Fantastical Friday Fun

Oh…the birds are singing, the air is warmer, the sun is shining and little green shoots of the promise of spring have started to push their way up out of the warming soil.  There is a feeling of hope and renewal where I live and I was so happy that it seems to have found its’ way to the Empire Room where all sorts of spring optimism was present onstage last night.

DJ Gunner, bless his rock N roll soul had the best music rolling to get everyone in the mood for the show.  I was personally so happy to hear Janis Joplin, I could barely contain myself.  That man has an epic collection of music and it in all the years I’ve been going to the Empire Room on a Friday, I’ve never noticed the same playlist…way to start off the weekend Gunner!

Monavie was our opening act and with her set, brought all the hope of spring to stage as she was joined by Jo and Ame dancing to a version of “Our Song” sung by Ewan MacGregor.  That’s right …Obi-wan can belt out a tune! The lovely ladies were in birdcages, but they flew down to the stage in very pretty flowered dresses which had wonderful skirts that whirled about as they danced.  There were also some spectacular particles to accent the dance and a cool…pinkish background texture that I loved.  Lovely Ms. Monavie…just lovely!

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Mona

Ally took the stage next in a set that is now one of my favorite Ally sets ever.  You had to have the advanced lighting model enabled, otherwise you missed out on one wildly amazing set.  Ally chose “Have You Seen The Stars Tonight” by Jefferson Starship.  She wore a reflective latex (?) suit that had lighting enabled that reflected off of it.  She also had amazing effects on her star studded set and particles.  I missed half of the coolness going on because I was mesmerized by the outfit with the colors….shiny….pretty!  Loved this set. These photo is courtesy of Seb because Fuki was having one of those SL nights last night.  And I can’t stretch them out…and I am soooooo sorry!

Elysium Cabaret 20160311

Elysium Cabaret 20160311

Myth is back in SL, in case you missed her!  I haven’t seen her dance since she’s made it back, so I was excited that she was on the docket last night.  She chose a song called “Eden” by Sarah Brightman.  It was an ethereal song..vocals and harmonies…very smooth and relaxing (words I don’t normally associate with Myth, lol).  Royal, Gunner and Paul were decked out with suits and mics on the second story of a red and gold stage.  The ladies rose up from below…Myth, Diiar and Babypea and they swayed and sashayed in some beautiful dresses while some great particles floated…roses, little orbs of light, lught rays…it was pretty and sultry and smooth as peanut butter!

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Myth

Corri came out red hot…or black and white…to Amanda Jenssen’s “Dry My Soul”.  She wore a great goth skin and some really wild hair that I need to own and one smokin’ hot latex outfit that was smexy as can be.  She danced on her dock in front of her little swamp shack and I have to say, with her out front….even that swamp shack looked amazing!  Ok…there was the minor issue of the dead body, but hey, when you look that good, and have alligators to take care of the evidence, well, why not kill the bastard?!?

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Corri

We had a debut next…the lovely Imrhien, and god bless Gunner, he had to pronounce it, I just have to type it!  This set was hands down fantastic.  With debuts like this, who needs us old farticles out there on stage?  Holy….cow!  Immi was in a museum and danced to Regina Spektor’s “All the Rowboats.”  Her ballerinas, who came dancing out of their frame were Jo, Lily and Daze.  Kellan was a dancing violin and Seb, Baby, Tray and Ame were the period costumes that danced without any bodies.  It was freaking cool!  I want to see it again and again and again.  Well done Immi!! (please excuse the overuse of !!)

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Imrhien

Wiz took the stage with his darling Sus to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Our House”. They were a toy soldier and doll in a dollhouse set in a much larger bedroom.  It was so nifty.  Yet again I love the stuff that lives in the Wizard’s brain.  They were adorable, with Wiz marching around and Sus coming to life and then they danced together and collapsed into a cute back to back sit at the end. Wiz restores my faith in humanity every time I see his sets 🙂 ps…note the two cats!!

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Wiz

Seb hit the planks…or trash cans…then the planks to “Start a Fire”.  Sorry, not sure who sings this, I need to dig out the youtube link, but in the interest of time….. The dudes…Seb, Tray, Zach and Storm started out playing their cans in an urban setting while Ame, Jo, Salonge and Monavie danced in some great hip hop outfits.  Then…the gents vaulted over their cans ( a VERY cool animation) and joined the ladies and out came the fire pois!  This was inventive and visually stunning.  Another set I need to see about 4 times to take in everything that was going on.

Elysium - 11MAR16 - Sebastain

Babypea danced to Jacquie Lee’s “Broken Ones”.  This set was originally done when Kat Feldragonne asked a group of us to all create a set to this song.  I got to be part of this project and it was so fun and interesting to see what we all came up with.  Baby chose a great outfit from Rag Dollz which is a doll with cracked skin and she started out alone and then faded in an attic with Jilley, Kellan, Jo and Gertie and they all danced to this very pretty song.  I adore Baby’s set and take on the song.  I am one person who has no issue with people choosing to dance to a song that someone else has used because I am fascinated by how differently every dancer sees the same song.

Elysium - 11MAR16 - BabyPea

This brings us to Tray.  Tray, Tray, Tray…what can I say?  Tray chose David Lee Roth’s “Just A Gigolo” and “California Girls” and well, I’m still laughing hysterically at what he did last night.  We started our journey with Tray clomping across the floor of the avatar rest home with his walker….he then disappears into his mirror and shows up on the beach where he is suddenly a “hunk-o-rama” boogeying to DLR.  He gets eaten by a shark (yep…ouch!) and reappears in a tuxedo where he dances again, until he sprouts wings and the elegant staircase he’s been dancing on transforms into the pearly gates.  A day later, I’m still giggling.  My personal favorite part was the shark 🙂  Epic…if I can quote Baby!

Elysium - 11MAR16 -Tray

And there it was…the end of the show, except for the crowd dance *cheers wildly*.  Kellan set us up with Pitbull’s “Timber”, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, and Daft Punk’s “One More Time”.  The server was a little laggy, but we kicked it a couple of times and before we knew it, we were all off and dancing like old pros.  It was another fun ending to another great show.  This is another of Seb’s pictures (again…soooooo sorry for the size)

Elysium Cabaret 20160311

Thank you lovely fans and Paul, Jilley, Gunner and Baby for giving us a home to dance at and a place to spend our Fridays with friends!  Catch you all next Friday night at the Empire Room!!


One thought on “Fantastical Friday Fun

  1. AWESOME review Winnie! Thank you! And thank you to Fuki and Sebalicious for the pics… it was an amazing show, everyone brought their very best, and I am so honoured to share a stage with these people!


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