Elton!!!!! A Tribute.

Friday night April 29th brought a tribute to Sir Elton John to the hallowed halls of the Empire Room.  Now, it’s no secret that I love a good themed show, and let’s face it, if ever there was a man who invited a theme, it’s Sir Elton…I mean those hats, the sunglasses…the piano….the sequins!  Needless to say…there isn’t a song this man wrote that I don’t think is genius…so let’s see what happened when we started dancing!

*note, SL was being a big pain in the *ss and we don’t have a picture of Ame’s set.  Fuki and Ame both contributed pictures due to the technical difficulties*


Gunner, Jilley, Wiz and Kellan were in charge of the house as Paul had the weekend off.  Jilley and Kellan greeted our guests in a double whammy of lovely while Gunner again dug into his treasure trove of music to get the crowd ready for the show ahead and Wiz reminded our gentle guests that wearing 233 scripts or taking up more than 10mb was just bad form!

Elvis night kicked off with a set by…me 🙂  I chose “Crocodile Rock” because I can’t think of a more infectiously funny Elton song.  I also chose some really funny crocodile avatars from Abranimations and thankfully, Jo, Nadi, Monique, Corri, Gerty and Zach felt the need to join me on my insane little adventure.  I like to encourage individuality in my co-dancers, even if we wear a similar outfit, I always like to make sure there is a little of “them” in their costumes and when Gerty showed up with a human leg jammed in her snout, well, she stole the whole set!  Thank you all for helping me kick off the show in style.

Elysium - 29APR18 - WInnie

Wiz took the stage next and in the most appropriate choice of a song, danced to “Pinball Wizard” from Tommy.  I owned the album for this and wore it clear through…pure genius!  His set was two pinball machines and it was really his outfit…he was a super stretched out version of Elton….big boots, loooooooooooooooooong skinny legs and all Elton from the waist up with sweater, glasses and hat included.  it was perfect!

Elysium - 29APR16 - Wiz

Eva was up third with Nadi, Johnn Galt and Si Di Brit.  They had the most amazing costumes that cycled through colors…I was in LOVE with those costumes.  They chose “I’m Still Standing”, a song that is timeless.  It could be the anthem for any person who has triumphed over feeling like an outsider, different, out of sync…It’s as relevant today as it was when it was released.  Great shot of Elton there in the background too!

Elysium - 29APR16 - Eva

Ame was up with Zach, Nevar and Wiz in a great set to “Amy”.  She was one cool cucumber, dancing around…dancing with the gents…Poor Zach though, she made him wear some shorts that made Gunner blush, but the ladies were totally ok with his quads and hammies…looking good there Zach, but not quite as good as your lovely bride 🙂  Super psychedelic fun!  Sadly, due to SL being a big booger, we don’t have a picture of this set 😦

(inserted by Kellan as I saw Fuku bouncing off and online.  Wiz had crashed though, but I got Zach, Ame and Nevar!)

Ame's dance

Kyshra…our little sex kitten took us all by surprise when she chose “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” with George Michael and Sir Elton, one of the most inspiring songs that I know.  The secret of our Kysh is that when she does pretty, there aren’t many who can do it better.  She was in a desert with these silks that were to die for with golden particles on her hands and feet.  She spun and flew and jumped and whirled and those silks and particles swirled around her like golden magic.  I was speechless and she was a goddess 🙂


Jilley was up next to a beautiful song called “Japanese Hands”.  Her set was a gorgeous Japanese house and garden that all of us were trying to figure out how to run off with while she wasn’t looking.  I’m not sure Jilley has ever made a set that we didn’t all want to steal, lol.  She used the Japanese fan dances from Abranimations…and she was delicate and elegant in her very high heeled geta’s.  We were transfixed. It was beautiful.

Elysium - 29APR16 - Jilley

Baby was up next, and although I haven’t had a chance to chat with her about this set, I’m going to take a stab at her inspiration and share it with you.  She chose “The One”. Now, Baby and Gunner are a special couple.  They have an amazing connection with each other and every now and then, she does a dance that I know was really only meant for him…not the rest of us watching along with him. Baby started as a mermaid…in a gorgeous ocean with waves with Gunner watching from the beach.  She dove deep, Gunner got up and danced and in a particle poof of love, she rose up out of the water as a human.  She and Gunner danced and then a beautiful statue rose up out of the sand and they rose up and danced in more particle magic…it was a love story…of epic proportions, and a love letter to her Gunner.  If it wasn’t….feel free to correct me, because I had tears streaming down my face from the power of this dance.

baby 2



Kellan took to the stage to end the evening and we all know that that means mover work that any of us would kill to have the time to do…if we didn’t end up in the loony bin first.  She chose “The Circle of Life” from The Lion King.  Kellan was Rafiki, Fuki was Timon and Adam and Muse guested as our lion and lioness on a set that was a lush jungle with water and sunbeams and fallen trees….the two smaller characters danced above the two lions and  everyone got a little bit teary when the scene faded and the dance ended with all of the animals on the savannah looking on as our lion family stood outside their den holding a baby. It was amazing….frankly, were were specializing on touching, heartwarming dances…and Kellan’s brought tears to my eyes.

Elysium - 29APR16 - Kellan

Well, after wiping all of the tears from all of our eyes, it was time to bring everyone up on stage for the crowd dance.  SL wasn’t been much nicer at this point, so there was a little bit of ball calisthenics to get us all up and rolling, but once we did, we had a great time to the dances that Kellan choreographed for us.  She chose three great Elton songs, “Bennie and the Jets”, Nickleback and Kid Rock’s version of “Saturday Night’s Alright” and Elton John and Tina Turner doing “The Bitch is Back”.  What a superb way to end the evening and start the weekend!  Thank you all for coming out, thank everyone for dancing. for Fuki and Ame for pictures and for our fearless group of owners for producing such a wonderful show each week 🙂

Elysium - 29APR - Crowd(Kellan)












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  2. Thank you Winnie, what a beautiful review! And yes you are right, I made that dance for him. I have cherished that song and after 19 years, finally found someone to apply it to… to share it with. Thank you Fuki and Ame for the pics! Ame get a pic of your dance next time you do it and let’s add it in, it was such a darling dance with the ice cream truck and skating Zach!

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