Friday Night Was More Than Alright!

As another Friday came upon us, the excitement of another show was easily felt with the crowd and dancers at Elysium this past Friday. Paul, Jilley and Ally were out in force to welcome our guest and offer some refreshments as they found a perfect seat to see all the goodies that would shortly be heading their way from the talented Elysium team!

DJ Gunner was killing it with some fabulous music to get everyone’s weekend off to a great start as the choreographers and dancers were backstage stretching their limbs and being sure any costume changes were close at hand. You could tell from the rehearsal that it was going to be a hellva show if the SL gods were kind! I was even whispering in an ear how much I was lovin a song that Gunner was playing and how I should do that to a dance! Great tunes Gman!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - MelvisMusic – Fleur East – Sax
Melvis with Nevar, Andy, Kellan, Mona, Salonge

 First up was the astonishingly talented Melvis! Melvis always brings dances to the stage that I love and this week was no exception! He and the boys were rocking it with some stylin jackets in Pink, Blue and Green while the ladies were in a matching color short dress and heels. The set was just as colorful with rotating acidelic textures. The animations were SO FUN! While it opened with the girls on stage once the guys duck walked and then moon walked on stage, all bets were off! Costumes, set, animations were mind blowing and went perfectly with the song! I hope he does this one again!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - GunnerMusic – Mr. PInstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
Gunner with Wiz, Ridley, Paul, Pandy and Nayer

Gunner took us back in time to the roaring 40’s with some big band music that made you tap your foot and wiggle your head and fingers as he took the stage. The scene was one of waiting in line for what I took to be some food with some nuns handing it out; this all along a street and before you can blink an eye, the men are dancing in the rain! I loved this set cause it was just fun and the dancing took us back to the roots of jazz! Great animations and the men looked snazzy and hot as hell with their fedoras!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - KyshraMusic – Beethoven vs Chemical Brothers – Symphony No. 5 Vs Galvanize
Kyshra with Corri, Moni, Kellan, Jo, Queenie, Daze and RUS

Next up was Kyshra, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED this dance!   She really outdid herself this week! The scene started with a replica of the Empire Room with the famous sign and all, and all the girls on the floor were dressed in various baroque style modern dance clothes, doing some ballet moves. Soon enough the tempo changed to an electric dupstep sort of beat and they were joined by post apocalyptic girls that joined the “stage” with a massively awesome jump! Set change and some fierce dancing animations left you breathless with the pulsating music and backdrop! Great stuff Kysh!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - JilleyMusic – Georgie Fame – The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde 
Jilley with Paul

Jilley was up next and as the song begins you can’t help but smile! The banjo playing illicit a feel of old time, and yet it was mixed with modern as Jilley looked punked out and Paul had on a sweatshirt with a hood! Cop cars entering the scene, and crashing, fire hydrants spewing water, and all the while they were on the run and dancing and shooting folks. They were after all Bonnie and Clyde! Blood splattered the ground as in the end, they were shot down in their prime of life! We loved it and laughed the entire time as it truly told a story!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - WizMusic – 7 Years – Lukas Graham

Following Jilley was our one and only stage manager Wiz! Wiz did a FANTASTIC job with his set, mimicking the growth of a boy throughout decades by using pictures that were on a mantel. The symbolic clock ticking time, added to the idea that time goes by so fast. I loved the child like spinning that he started with as he told the story through animations that matched his set and song perfectly. He can really bring some emotion in his dance I tell ya!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - KellanMusic – Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
Kellan with Ridley, Nevar, Zach and Ayita (Naybabe)

I was up next with one of my favorite songs. The set was a cavern with particle gems that each of the characters arrived by climbing down a rope. The men were dressed as Indiana Jones and the females of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Each wore particles on their hands of cyan for some color and up in the air they all started to dance! I think I did a pretty good job with the animations on this and I really enjoyed the concept and it was fun to do!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - BabyPeaMusic – Kasabian – Re-wired

Babypea closed the show with a THRILLING solo! I swear when I grow up I wanna be like her! The scene opened with a giant computer and screen and she wore this freakin awesome electric outfit that laid the work that she was indeed part of the wiring! The scene changed to a giant mother board and the inside of the computer where she danced around on hands before the giant brain came out! How does she come up these cool ideas! Particles added to giving her, in my mind, programming before the set ended with her litterly part of the wiring. Great concept, music and animations made this a definite closer! Loved it!

Elysium - 04MAR16 - Crowd(Jilley)Crowd Dance Music – Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Diga Diga Doo
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger


As the night came to a close, we invited the audience members to come up and dance with us. As Paul says “There is an Elysium dancer in every avatar!” Jilley delivered a MIND BLOWING trio of music that left everyone excited to get on stage! I loved the music and the animations were perfect! Sometimes the crowd dance can get lost, but a lot of effort goes into finding the perfect music and animations for three songs, and trying to not repeat, keeping it up beat and something that the audience knows, and Jilley always brings us those things!

That was the end of another thrilling show. Please join us this coming Friday and every Friday at 6 pm SLT, and the last Saturday of the month, at 1 pm SLT for our special matinee show for our Euro friends! This Kellan, over and out!



One thought on “Friday Night Was More Than Alright!

  1. Thank you Kells for a wonderful read! It was an astounding show, such an honour to share the stage with such talented, dedicated people! Thank you Fuki for the pictures! Preserving our memories ♥


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