Where else would anyone be on a Friday night?

Empire room of course!  Where else is there a better place to dress up for, kick back and relax at and treat your eyes and ears to a sensory treat in computer generated graphics and sound?  Nowhere!  Especially not when for some reason DJ Gunner seems to own the single best collection of music on the planet! People think you need to show up early just to get a seat for the show, which is true, but it’s also a fantastic time to chat with friends and enjoy some amazing music from across the musical spectrum.  Pair that with our wonderful hosts and it’s the perfect storm of happiness and relaxation on a Friday night.

Our one and only Babypea opened this Friday nights’ show and what an opener it was.  Trust Baby to always leave us guessing what she’s going to come up with and this week her robot and alien inspired set was punctuated by her choice of Noisuf-X “Chaos”.  Baby was a cool robot, did we expect any less? She had purple stripes and particles and a spacestationshipthing with some cool aliens hanging out on the roof.  The animations were funky and fun and the whole set perked up the room and got us all on the same toe tapping, oooohing and ahhhhing frequency.

Elysium - 08APR16 - Baby

Ally took us in a completely different direction with her interpretation of Christina Perri’s “Human”.  I absolutely adored this set.  Ally starts out as a cute little marionette doll who seems a little sad in her nursery.  She floats and bobs and flops around on her strings until she magically transforms into a beautiful ballet dancer. Ally found wonderful animations for her marionette, they are floaty and pretty and so perfect for the strings holding her up.  She does some great costume changes and changes the whole set mulitple times and I happen to know that this idea preceded costume assistant, so the fact that she manually changes her costumes is nothing short of amazing.  It’s a beautiful dance and I’m so happy she decided to do it again so that we could all enjoy it!

Elysium - 08APR16Ally

Mevis was up next with Michael Jackson’s “Black and White”.  He was joined by Kellan, Andytez, Seb and Jo.  What a cool, hip set!  There were shadowboxes, there were particles, there were faders, there were way cool outfits, there were hip hopping be-bopping animations, graphics that floated up light effects, a cool floor…. There were so many things going on that I really, really want to see this a dozen more times so I can take it all in!  Melvis never ceases to amaze me with the things that his imagination comes up with.

Elysium - 08APR16 - Melvis

Next up we had the Wiz!  Wiz chose an epic score called “Scars and Bruises”.  Wiz was a knight flush with a very large sword and a very small set of pants. *insert psychological assessment here, also add innuendo, puns and really,really bad jokes*  He had a wonderful not-so-little dragon and a big castle to defend. Our heroic warrior was ready and able to defend us from any threat.  I for one feel safe knowing that Sir Wiz of the Knights of the Empire Room is out on the wall, ready and able!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Wiz

Seb took to the stage next with Selene, Jo, Melvis, Storm and Paul to Madonna’s “4 Minutes”. This set had these cool clocks everywhere, parts of clocks, broken clocks…a clock counting off 4 minutes, some frames and ladders and everyone wore these super slick Men In Black suits that looked fab.  The floor had a sort of 3D checkerboard textures going on and then end was this wildly cool fade in which looked sort of like the exact opposite of breaking glass falling away, instead, it filled in.  Wild!  Loved! *I had to kidnap this picture from Seb’s flickr page*

Seb Empire 04.09.16

Corri hit the boards next to Cadillac Moon’s “Long Island Iced Tea”.  This was one long legged sexy lady who steamed up the stage!  Hot!  HAWT!  We all needed a wee bit more than iced tea by the time she was done with us.  She had these cool gold columns that accentuated her hot gold outfit and she was smokin’ up there onstage.  That much sexiness should be illegal, but until she gets arrested….bring it!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Corri

Ame chose “Dance in the Graveyard” by Delta Rae.  I have a thing for Delta Rae, I love the bluesy, southern sound that brings chicory coffee and beignets, Spanish moss and alligators.  Nomnomnom…wait…er…what was I doing?  Oh yes….so….Ame, Zach, Nevar, Seb, Nadi and Renee chose to flip death the finger and literally dance in the graveyard.  It reminded me of a mash up of the Mexican day of the dead tradition, the New Orleans funeral tradition and the Irish tradition of celebrating life.  Why fear something that all of us will eventually have to do?  Well, I’m still scared as spit, but Ame put a spin on it that made me think of it in a new way!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Ame

This brings us to the last dance of the evening; Tray. This dance was done to Fun Lovin Criminals “Scooby Snacks”. Tray makes me happy because he adds a little synopsis of his dance to his notecard: “Tray knocks over a bank, is pursued by cops, and finally lands in the slammer. Crime don’t pay.”  He tells such fun stories with his dances…and this one was no exception.  Our er…hero? starts out dancing along in the bank…grabs the money and then chooses to have just a little too much fun celebrating his new found financial independence in the city streets.  This leads to our wandering police car .catching up with our er…hero? and landing him in the slammer.  Tray does a few costume changes and ends up in a delightful orange jump suit with some super slicked back hair in a rare view of the heist gone wrong. Another stunningly fun set from Tray and a great way to wrap up the show!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Tray

That brings us to the best part of the whole night, the chance to pop up onstage and bring out our inner dancers!  Kellan took care of the dances for all of us, with the Black Eyed Peas “Boom, Boom, Pow”, Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” and Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll”.  There was some hootin’ and hollerin’ and a whole lot of beboppin’ as we closed out the evening in style at the Empire Room.  Thank you Paul, Jilley, Wiz, Baby and Gunner for doing such a marvelous job pulling it all together for us each week.  Most of all, thank you all you wonderful guests who support our efforts every week so that we can continue to have a home and bring you unparalleled entertainment every Friday night!  Catch you all next Friday!!

Elysium - 08APR16 - Crowd(Kellan)




One thought on “Where else would anyone be on a Friday night?

  1. Another fun read from our Winnie! Thank you Winnie for the time you put into the reviews. We so enjoy your wit, humour, and spirited descriptives! Thank you Fuki for the pics, and others who help with pics. Thank you to our team and our fantastic audience!


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