A Whole Lot of Lovely Ladies and G :P

I can explain the title of the review, I promise, but you have to read down to see why!  No cheating and scrolling!!  Friday March 32 was upon us before we even knew it and what a lineup.  Gunner was setting the mood with his usual awesome music, Paul and Jilley were looking fabulous while greeting guests and the rest of us were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find a mover to stand on before curtain, I swear it’s like musical chairs backstage some days 🙂

The curtain went up with the lovely Selene Nirvana.  Selene isn’t always available to dance, but when she does, man does this lovely lady bring it!  She chose T-Ara’s “Number 9” and was joined by Carolina Bikergrrl, Carlyee Shadow Carling, YukioOnna, and Azure Sharktooth. The ladies were all clad in black…very sexy black…but the stage changed textures, particles and colors and she had some cool graphics that faded in and out while they danced. It was an exciting, sexy, fast paced set which is always a great way to start off the evening.

Elysium - 01APR16 - Selene

Next up was a dance by Gunner which he did with his beloved Babypea.  Now, full disclosure, we did have more than one male choreographer, but again…read on!  Gunner chose Parov Stelar’s “Your Man”.  This artist is new to me, but I’ve been youtubing my way through his stuff and I love it!  This song was so quintessential G….smooth and sexy, just like his dance with Baby.  Baby started upstairs, with Gunner down, and the house faded in to the front of a house and Baby came downstairs and they danced a great dance together. I must say, Baby had a unique housewife/chef thing going on here 😉  These two always make me smile which is another fabulous way to start the weekend.

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Gunner

Kellan was batting third and she chose Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” which is one of my favorite songs of all time.  She was joined by Fuki, Asali, Beebs, Maia , Myth and Immi.  This set is smooth, cool, fast-paced and hip hopping fun.  Kellan starts out with the ladies dancing in black and white in shadowboxes behind her….they come out, come down to the stage..which by the way is a texture changing funkalicious floor with great graphics on the walls…there is so much going on, I’ve seen the set three times now and I’m still seeing new things every time I see it.  She has really fun costumes and the graphics Born This Way come up out of the floor and our dancers and up perched in their final positions atop the sign.  Fun…I just need to see it like 3 more times to make sure I see all of it!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Kellan

This brings us to Kyshra and her eight sexy backup dancers.  Ok…A…the screen when the set opened had me laughing so hard that I almost missed the whole dance…it said “What….you were expecting Star Wars, maybe?.  Ok…sorry, laughing again ….um … review…check.  So *sighs* Kysh chose a mashup of “Love The Way You Lie” and “Paradise City” and danced with Talon, Si Di Brit, Paul, Zach, Melvis, Wiz, Gunner and Joss.  See? No absence of sexy men!  This was a fast paced song with a fast paced set and I was totally distracted by abs….yummy!  Kysh also had a wild stage; this is another set that I need to see a couple of times to absorb everything that was going on that wasn’t abs…*focus, FOCUS!* We can always count on Kyshra to put the hot back in ….HOT!

Elysium - 01APR16 - Kyshra

Jilley picked Nancy Sinatra’s iconic “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.  I adore this song…it is just one of those songs that you can’t help but smile and want to bop along to. The lucky ladies who got to dance were Corri, me, Kelci and Rus and we got to wear adorable 60s inspired outfits which matched our rotating stars.  Jilley was the center of our sparkly universe as we twirled around her.  She also had some nifty star particles to accent the pretty colored stars.  Way fun!  I haven’t gotten to be a minion to the devil girl in a long time and damn, it’s always fun and you get a great outfit out of it every time!

Elysium - 01APR16 - Jilley

Nadi hit the planks next with Ally, Nevar, Ame, Zach, Salonge, Seb and Kelci and she chose One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” another song I just seem to have a toe tapping issue with. I swear, people might begin to think I have a problem!  She had a cool set, it was urban and even in jeans and tees these folks looked fantastic.  This song is so perfect for dancing and Nadi picked some great animations which fit the song perfectly.  Let me tell you…if love is stupid enough to run out on Nadi, then the rest of us are going to have some issues.

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Nadi

This brings us to the subject of our review title.  We really did have two male choreographers this evening, but frankly, Wiz was so sexy as RuWiz, WizPaul, Lady Wiz, The Wizard of Style..that I wasn’t exactly sure which gender to associate him with this evening 🙂  Wiz told me he and Sus have been watching RuPaul’s “Drag Race” which is a wildly fun sort of reality show about becoming a really good drag queen.  I’m a fan of this show too, what some of those ladies are capable of is truly amazing.  Hell, they have better legs than most any girls I know.  Wiz found “Manicured Nails” by Alaska ft. Lady Gaga and a dance was born…beautifully manicured hands framed RuWiz in his rainbow hair and smexy jumpsuit as he wiggled and kicked his way through every one of us smiling, giggling and admiring his moxy in IM. Damn I hope you enjoyed this as much as we all did!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  Wiz

Baby took us off into the sunset in our last dance of the evening.  She created a beautiful set to Jessica Lange’s “Gods and Monsters”.  It was dark and broody and gorgeous. She was joined by Gunner, Dawn and Pandy.  Her outfit…stunning!  Sort of a mix of Thai Princess and belly dance goddess, the headdress was to die for.  I want one just like it and dammit, I would find a way to wear it around, even if it was just while I was building sets.  Her outfit had a trick too, while she was alone, it was white, but when she flew to be with Gunner, Dawn and Pandy, the corset changed to black and in an added treat, failed to rez fully for many of us…so see-through!! (sorry Baby, I know it killed the drama of the set a bit, but bewbies!!) The dance was beautiful and captivating and the entire thing was just a great end to the show. Whether she’s Bad Baby or Good Baby, she is always the one and only Babypea!

Elysium - 01APR16 -  BabyPea

Jilley did our crowd dances for us, and what a great way to wrap up our show.  The balls were a little stubborn, but as per our usual questionable taste, we were more than happy to use every bad pun and colorful description to comment on the server slowwwwwwwwly catching up with us so that we could all have some fun dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”, a remix of Ray Charles'”Good Thymes” and The Lennrockers “Boogie Woogie Queen”.  What a great mix and another stellar way to kick off the weekend with our fantastic friends and fans.  Thank you all for your support every week because without you, we’d be wandering around fecklessly on build platforms with nothing but a dream in our minds and a song in our hearts.

Elysium - 01APR16 - Crowd(Jilley)


3 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Lovely Ladies and G :P

  1. And I promise I was wearing undies in Gunner’s dance, dammit! Apparently they did not rez for everyone. But they were red and laced up the back with white ribbons and were SO CUTE!

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