The Enchanted Evening Elysium Cabaret Show 2/19/16

The Enchanted Evening Cabaret February 19, 2016 Show! (By Salonge Baxton)

I have to say this week’s show brought tears to many of us. Enchanted is the theme I gave it because we drifted away song after song to each story the choreographers put together for us.

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Kysrha

The first act was put together by the beautiful Kyshra Rhiadra. Dancers Daze Columbia, Kellan Dubrovna, Storm Bohemian, Nevar Lobo and Zach Starostin twirled around to an empowering Demi Lavato – Confident. The atmosphere during this song was complete silence, which can be an AMAZING compliment as we were all lost in the stage set up and every step of the dances put together by Kyshra. Not to mention their barely there lingerie and leather clothing that made us all beg “Take it all off!” but sadly, they didn’t!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Jilley

If the first act didn’t get the heart pumping, the second act would make you cry. Jilley set the bar even higher than usual this time.  I’ve heard many renditions of La Vie en Rose, and I’m surprised Cyndi Lauper could do it so well, but paired with Jilley dancing in a way only a woman in love ever could and Paul Woodrunner on piano while Ally (allyson.solo) played the violin.  We all felt the sadness and depth of the possibilities of love as Jilley danced and my heart pounded all the way to the end.  The detail to the stage and costumes were second to none as Jilley’s acts always are.  She always knows how to place each piece with the lighting so you go for a delicious ride through a story.  Please more!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Ayita

Thankfully the powers that be know how to make the emotions wave up and down and Ayita (naybabe Resident) was the perfect choice for Act 3. Joining her was Nalani (dancinggal2014), Maia (fionna.carter), JMB Balogh, JJ (ladiejj.jewell), Babypea Von Phoenix, Kellan Dubrovna and Kymir Pardus to “Ooh Ahh by Tamara Jaber”. They all let us know who’s in control of those relationships as they danced their way to whatever they wanted and oh they could get it too! If you missed the stage set up for this one you really should beg her to play it again!  I want to go to Paris more than ever now.

Elysium - 19FEB16- La Oro (Tehya)

Oh my! Act 4 with Tehya from La Oro’s grouped up with Breezie, Jade, Amethyst, Allesandra and Kayla Kao with Ruby Blue. This group is outstanding anyway but this act had to be hard to follow. We all started swaying as they spread out on an electric blue and black stage. Red dresses bouncing over dancing thighs drew our eyes from anywhere else they might have wanted to wander and hold transfixed. We want to see them all come back all come back and tell us the next chapter.

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Storm

Phantom of the Opera is well known and close to my heart. The way Storm Bohemian set up the stage and danced his story with Liriel Garnet, made us all want his cry to be heard. The contrast of his dark suit and her flowing gown. We all know how that story ends, but for the moment I clutched my hands together so tightly and wanted more. The piano, waterfall, and torches lit up the stage with flickers throughout their dance. I didn’t want it to end, I hope to see much more in the future.

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Eva

Eva Harley brought us the intensity even a bit higher when she brought Johnn Galt along to dance on a black background with a face whose eyes looked into each of our souls and pulled out the secret loneliness we all share. The sound of silence was felt but not heard through the act. I took a look around to see everyone transfixed on the stage but not speaking. The couple strengthened our understanding that we aren’t truly ever alone. I always enjoy her stories and messages and get chills every time I see her magic working on the audience who understands it.

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Melvis

Still wiping tears through the music interchange, the beat picked up and we roared when we saw each of the Disney Characters represented by the glorious team of Melvis, Andytez Dumpling, Storm Bohemian, Sebastian Bourne, Nevar Lobo, Kellan Dubrovna and Monavie Voight who ground and bopped in ways we never saw on the cartoons to (mixed version) of Disney music. The crowd went wild screaming as the background of the castle faded through the extra effect lighting and I couldn’t even read the text flying by so fast!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Wiz

Oh the Wiz, (Wiz Nirvana) if you’ve ever caught any of his acts before you’ll know he brings everything you could imagine or want. He danced this one solo while Sia’s haunting voice to California Dreamin’ filled the entire building. The broken down building scene was post apocalyptic and I think we all held our breaths to make sure it didn’t crumble as he showed us he WOULD be a survivor no matter what. The way he stepped to the edge of the broken landing, I have no idea how he didn’t fall off, but his gracefulness showed through and we all cheered before the music was even over!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - DavidGage

David (DavidGage) brought us something quite hilarious! Joining him were Paul Woodrunner, Eric, Stu, and Sebastain Bourne all dancing around in the bachelor pad. They made sure to take their time to let us know they’d love us even after leaving the toilet seat up and we go crazy *doesn’t everyone?* but we forgave each of them when we saw them wiggle through and promise us eternal love. The women in the audience screamed and offered to change their ways for another taste!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - Ame

The last choreographed number was put together by Ame Starostin who brought Zach Starostin. When they stood facing one another in the mirror I got chills. We were able to get a peek into the dynamics Ame wanted to share, the same faces and competing emotions. Each step executed beautifully at center stage while inspirational quotes close to their heart flashed around them. Ame has always added more components than slight stage designs to carry emotion through the song in a way that makes you really feel.  Everything about the art she shares makes me think on it again after I’ve walked away.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Elysium - 19FEB16 - DanceX (Wild)

Crowd Dance was put together by Dance Xcetera’s Wild Catnap. The crowd joined in to boogy down to Super Freak, Ladies Night, and Word Up. All discussing just how much they enjoyed the show. I couldn’t help but stay after everyone left replaying all the fun I had. Can’t wait to do it again next week.

Special thanks to the staff at Elysium Cabaret who stand behind the scenes to make this all work. It takes time and dedication and a lot of money to keep the show running and bring something new every week to the stages. Thank you Fuki for the photos.

Salonge Baxton – Elysium Dancer

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  1. Thank you Salonge for the review and welcome to the blog! We are thrilled to have you, great job on the review… a super fun read!


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