Friday…Yaaaayyyy *kermit squeal*

Ok…if you’ve never heard Kermit the Frog yell yaaaaay when introducing an act…well, there may be little hope for you.  That frog really knows how to do an intro.  In the spirit of his green wonderfulness I enthusiastically invite you to the Friday night review.  Spring has finally kinda sorta made it to the Northeast US, but according to Baby, it’s downright freezing down under, and to top that off, Gunner really, really doesn’t like what they try to pass off as coffee…..

Despite these minor trials, Gunner was wide awake and again spinning amazing tunes from his never ending library.  He spun some Muse so my ears were all perked up and ready to roll.  He looked especially manly in his suspenders and boots, but that would be a spoiler for let’s leave it at Jilley and Paul and Gunner once again made the front of the house an welcoming and friendly spot for all of our guests 🙂

Baby opened the show with Jill Tracy’s “Leave Me Cold”.  Leave it to Baby to mix smexy and funny in this set.  She starts out as a nice looking corpse in a morgue where she proceeds to reanimate and let us know exactly what she thinks about the fact that she ended up in the morgue in the first place.  Presto chango with some cool faders and particles she ends up in a bedroom, where although she is quite pale, she is still super hot, but her bedmate is a little less than awesome in his skeletonized form.  I was torn between the phenomenal set work and the emotes which were making me laugh…Great opener Baby, as only you can do!

Elysium - 22APR16 - BabyPea

Nadi was up next and let me say….given her costume, I’m not sure if I remember anything else!  Ok…wait (looks at pictures)… that’s right, there was a lovely bedouin tent vibe going on here, amazingly sultry textures, pillows, draping fabrics, pottery, rugs and tassels.  The tassels happened to be on Nadi, not the backdrop 🙂  She danced a beautiful snake charmer belly dance to “The Prince of Egypt”. The best part was her snake which slithered up out of her urn while she danced.  Sexy and beautiful and it left all of us wanting more Nadi…snake…not so much, lol!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Nadi

I was batting third and I chose Zendaya’s “Neverland”.  I am so in love with this song. It reminds me of my own childhood and of SL in a way where you can create a world with your own imagination that is safe and beautiful and no matter what you can find a way to make your dreams come true. I saw myself flying away before I figured out any of the rest of the set and was overjoyed when I found the balloon airship, it was perfect.  This is one of those dances that wormed its way into my heart.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Winnie

The pretty theme continued with Soco and the ladies of the Phoenix Dance Team as they took the stage.  Soco chose Enya’s “Echos In The Rain”. She danced with Lily, Litz, Sassy and Nadi and we were all hoping they would give away their costumes and maybe leave the set behind too.  Just gorgeous!  I was mesmerized watching the set…I had to force myself to cam out and take in some of the beauty of the actual set around the dancers and I love Enya, her music is just haunting and soothing and I could listen to it for hours.  Thank you Phoenix for guesting and making our hearts sing!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Guest(Phoenix)

Jilley…Jilley, Jilley, Jilley…..if I could have an eighth of her vision for graphics…I just adore her set designs.  She chose “Yeha Noha” by Sacred Spirit.  Jilley has done a few Native American sets and a) where does she find those amazing costumes and b) how does she make an outfit that comes up to her neck look that good?  This set was so cool, Jilley came in through the dream catcher…and good dreams come through the center of the dream catcher and float down the feathers, which is just what she did.  Paul and Baby joined her as her earthbound companions to her ethereal spirit.  It was just stunning.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Jilley

Wiz…another person who has set design magic built into his DNA….Wiz chose to honor the spirit of Prince, another amazing artist who left the mortal coil this week, far too soon. The artist formerly known as Wiz transformed himself into a vision of Prince and danced to “Purple Rain”.  He brought tears to my eyes in this tribute to a man who was such a force of nature built into his pint sized frame.  Music has lost another icon this year and I’m glad that Wiz found such a poignant way to say goodbye.

Elysium - 22APR16 - Wiz

Imrhien closed for us and what a set it was! She was joined by Tray, Baby, Kellan and Gunner and she chose “Aim To Misbehave” by David Newman ft. Serenity/Faderhead.  Wow.  Hot. Sexy. Wow. *shakes her head to clear it* There were suspenders which were strategically located on the ladies and boots on everyone and not much else.  This is where the Gunner spoiler comes in 🙂  There was a set..and it was industrial and had movers and faders…and I barely noticed it…sorry Immi, but the dance was so great!  There was so much action, hot couples, Kellan gyrating suggestively up top, it was GREAT!!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Imrhien

That was a heck of a setup for the crowd dances and we were all ready to get up onstage and boogie at that point.  Baby was in charge of the crowd dances, and we all hung in despite the fact that SL was doing a wonderful job of attempting to lag us all to sleep.  I was becoming hypnotized by the set itself because it was really cool…and finally the servers caught up and we had some wild fun to Troglodyte, Candy Canes “White Trash Girl” and 2NE1 “I Am The Best”.  Baby broke out some of her wildest animations and we did the Gorilla and flew around and flipped upside down and had more fun than a pig in poo!  See Baby, I managed to get the word Troglodyte in there….twice!!

Elysium - 22APR16 - Crowd(BabyPea)

Thank you wonderful, faithful fans for turning out again and making us all feel like stars for the night.  And thanks to Paul, Baby, Gunner and Jilley for our little corner of heaven where we know we’re always going to have a great time on Friday night..and once a month on Saturday afternoons 🙂  Peace out til next Friday!


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