Friday the 13th – Prince Tribute Show

Friday the 13th is one of those days we can look at with trepidation if you’re superstitious or sneering if you enjoy watching those people squirm.  In this case, we had a fabulous show lined up and no reason at all to dread it.

The club was full, the spirits were flowing, Gunner was playing some great tunes and we were excited to be there.  Now we just had to keep our fingers crossed the SL gremlins would stay asleep and not come playing.

Most of us are big Prince fans so we had a wide range of Prince songs and interpretations.


Opening the show was the beautiful Jilley with Prince’s version of Crimson and Clover.  With a flashback to a time of peace and love, Jilley performed a very sexy interpretation of this iconic song, surrounded by a psychedelic garden of whimsical plants.  The perfect start to a great show.

Elysium - 13MAY16 -Jilley

Following Jilly was Adam, Nadi, Zach, Moni, Nev and me dancing to one of Prince’s newer songs, FunkNRoll.  One of the more fun dances we’ve done in a while, we had our street dancers in an abandoned hangar, rocking out.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Ame

Third, from the great mind of Babypea, we had her space interpretation of 1999.  Baby, Jo and Gertie lit up the stage with a combination of great choreo, and awesome set and bright lights culminating with Baby’s ship taking her away all too soon.  It was an awesome party!

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Baby

Following Babypea was someone that visits us far too infrequently, SexyS.  She performed to Sexy MF sharing the stage with Diiar, Royal, Sebastain and Zach.  The set was brilliant and creative and the choreo spot on, but you would expect nothing less from Sexy.  A very hot and sexy number.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - SexyS

Next up was Wiz and Suz with Raspberry Beret.  Wiz wowed us with his Ben Franklin 5 and 10 straight from the song while Suz teased poor Wiz with her yummy beret and sexiness.  Wiz always bring pure enjoyment with his dances and tonight was no exception.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Wiz

After Wiz, Kyshra stepped up to do a saucy performance with Kellan, Moni, Melvis, Nevar, Tray, Andy, Falkon, Si De Brit to Prince’s Pussy Control.  She had a colorful and bright stage and the dance was sharp and crisp.  I felt like I was at a Prince concert watching his back up dancers.  She even changed her name for the occasion.  Another stellar act.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Kyshra

Just when we thought we’d gotten through the show without any trouble from the gremlins, they attacked with a vengeance and Eva was unable to get her set to do what she said.  I think the gremlins chewed all the stage wiring.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Eva this week and look forward to the next.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Kellan

Closing the show was Kellan with “Purple Rain”.  I was fortunate enough to dance in this with Wiz, Jo, Nadi, Imrhein, Kyshra, Jilley, Keith, Andy, Melvis, Zach and Tray.  Purple Rain is one of his most well known and probably most beloved songs that takes a special hand to perform and Kellan did not disappoint.  We had a stage fit for Prince, light, smoke, purple rain and terrific choreo ending with Prince ascending with the angels.  A perfect end to a wonderful night of great acts.

Finishing up the night, as always, we invited the audience to join us on stage for the group dance, also choreographed by Kellan.  She chose When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U and Baby I’m a Star to dance and send our audience home with.  We were honored to present this show in tribute to an iconic performer.


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