The Hunky Man Show, with a side order of ladies 05.06.16

SL did it’s best to beat us down on Friday….about an hour before show time, SL crashed…not just one server….every server….for just about everyone.  Now, I’m not sure about non-dancers, but dancers have a checklist of things that have to happen before a show.  We have to cache our sets, our dances, our outfits and any textures we might use in slides…not to mention streching our hamstrings, and all sorts of parts  likely to snap like dry, brittle twigs. When we all managed to fall back in like desperate shoppers in front of a Kid R Us on Black Friday Eve…it was really crazy as we tried teleporting and rezzing all at the same time.

Well, thankfully, Paul was there and then Gunner appeared and then the great tunes he always plays came back; Daisy was helping Paul with the greetings and our guests managed to stumble through the door, all looking smart and no worse for the wear…so without too much ado…we were of and running!

Kellan opened for us in a rare solo performance.  This set is a favorite of mine…EmilyBrowning with Marilyn Manson doing a cover of “Sweet Dreams”. Creepy song…super, duper creepy.  I love it!  I’m still on the fence about my favorite part of the set, the weird, wavy hands that look like grass, or the giant beating heart that rises up out of the floor that Kellan dances on.  For those of us who are used to bright, sunny Kellan with her amazing mover extravaganzas with lots of beautiful backup dancers…I love how good she is when she goes over to the dark side!

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Kellan

Seb was up next and he chose “Butterfly” by Crazy Town.  Seb was a forest god/dryad/prince….and he was bedecked with mossy antlers and not much else as he called his butterflies out of the forest to dance with him.  I was not distracted by his buns in anyway…never even noticed them….nope…He was joined by Jo, Nadi, Fuki and myself.  He used some great mermaid dances….and ti was a unique way to animate the butterflies to dance in mid-air.  It was very cool and sexy!  We finally joined him on the ground, but I loved the way he thought to use those dances.

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Sebastain

Keith Ringold made his debut with us next to “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult.  Keithzilla stormed in breathing fire and began to destroy buildings willy nilly.  He was quite good at it despite his teeny, little, kitten-like upper arms.  Fighter planes wove around him and I think the shooting pissed him off a little because he breathed fire right into the audience. Baby and I were rooting for a win for the big lizard, but sadly, he met his untimely end in a nuclear explosion which was spectacular.  Heck of a debut Keith, we can’t wait to see what you have for us next!

Elysium - 06MAY16 -Keith

Wiz was up next with “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and I was glad that Wiz poked me so that I could see the youtube and understand what the inspiration was for starting out a set with urinals….O.o.  The basic premise is a guy goes out one night, takes something he likely shouldn’t have and ends up on the dancefloor thinking his head is about 20x as big as it is….It was hysterical and his head was HUGE! He also did create a great nightclub, but I was really stuck staring at the hypnotizing head…follow the hair…breathe deep and follow the swaying hair…

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Wiz

DavidGage was up next…(men, lots and LOTs of men!) and he was joined by Paul, Seb and Melvis and his shoulders (trust me).  They dance to Tiny Tim’s “TipToe Through The Tulips” and odds are those tulips will never recover.  The men were resplendent in their funny hats and boxer-briefs.  I especially enjoyed the boxer briefs with cute little pictures on them.  I think there was a dance…oh, yes!  There was and it was really funny and then all of our manly men passed out in the tulips at the end.

Elysium - 06MAY16 - DavidGage

Baby was up next in a little break from our manly man show.  She chose a beautiful song, “Moon and Moon” by Bats for Lashes.  Her set was a deep blue, with shades of blue and black…water and mountain, but Baby was in creamy white as she stood out in a beautiful flowing dress with particles as she glided across the stage.  This song was hauntingly beautiful as was Baby.  She made my eyes all misty.  Course, she does that a lot….but it was stunning.

Elysium - 06MAY16 - BabyPea

That brings up … me.  I am having a special weekend, it’s my 7th cancerversary since my breast cancer diagnosis.  Survivorship is a bittersweet thing, I have so many things to be thankful for, but life after cancer is much different than it was before.  I wanted to do a set that was a way to thank my SL friends and acknowledge how much my life has changed.  I chose Ludovic Einaudi’s “Nuvole Bianche” and I danced with Jo, who is a two time cancer survivor, and Zach, Nevar and Maia, who are very involved with Relay for Life and have all lost people very close to them from cancer.  I’m so glad they agreed to dance with me 🙂

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Winnie

Our evening ended with a fantastic set from Gunner who chose Shaman’s Harvest “In Chains”.  This set was HOT, like on fire hot! I hope that someone pays these insurance bills…that’s all I have to say about that.  There was a cage…it moved…there was fire…there was Gunner without a shirt on which rounded out manly man night very nicely!  It was an exclamation point on a very  fun evening despite all that SL had to throw at us.

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Gunner

Kyshra, our resident sex kitten was in charge of the crowd dances and thankfully SL was apologetic in letting the servers catch us fairly quickly.  Kysh chose  Will Smith’s “Switch”, “Drop It Low” by Kat De Luna and “Shake Senora” with Pit Bull, T-Pain and Sean Paul.  Needless to say, we boogied our little fannies off on the really fun set that she built…as we said hello to the weekend!

Elysium - 06MAY16 - Crowd(Kyshra)

Thank you all for hanging tough with us and for the staff for acting like nothing happened and pulling it all together in a half hour instead of our usual more leisurely hour! Thank you Fuki once again for the fantastic pictures. We can’t wait to see you all next Sunday night…same bat place…same bat channel 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Hunky Man Show, with a side order of ladies 05.06.16

  1. Thank you Winnie for the very lively read, remembering a fantastic show with so many male choreographers! And thank you Fuki for the pics!


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