and how can you go wrong with Enya!  Baby, bring this gift to the stage that opens up the minds of each of us to love and peace. A gentle reminder of how full our lives are with love especially when we come as a family together each Friday Night! Dancing to “Stars and Midnight Blue”, it was the most beautiful end to an exciting show! Thank you Baby again for sharing a gift with us all!

The Troupe had finished but now it was time for the audience to jump up and close out the show in the signature manner of Elysium Cabaret! This week Paul called upon Kellan to bring the music and movement to a full stage of dancers just waiting for their break into the world we are all so fortunate to have found.  Kellan did not disapoint at all with masterful moves and the music of Chris Brown – “Forever”, Radioactive “In The Dark”, and  2Pac – Dr. Dre – “California Love”. As the dancers said thank you to the audiance and everyone got their blood pumping, the laughter and night came to a close!  Thanks Kellan for a great ending!

Well, off for now! Time to get planning for next week. I hear there is another great lineup for Friday Night as we Welcome you to the weekend!

PS. Thank you Fuki for the great photos!

One thought on “Amazing Hawt Show Friday 2/12/16

  1. Thank you Bran for the review, and Fuki for the pics! It was truly a spectacular show, and a joy to dance with such passionate, creative people!


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