An Evening With Elton John

This Friday, starting at 6pm SLT, Elysium dances just a few of the many timeless songs given to the world by the legendary Sir Elton John!  We hope you will come out and join us, and share in this magical celebration of creative passion!


Friday…Yaaaayyyy *kermit squeal*

Ok…if you’ve never heard Kermit the Frog yell yaaaaay when introducing an act…well, there may be little hope for you.  That frog really knows how to do an intro.  In the spirit of his green wonderfulness I enthusiastically invite you to the Friday night review.  Spring has finally kinda sorta made it to the Northeast US, but according to Baby, it’s downright freezing down under, and to top that off, Gunner really, really doesn’t like what they try to pass off as coffee…..

Despite these minor trials, Gunner was wide awake and again spinning amazing tunes from his never ending library.  He spun some Muse so my ears were all perked up and ready to roll.  He looked especially manly in his suspenders and boots, but that would be a spoiler for let’s leave it at Jilley and Paul and Gunner once again made the front of the house an welcoming and friendly spot for all of our guests 🙂

Baby opened the show with Jill Tracy’s “Leave Me Cold”.  Leave it to Baby to mix smexy and funny in this set.  She starts out as a nice looking corpse in a morgue where she proceeds to reanimate and let us know exactly what she thinks about the fact that she ended up in the morgue in the first place.  Presto chango with some cool faders and particles she ends up in a bedroom, where although she is quite pale, she is still super hot, but her bedmate is a little less than awesome in his skeletonized form.  I was torn between the phenomenal set work and the emotes which were making me laugh…Great opener Baby, as only you can do!

Elysium - 22APR16 - BabyPea

Nadi was up next and let me say….given her costume, I’m not sure if I remember anything else!  Ok…wait (looks at pictures)… that’s right, there was a lovely bedouin tent vibe going on here, amazingly sultry textures, pillows, draping fabrics, pottery, rugs and tassels.  The tassels happened to be on Nadi, not the backdrop 🙂  She danced a beautiful snake charmer belly dance to “The Prince of Egypt”. The best part was her snake which slithered up out of her urn while she danced.  Sexy and beautiful and it left all of us wanting more Nadi…snake…not so much, lol!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Nadi

I was batting third and I chose Zendaya’s “Neverland”.  I am so in love with this song. It reminds me of my own childhood and of SL in a way where you can create a world with your own imagination that is safe and beautiful and no matter what you can find a way to make your dreams come true. I saw myself flying away before I figured out any of the rest of the set and was overjoyed when I found the balloon airship, it was perfect.  This is one of those dances that wormed its way into my heart.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Winnie

The pretty theme continued with Soco and the ladies of the Phoenix Dance Team as they took the stage.  Soco chose Enya’s “Echos In The Rain”. She danced with Lily, Litz, Sassy and Nadi and we were all hoping they would give away their costumes and maybe leave the set behind too.  Just gorgeous!  I was mesmerized watching the set…I had to force myself to cam out and take in some of the beauty of the actual set around the dancers and I love Enya, her music is just haunting and soothing and I could listen to it for hours.  Thank you Phoenix for guesting and making our hearts sing!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Guest(Phoenix)

Jilley…Jilley, Jilley, Jilley…..if I could have an eighth of her vision for graphics…I just adore her set designs.  She chose “Yeha Noha” by Sacred Spirit.  Jilley has done a few Native American sets and a) where does she find those amazing costumes and b) how does she make an outfit that comes up to her neck look that good?  This set was so cool, Jilley came in through the dream catcher…and good dreams come through the center of the dream catcher and float down the feathers, which is just what she did.  Paul and Baby joined her as her earthbound companions to her ethereal spirit.  It was just stunning.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Jilley

Wiz…another person who has set design magic built into his DNA….Wiz chose to honor the spirit of Prince, another amazing artist who left the mortal coil this week, far too soon. The artist formerly known as Wiz transformed himself into a vision of Prince and danced to “Purple Rain”.  He brought tears to my eyes in this tribute to a man who was such a force of nature built into his pint sized frame.  Music has lost another icon this year and I’m glad that Wiz found such a poignant way to say goodbye.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Wiz

Imrhien closed for us and what a set it was! She was joined by Tray, Baby, Kellan and Gunner and she chose “Aim To Misbehave” by David Newman ft. Serenity/Faderhead.  Wow.  Hot. Sexy. Wow. *shakes her head to clear it* There were suspenders which were strategically located on the ladies and boots on everyone and not much else.  This is where the Gunner spoiler comes in 🙂  There was a set..and it was industrial and had movers and faders…and I barely noticed it…sorry Immi, but the dance was so great!  There was so much action, hot couples, Kellan gyrating suggestively up top, it was GREAT!!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Imrhien

That was a heck of a setup for the crowd dances and we were all ready to get up onstage and boogie at that point.  Baby was in charge of the crowd dances, and we all hung in despite the fact that SL was doing a wonderful job of attempting to lag us all to sleep.  I was becoming hypnotized by the set itself because it was really cool…and finally the servers caught up and we had some wild fun to Troglodyte, Candy Canes “White Trash Girl” and 2NE1 “I Am The Best”.  Baby broke out some of her wildest animations and we did the Gorilla and flew around and flipped upside down and had more fun than a pig in poo!  See Baby, I managed to get the word Troglodyte in there….twice!!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Crowd(BabyPea)

Thank you wonderful, faithful fans for turning out again and making us all feel like stars for the night.  And thanks to Paul, Baby, Gunner and Jilley for our little corner of heaven where we know we’re always going to have a great time on Friday night..and once a month on Saturday afternoons 🙂  Peace out til next Friday!


Friday Show – 4/15/16

This Friday the Empire Room was full of excitement and chatter.  Gunner paid off the bartender secretly so the drinks were flowing and the crowd was getting prepared for another night of Elysium Cabaret greatness.

First up, we had Baby with her incredible Walking Dead routine dancing to CLUTCH – The Regulator.  There are some really terrific transitions and scene changes that I still have to watch very closely to learn a new trick or two.  Dancing with Gunner, Fuki, Gravedigger and Jilley s the main cast and Zach, Cherri, Nevar, Ayita, Jo and me as the hungry zombies looking for a snack, this dance is one of Baby’s more fun yet twisted dances and we all get to join in!

Elysium - 15APR16 - Baby

Our second act was the ever creative and talented Wiz dancing to “Pork and Beans” by Weezer.  The dance was exactly what you would expect from the lyrics “I don’t really care what you think.” featuring pictures of some pretty unforgettable puclic figures, even if they are unforgettable for the wrong reasons.  Fuki passed me this great clip that says it all.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Wiz

Our third dance of the night was a comical yet somewhat real look at the life of a choreographer in Second Life, especially when it’s exceptionally laggy and the SL Gods are on a rampage.  Choreographed by Kyshra and performed to Benny Hill’s theme song; Mona, Kellan, Nadi and I were all dressed in various states of missing bodies, lagged animations and double outfits.  I’m still laughing over the number of people who IMed me to rebake when I was supposed to look that way.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Kysrha

Next up was Asali with an incredibly smoking number.  Asali hasn’t been at the Empire Room for some time but it was well worth the wait.  Asali, Jo, Kellan, Babypea and I (after a very quick change) danced to Bassnectar’s Chasing Heaven. We twisted and turned in an attempt to summon our dream man, or demon;  unfortunately he never appeared.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Asali

The fifth act featured Ayita (Naybabe) in an awesome burleque routine about a lonely seamstress alone in her shop after dark. Dancing to After Dark by Tito and Tarantula, the smooth choreography and slow peeling off of each layer, left everyone hungry for more as she slipped back into the shop and turned off the light.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Ayita

Returning this week was the absolute adorable and talented Jenzza, Dulcikate and Phoebe bringing there own special style to the stage.  All dolled up and no where else to go, they danced to a special mix of songs titled Misfits Sandman Dance Music, expressing their growing displeasure at the master of all lying dolls, Pinocchio.  I hope he doesn’t come home anytime soon.

Elysium - 15APR16_010

Now we slow things down a bit with the emotional and beautiful performance by Kellan to Natasha Bedingfield’s Wild Horses.  Beginning the routine in a bedroom pouring out her soul to run free with the horses, the stage then transformed to a beautiful enterpretation of the artwork of Ronin Shippe, and artist showing right here at Elysium Opus.  The lighting and build were exquisite, giving us a lasting impression of this great piece of music and art.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Kellan

The final act of the night was Jilley in a haunting set and number by EPICA – The Phantom Agony.  You could feel each emotion through each turn and pivot of her choreography.  Jilley always brings stunning interpretation and dance and this week was no exception.  This dance literally left me speechless.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Jilley

Finishing up the night with the crowd dance was me.  We grooved through some dancehall and funky choreography to a mix of Sia – Cheap Thrills, Joe Stone – The Party ft. Montell Jordan and Madcon – Don’t Worry feat. Ray Dalton.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Crowd (Ame)

Thank you again Fuki for some great phots of the show.  Be sure to join us again this Friday for another night of great performances!

Elysium Performs at Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show Today!

Dances created with passion and imagination, little glimpses into the souls of the choreographers, performed with the hopes of touching another… the connecting of the human experience.  We hope you can join us at 1pm SLT, when we will take the stage at Water Haven, in celebration of Windlight Magazine’s Spring Art Show.

Elysium at Windlight Spring Art Fair

Where else would anyone be on a Friday night?

Empire room of course!  Where else is there a better place to dress up for, kick back and relax at and treat your eyes and ears to a sensory treat in computer generated graphics and sound?  Nowhere!  Especially not when for some reason DJ Gunner seems to own the single best collection of music on the planet! People think you need to show up early just to get a seat for the show, which is true, but it’s also a fantastic time to chat with friends and enjoy some amazing music from across the musical spectrum.  Pair that with our wonderful hosts and it’s the perfect storm of happiness and relaxation on a Friday night.

Our one and only Babypea opened this Friday nights’ show and what an opener it was.  Trust Baby to always leave us guessing what she’s going to come up with and this week her robot and alien inspired set was punctuated by her choice of Noisuf-X “Chaos”.  Baby was a cool robot, did we expect any less? She had purple stripes and particles and a spacestationshipthing with some cool aliens hanging out on the roof.  The animations were funky and fun and the whole set perked up the room and got us all on the same toe tapping, oooohing and ahhhhing frequency.

Elysium - 08APR16 - Baby

Ally took us in a completely different direction with her interpretation of Christina Perri’s “Human”.  I absolutely adored this set.  Ally starts out as a cute little marionette doll who seems a little sad in her nursery.  She floats and bobs and flops around on her strings until she magically transforms into a beautiful ballet dancer. Ally found wonderful animations for her marionette, they are floaty and pretty and so perfect for the strings holding her up.  She does some great costume changes and changes the whole set mulitple times and I happen to know that this idea preceded costume assistant, so the fact that she manually changes her costumes is nothing short of amazing.  It’s a beautiful dance and I’m so happy she decided to do it again so that we could all enjoy it!

Elysium - 08APR16Ally

Mevis was up next with Michael Jackson’s “Black and White”.  He was joined by Kellan, Andytez, Seb and Jo.  What a cool, hip set!  There were shadowboxes, there were particles, there were faders, there were way cool outfits, there were hip hopping be-bopping animations, graphics that floated up light effects, a cool floor…. There were so many things going on that I really, really want to see this a dozen more times so I can take it all in!  Melvis never ceases to amaze me with the things that his imagination comes up with.

Elysium - 08APR16 - Melvis

Next up we had the Wiz!  Wiz chose an epic score called “Scars and Bruises”.  Wiz was a knight flush with a very large sword and a very small set of pants. *insert psychological assessment here, also add innuendo, puns and really,really bad jokes*  He had a wonderful not-so-little dragon and a big castle to defend. Our heroic warrior was ready and able to defend us from any threat.  I for one feel safe knowing that Sir Wiz of the Knights of the Empire Room is out on the wall, ready and able!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Wiz

Seb took to the stage next with Selene, Jo, Melvis, Storm and Paul to Madonna’s “4 Minutes”. This set had these cool clocks everywhere, parts of clocks, broken clocks…a clock counting off 4 minutes, some frames and ladders and everyone wore these super slick Men In Black suits that looked fab.  The floor had a sort of 3D checkerboard textures going on and then end was this wildly cool fade in which looked sort of like the exact opposite of breaking glass falling away, instead, it filled in.  Wild!  Loved! *I had to kidnap this picture from Seb’s flickr page*

Seb Empire 04.09.16

Corri hit the boards next to Cadillac Moon’s “Long Island Iced Tea”.  This was one long legged sexy lady who steamed up the stage!  Hot!  HAWT!  We all needed a wee bit more than iced tea by the time she was done with us.  She had these cool gold columns that accentuated her hot gold outfit and she was smokin’ up there onstage.  That much sexiness should be illegal, but until she gets arrested….bring it!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Corri

Ame chose “Dance in the Graveyard” by Delta Rae.  I have a thing for Delta Rae, I love the bluesy, southern sound that brings chicory coffee and beignets, Spanish moss and alligators.  Nomnomnom…wait…er…what was I doing?  Oh yes….so….Ame, Zach, Nevar, Seb, Nadi and Renee chose to flip death the finger and literally dance in the graveyard.  It reminded me of a mash up of the Mexican day of the dead tradition, the New Orleans funeral tradition and the Irish tradition of celebrating life.  Why fear something that all of us will eventually have to do?  Well, I’m still scared as spit, but Ame put a spin on it that made me think of it in a new way!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Ame

This brings us to the last dance of the evening; Tray. This dance was done to Fun Lovin Criminals “Scooby Snacks”. Tray makes me happy because he adds a little synopsis of his dance to his notecard: “Tray knocks over a bank, is pursued by cops, and finally lands in the slammer. Crime don’t pay.”  He tells such fun stories with his dances…and this one was no exception.  Our er…hero? starts out dancing along in the bank…grabs the money and then chooses to have just a little too much fun celebrating his new found financial independence in the city streets.  This leads to our wandering police car .catching up with our er…hero? and landing him in the slammer.  Tray does a few costume changes and ends up in a delightful orange jump suit with some super slicked back hair in a rare view of the heist gone wrong. Another stunningly fun set from Tray and a great way to wrap up the show!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Tray

That brings us to the best part of the whole night, the chance to pop up onstage and bring out our inner dancers!  Kellan took care of the dances for all of us, with the Black Eyed Peas “Boom, Boom, Pow”, Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” and Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll”.  There was some hootin’ and hollerin’ and a whole lot of beboppin’ as we closed out the evening in style at the Empire Room.  Thank you Paul, Jilley, Wiz, Baby and Gunner for doing such a marvelous job pulling it all together for us each week.  Most of all, thank you all you wonderful guests who support our efforts every week so that we can continue to have a home and bring you unparalleled entertainment every Friday night!  Catch you all next Friday!!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Crowd(Kellan)





Elysium is honoured to be performing at this prestigious event, hosted by the esteemed Windlight Magazine!  We will perform on the show’s closing day, Sunday, April 17th at 1pm SLT.  Make sure to visit the sim and behold the creative wonders of more than 50 artists!  It is a creation spectacular, and a celebration of the imaginative possibilities that Second Life offers!

Windlight Magazine Spring 2016 Art Show Final Poster

Dates: April 11 to April 17, 2016



Description: Windlight Magazine is pleased to announce its first annual Spring Art Show! This show will feature a week long celebration of 2D and 3D art. Over 50 artists are participating in this week long show. The event will also feature both a juried and non juried component. Juried participants will compete to win a combined total of 20,000Ls in prize money. The week long show will feature a variety of live performers, tribute bands, poetry, an art and fashion collaborative fashion show, and dance troupes. Fun events include a photo contest and a special hunt.

Participating Artists:

Aradia Aridian
GlitterPrincess Destiny
Layachi IHNEN

Bamboo Barnes
Honey Bender
Margo Hollak
Sandi Benelli
Warm Clarity

caelin8 resident
ilyra chardin
Miele Tarantal
wild Alchemi

Carley Noonan
Slatan Dryke
Myra Wildmist
Shakti Adored
WrenNoir Cerise

Journey McLaglen
Richie Narstrom
Sparkie Cyberstar
Ronin1 Shippe

eeraftr resident
Judilynn India
Kayli iali
Syphera Inaka
Sheba Blitz

Hana Hoobinoo
Jarla Capalini
Boudicca Amat
Tempest Rosca
Antartica Slade
Ziki Questi
johannes1977 Resident
Eleseren Brianna
Skip Staheli
Wicca Merlin
Inara Pey
Jarla Capalini

Betty Tureaud
Cica Ghost
Haveit Neox
Bryn Oh
Secret Rage
Johannes1977 Resident

Theda Tammas
Slatan Dryke
Peli Dieterle

Danity Mynx
Paradox messmer
Euridice Qork
Chloe Electra
BurneDarkly Cazalet
Ramsa Luv

Events Schedule:


Elysium Promotional Video Courtesy Lex and Misty

Yes, this made me cry. In fact am still crying. THANK YOU John Oldlex for making this video for us, and all on your own… we didn’t even ask, you just did this for us in your thoughtfulness and kindness. You and Misty are such generous, loving, giving souls. What a wonderful blessing when you found us! People, please help me tag. And if anyone was left out of the credits, please contact me so I can apologize, there are so many people in our group and it is a bit hard at times knowing the guest performers and their dancers from our own, particularly when there are at times crossovers, and some go inactive at times as well, etc. But hey it is one big beautiful dance family!!!! Thank you all so much, from choreographers and dancers to management and staff, for all you have contributed to Elysium Cabaret over the years, including some no longer with us but still cherished and appreciated. Thank you to our extended dance family, the many people from other troupes who grace our stage with their talents as our esteemed guests! Thank you to those of you who form our audience… you are a huge part of our show and we really appreciate you making time for us, and letting us share our dances with you!

A Whole Lot of Lovely Ladies and G :P

I can explain the title of the review, I promise, but you have to read down to see why!  No cheating and scrolling!!  Friday March 32 was upon us before we even knew it and what a lineup.  Gunner was setting the mood with his usual awesome music, Paul and Jilley were looking fabulous while greeting guests and the rest of us were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find a mover to stand on before curtain, I swear it’s like musical chairs backstage some days 🙂

The curtain went up with the lovely Selene Nirvana.  Selene isn’t always available to dance, but when she does, man does this lovely lady bring it!  She chose T-Ara’s “Number 9” and was joined by Carolina Bikergrrl, Carlyee Shadow Carling, YukioOnna, and Azure Sharktooth. The ladies were all clad in black…very sexy black…but the stage changed textures, particles and colors and she had some cool graphics that faded in and out while they danced. It was an exciting, sexy, fast paced set which is always a great way to start off the evening.

Elysium - 01APR16 - Selene

Next up was a dance by Gunner which he did with his beloved Babypea.  Now, full disclosure, we did have more than one male choreographer, but again…read on!  Gunner chose Parov Stelar’s “Your Man”.  This artist is new to me, but I’ve been youtubing my way through his stuff and I love it!  This song was so quintessential G….smooth and sexy, just like his dance with Baby.  Baby started upstairs, with Gunner down, and the house faded in to the front of a house and Baby came downstairs and they danced a great dance together. I must say, Baby had a unique housewife/chef thing going on here 😉  These two always make me smile which is another fabulous way to start the weekend.

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Gunner

Kellan was batting third and she chose Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” which is one of my favorite songs of all time.  She was joined by Fuki, Asali, Beebs, Maia , Myth and Immi.  This set is smooth, cool, fast-paced and hip hopping fun.  Kellan starts out with the ladies dancing in black and white in shadowboxes behind her….they come out, come down to the stage..which by the way is a texture changing funkalicious floor with great graphics on the walls…there is so much going on, I’ve seen the set three times now and I’m still seeing new things every time I see it.  She has really fun costumes and the graphics Born This Way come up out of the floor and our dancers and up perched in their final positions atop the sign.  Fun…I just need to see it like 3 more times to make sure I see all of it!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Kellan

This brings us to Kyshra and her eight sexy backup dancers.  Ok…A…the screen when the set opened had me laughing so hard that I almost missed the whole dance…it said “What….you were expecting Star Wars, maybe?.  Ok…sorry, laughing again ….um … review…check.  So *sighs* Kysh chose a mashup of “Love The Way You Lie” and “Paradise City” and danced with Talon, Si Di Brit, Paul, Zach, Melvis, Wiz, Gunner and Joss.  See? No absence of sexy men!  This was a fast paced song with a fast paced set and I was totally distracted by abs….yummy!  Kysh also had a wild stage; this is another set that I need to see a couple of times to absorb everything that was going on that wasn’t abs…*focus, FOCUS!* We can always count on Kyshra to put the hot back in ….HOT!

Elysium - 01APR16 - Kyshra

Jilley picked Nancy Sinatra’s iconic “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.  I adore this song…it is just one of those songs that you can’t help but smile and want to bop along to. The lucky ladies who got to dance were Corri, me, Kelci and Rus and we got to wear adorable 60s inspired outfits which matched our rotating stars.  Jilley was the center of our sparkly universe as we twirled around her.  She also had some nifty star particles to accent the pretty colored stars.  Way fun!  I haven’t gotten to be a minion to the devil girl in a long time and damn, it’s always fun and you get a great outfit out of it every time!

Elysium - 01APR16 - Jilley

Nadi hit the planks next with Ally, Nevar, Ame, Zach, Salonge, Seb and Kelci and she chose One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” another song I just seem to have a toe tapping issue with. I swear, people might begin to think I have a problem!  She had a cool set, it was urban and even in jeans and tees these folks looked fantastic.  This song is so perfect for dancing and Nadi picked some great animations which fit the song perfectly.  Let me tell you…if love is stupid enough to run out on Nadi, then the rest of us are going to have some issues.

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Nadi

This brings us to the subject of our review title.  We really did have two male choreographers this evening, but frankly, Wiz was so sexy as RuWiz, WizPaul, Lady Wiz, The Wizard of Style..that I wasn’t exactly sure which gender to associate him with this evening 🙂  Wiz told me he and Sus have been watching RuPaul’s “Drag Race” which is a wildly fun sort of reality show about becoming a really good drag queen.  I’m a fan of this show too, what some of those ladies are capable of is truly amazing.  Hell, they have better legs than most any girls I know.  Wiz found “Manicured Nails” by Alaska ft. Lady Gaga and a dance was born…beautifully manicured hands framed RuWiz in his rainbow hair and smexy jumpsuit as he wiggled and kicked his way through every one of us smiling, giggling and admiring his moxy in IM. Damn I hope you enjoyed this as much as we all did!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Wiz

Baby took us off into the sunset in our last dance of the evening.  She created a beautiful set to Jessica Lange’s “Gods and Monsters”.  It was dark and broody and gorgeous. She was joined by Gunner, Dawn and Pandy.  Her outfit…stunning!  Sort of a mix of Thai Princess and belly dance goddess, the headdress was to die for.  I want one just like it and dammit, I would find a way to wear it around, even if it was just while I was building sets.  Her outfit had a trick too, while she was alone, it was white, but when she flew to be with Gunner, Dawn and Pandy, the corset changed to black and in an added treat, failed to rez fully for many of us…so see-through!! (sorry Baby, I know it killed the drama of the set a bit, but bewbies!!) The dance was beautiful and captivating and the entire thing was just a great end to the show. Whether she’s Bad Baby or Good Baby, she is always the one and only Babypea!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  BabyPea

Jilley did our crowd dances for us, and what a great way to wrap up our show.  The balls were a little stubborn, but as per our usual questionable taste, we were more than happy to use every bad pun and colorful description to comment on the server slowwwwwwwwly catching up with us so that we could all have some fun dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”, a remix of Ray Charles'”Good Thymes” and The Lennrockers “Boogie Woogie Queen”.  What a great mix and another stellar way to kick off the weekend with our fantastic friends and fans.  Thank you all for your support every week because without you, we’d be wandering around fecklessly on build platforms with nothing but a dream in our minds and a song in our hearts.

Elysium - 01APR16 - Crowd(Jilley)



We have a display at the Autism Awareness sim “Lighting the Way” and I am asking every Elysium who has pictures of yourself in a dance to each send me two pictures, your two fave pics of yourself in a dance. Preferably a dance done at Elysium.  So that I can put them in the Elysium slideshow. The pictures must be full perm! Please just drop them into my inventory.

Thank you!