O.M.G! Review for 03.18.16


*Note:  Fuki is working on pictures for Eva and the crowd dance, but I want to get this up before the weekend is over. Will add them as soon as we have them*

The fans of Empire Room were out in droves on the heels of St. Patrick’s Day.  Gunner was busy setting the mood with his great playlist, and people were wandering in, browsing the buffet tables, grabbing a cocktail and settling in to the comfy chairs to welcome the weekend in with us.  Thankfully, none of them seemed too hung over after a day with green milk shakes, green bagels, green beer and drunken parades…well, that’s how we celebrate where I live and we do all have a little irish in us on March 17th, no matter where we live 🙂

Kyshra was the opening act…and WOW what an opener.  If you were still chatting, or not paying attention, or nursing a hangover, well, that beautiful red set should have gotten your attention. Barring a coma, the strains of “I Feel A Sin Comin’ On” by the Pistol Annies should have been your second clue. Finally, it’s Kyshra, did you not expect that she would be emoting, smoldering and in general riling up the audience as her clothes magically evaporated before our eyes?  Everyone was really, really awake by time she was done.

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Kyshra

This brings us to the sheep dance.  I saw this crazy ad while I was watching the superbowl.  It had some singing sheep.  I have no idea what is was for, but those little buggers stuck in my head and a set was born.  I chose Queen’s “Somebody To Love”, and I was joined by Seb, Baby, Jilley, Queenie, Jo, Beebs as sheep and Pan as our wolf.  We were very well accesorized, from rolling pins, to fancy boas to Pan’s hat that was replete with squirrels.  It wasn’t meant to be anything more than ridiculously funny, and I hope I made you laugh.

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Winnie

Our fearless dance manager, Wiz, chose Alice Cooper’s “Teenage Frankenstein”.  I love Alice Cooper, and I desperately want to go play golf with him.  Wiz cracked me up when he told me that he thought that his green skin sort of went with the fact that it was the day after St. Patrick’s Day.  He created an awesome evil scientist lair and worked his Frankenmoves 🙂 Check out those platforms ladies!  Two big smiles in a row!!

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Wiz

Nay and Maia put together a collaborative set that was just wonderful.  They chose P!nk’s “Perfect”.  The two of them started out in a dance studio, black and white, mirroring each other and that was really cool enough.  Then, they drew down a curtain and these amazing boxes zoomed out….with dancers in them!  They chose scenes from some of their favorite Empire sets so out came Kellan, Baby, Kyshra, Jilley, Wiz, Jo, Gunner and Seb.  SL was a huge bugger the first time and we had to kill the set and come back to it, but oh it was sooooooooooo worth it!  My favorite part was when the song slows to a dripping faucet and the floating animation transitioned everyone to the stage floor and the boxes flew up and away.  This may be the single best transition I have ever seen in a set, it was brilliant!  A fantastic job ladies and what a wonderful tribute to our dancers!  Yes I’m all !!!! because it was fecking perfect!!!!

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Ayita and Maia

JenzZa and the misfits hit the boards next with a Michael Jackson version of “Hit The Road Jack”.  Laughter would once again fill the theater.  First, we had Rumor lurking about as Jack Skellington, when he comes across a patch of beans and waters them.  Up goes the beanstalk, Jack crawls up and ends up in a land filled with…..cupcakes???  Hey, I’m totally ok with anything that involves cupcakes and the girls, Dulcikate, Phoebe and JenzZa were adorable to the point of sugar overload with great outfits and makeup and particles…it was a dazzler.  I had a great time watching this set, JenzZa has a great style and design sense and I am always thrilled when she is going to perform.  She also has a firm grip on whimsy, which is my favorite thing about her 🙂

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Misfits

Baby picked Ludivico Einaudi’s “Run”  I love this composer…love as in….I have downloaded just about every song he has ever done.  Baby found this amazeballs outfit at Gizza (yep, I checked they don’t have anything else even vaguely like it….damnit!) and she was a beautiful angel in love with a man (Gunner) who had no idea that she existed.  She danced a heartbreakingly beautiful dance where she begged to become human so that she could be with him, when out came Gerty and she stole his heart away.  Baby ended up human and seething in red on a park bench, and though I love Gerty dearly, I was ready to get up there and knock her over myself! (Sorry Gerty)

Elysium - 18MAR16 - BabyPea

Eva found a great mix of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”.  Ok, I’m a closet Metallica fan as well.  I love metal, but rarely find a way to do a set to it.  Eva knocked this thing out of the park.  Her costume was this awesome torn dress, the set was spare the the animations were out of this world.  Not sure where she got them, but I guarantee I’m asking!  They were powerful and strong, just like the song, and she did a great costume change to a strong and slightly intimidating red and firey lade who was even more empowering to watch dance.  Loved it!

Jilley took us out for the end of the evening and holy craptoast what a cool set it was.  She danced with Paul and Seb to Opiou’s “Robot Booty”.  This set was cool and smooth…it was smooth like Skippy peanut butter smooth.  They wore these really great robot like costumes and were armed with light saber type weapons and it was just so damned magnificent and wild and visually stunning…I couldn’t get enough of it!

Elysium - 18MAR16 - Jilley

Drat!  Like that the show was over…except for the crowd dances that Ames put together for us.  God bless her (or any deity of your choice) because it was the night before her wedding, the end of Fashion for Life and she still came through for us all to boogie our way into the weekend! Ame chose Pitbull’s “Run”,  Duran Duran’s “Change The Skyline” and Adam Lambert’s “Pop That Lock” to get our fabulous fans up out of their seats and on some poseballs to welcome the weekend.


Thank you our wonderful fans, and thank Fuki for amazing pictures and Paul, Jilley, Gunner and Baby for our fantastic venue to dance at week after week.  It’s a group effort and we couldn’t do it without you all!  Catch you next Friday at the best place to kick off the weekend in all of SL 🙂



2 thoughts on “O.M.G! Review for 03.18.16

  1. Thank you Winnie for a thoroughly enjoyable read about a show that was so full of creative wonderment and fun! Thank you Fuki for the pictures, and to everyone who comes out to participate with our shows, either on stage or in the audience. ♥


  2. Thank you for the great review Winnie! And to Fuku for the lovely pictures. Was a great show and I am fell blessed to take part in it every time I get on that stage!


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