Friday Show – 4/15/16

This Friday the Empire Room was full of excitement and chatter.  Gunner paid off the bartender secretly so the drinks were flowing and the crowd was getting prepared for another night of Elysium Cabaret greatness.

First up, we had Baby with her incredible Walking Dead routine dancing to CLUTCH – The Regulator.  There are some really terrific transitions and scene changes that I still have to watch very closely to learn a new trick or two.  Dancing with Gunner, Fuki, Gravedigger and Jilley s the main cast and Zach, Cherri, Nevar, Ayita, Jo and me as the hungry zombies looking for a snack, this dance is one of Baby’s more fun yet twisted dances and we all get to join in!

Elysium - 15APR16 - Baby

Our second act was the ever creative and talented Wiz dancing to “Pork and Beans” by Weezer.  The dance was exactly what you would expect from the lyrics “I don’t really care what you think.” featuring pictures of some pretty unforgettable puclic figures, even if they are unforgettable for the wrong reasons.  Fuki passed me this great clip that says it all.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Wiz

Our third dance of the night was a comical yet somewhat real look at the life of a choreographer in Second Life, especially when it’s exceptionally laggy and the SL Gods are on a rampage.  Choreographed by Kyshra and performed to Benny Hill’s theme song; Mona, Kellan, Nadi and I were all dressed in various states of missing bodies, lagged animations and double outfits.  I’m still laughing over the number of people who IMed me to rebake when I was supposed to look that way.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Kysrha

Next up was Asali with an incredibly smoking number.  Asali hasn’t been at the Empire Room for some time but it was well worth the wait.  Asali, Jo, Kellan, Babypea and I (after a very quick change) danced to Bassnectar’s Chasing Heaven. We twisted and turned in an attempt to summon our dream man, or demon;  unfortunately he never appeared.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Asali

The fifth act featured Ayita (Naybabe) in an awesome burleque routine about a lonely seamstress alone in her shop after dark. Dancing to After Dark by Tito and Tarantula, the smooth choreography and slow peeling off of each layer, left everyone hungry for more as she slipped back into the shop and turned off the light.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Ayita

Returning this week was the absolute adorable and talented Jenzza, Dulcikate and Phoebe bringing there own special style to the stage.  All dolled up and no where else to go, they danced to a special mix of songs titled Misfits Sandman Dance Music, expressing their growing displeasure at the master of all lying dolls, Pinocchio.  I hope he doesn’t come home anytime soon.

Elysium - 15APR16_010

Now we slow things down a bit with the emotional and beautiful performance by Kellan to Natasha Bedingfield’s Wild Horses.  Beginning the routine in a bedroom pouring out her soul to run free with the horses, the stage then transformed to a beautiful enterpretation of the artwork of Ronin Shippe, and artist showing right here at Elysium Opus.  The lighting and build were exquisite, giving us a lasting impression of this great piece of music and art.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Kellan

The final act of the night was Jilley in a haunting set and number by EPICA – The Phantom Agony.  You could feel each emotion through each turn and pivot of her choreography.  Jilley always brings stunning interpretation and dance and this week was no exception.  This dance literally left me speechless.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Jilley

Finishing up the night with the crowd dance was me.  We grooved through some dancehall and funky choreography to a mix of Sia – Cheap Thrills, Joe Stone – The Party ft. Montell Jordan and Madcon – Don’t Worry feat. Ray Dalton.

Elysium - 15APR16 - Crowd (Ame)

Thank you again Fuki for some great phots of the show.  Be sure to join us again this Friday for another night of great performances!


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