Empire Easter Eggstravagana

For all you non-christians out there, it was Easter weekend this weekend, so if you noticed an awful lot of bunnies and eggs and were confused because you thought that Easter was about the resurrection of Jesus, well, clearly you didn’t get the memo that in the US, Easter is sponsored by the chocolate industry!  We were lucky enough to have sets that celebrated both that illustrious bunny AND the high holy day, because our dancers represented all aspects of the holiday.

DJ Gunner once again went to his endlessly awesome playlist and Paul and Jilley were out to greet everyone, and I must day, everyone looked fantastic for the holiday.  The sim had been reset at 4:00 sharp and we were ready to see what the night would bring!

Jilley kicked off the weekend with Salt-n-Pepa’s “What a Man”.  This set was too fun for words…there were giant snails and frogs and trees as well as Jilley, Baby and Sus as three very sexy bunnies who were joined by Paul in his bunny-underwear.  You can see him sneaking up behind them 🙂  This set was sexy and fun and whimsical and the perfect opener for the Eggstravaganza!Elysium - 25MAR16 - Jilley

Wiz joined in on the Easter fun with his set to “Egg Shaped Fred” by Mansun.  Wiz was an egg.  An adorable, ovoid egg.  His legs danced and his set was a tribute to some of his favorite sets from last year.  There was a quiz involved to see if we could match the items onstage to the song and artist…I got one…the book was Peter Pan for Ruth b. Lost Boys. The rest were Tractor – Kenny Chesney- She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Cannibal Pot – Tribal Fusion Drum Solo, Etch-a-sketch – Pentatonix – Papaoutai, Coal Cart – Jimmy Joe Lee – The Coal Miner Song, RV – Shooter Jennings – 4th of July, White Piano – Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow, Blue Glasses -Silento – Watch Me, Mausoleum – Zombie Love Song, Wallpaper – Crosby Stills Nash Young – Our House.  Happy Easter Eggwiz!

Elysium - 25MAR16 - Wiz

Kellan was up third and she was joined by Melvis, Baby, Jo, Ame, Me, Nevar, Storm and Ridley for Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”.  This set was amazing.  We all started out as statues and Kellan was in the GORGEOUS baroque gown.  She came around and hit us all with her lightning and voila!, we had turned into real life dancers in our own baroque outfits!  The costume assistant changes along gave me the willies and SL was great, we changed lickety split just like we should and there were awesome light effects too!  What a FUN set to be part of!

Elysium - 25MAR16 - Kellan

Ally was the mid-point and what a stunning and though provoking set.  She chose “See What I’ve Become” by Zack Hemsey.  Her set was spare, three crosses on a cloudy background.  She danced a heartbreaking dance to Jesus on the cross and at the end, his body turned to a shimmering light and floated off and Ally replaced him.  It was chilling and beautiful and reminded all of us what Easter means to those who believe, but even if you don’t believe, the idea of sacrificing everything for something you believe in is a concept we can all relate to.

Elysium - 25MAR16 - Ally

Baby was up next and to say that she lightened the mood would be an understatement!  I’m pretty sure that when it comes to goofy and offbeat, Baby and I share some DNA, lol.    Full disclosure…Jo’s set was eaten by SL and she also should have been a chicky chick in this dance, but the amazing stuff that goes on with mover adjusting and music deleting…you wouldn’t believe how hard everyone was working both to help Jo and get Baby out onstage early.  Kudos to some of the most amazing staff anywhere!! Baby chose the Crazy Chicken song and sadly, I don’t have a reference for who wrote this lovely little song.  Baby chook, Jilley chook and Fuki chook were three of the cutest darned chickies ever and they were of course joined by a fox, Gunner, who would have loved to have gotten into that henhouse!

Elysium - 25MAR16 - BabyPea

Ame was up next with an even cuter (yep) set to “I Want Candy” from the Hop Soundtrack.  She was joined by Kellan, Nadi, Zach, Nevar and Princess Tiana Suber and they all broke out their child avatars to hip hop their way around a candy paradise.  To say that they stole everyone’s candy hearts wouldn’t be too far from the truth.  It was just adorable and fun and I’ve learned a valuable lesson not to get between a kid (or Zach) and their Easter candy.

Elysium - 25MAR16 - Ame

Our final act was an Empire Debut.  Amari joined us and she chose “Pyromania” by Cascada. The scene was set with some uber hip cavemen; Keko Heckroth, Thyr Galt, Seb and Diamonte Thomas.  They were on “earth” just sort of grooving when a spaceship comes overhead and beams down four super hot space alien chicks, Amari, Monavie, Chantal Galt and Nadi….who may have intended to “probe” our earthbound men, but who ended up being tossed over the men’s shoulders in the end.  It was a great set, and we look forward to Amari and her friends  popping in and dancing with us more 🙂

Elysium - 25MAR16 - Amari

Well, the only reasonable thing left at this point was to hop up on stage and enjoy the crowd dance.  Baby was our captain to help us ride off into the sunset on a day that many of us had off all over the globe (best Good Friday tradition….kite flying in Bermuda…I’ve done this, it’s a blast…the whole island picnics and flies kites)…so there were many relaxed avatars to enjoy dancing to Bawitdaba, Atomic Dog and Retired.  We were so glad to see you all and spend our time with you!  Thanks to Paul, Jilley, Baby and Gunner for keeping the show on task despite a few SL hiccups that were trying to knock us down but failed miserably.  We’ll catch you next Friday night, same bat time, same bat place!

Elysium - 25MAR16 - BabyPea(Crowd)



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