No Ordinary Friday Night!

When it comes to Friday night’s at SL, there is no place I would rather be than at Elysium!  With the hustle and bustle starting to go into full throttle, Paul and Jilley were welcoming the guests as they arrived while DJ Gunner was getting everyone hyped up with his stellar choice of music flowing.

Elysium is known for bringing some awesome talent on the stage and I tell you, this could have been a best of show with so many fabulous dances and sets!  No one left anything behind as they were stretching limbs and changing in and out of costumes to make sure everything was just perfect before it was finally time for the first dancer to get on stage.

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Amari
Amari w/Diamonte Thomas, Star, Keko Heckroth, Misha Selene, Keesha Lenroy, Si Di Brit, Falk
SONG: We Are Electric by Flying Steps

First on the stage was Amari who joins us for just the second time on our stage with a gaggle of folks for an AMAZING display of lights and jumps with flips and spinning that leaves you unaware of where to keep yourself focused on!  The set was amazing with this platform that was in the middle of pictures of folks dancing, to symbolize a dancing audience.  There were electrical particles galore and some folks that went out into the audience sending electrical jolts and some stunning animations that left you wanting to grab a jug of water from leaving you breathless!  I hope to see this one again!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Jilley
Jilley w/Baby and Ames
SONG: Body Language (remix) by Queen

One of the things I like best about Jilley’s dances is her ability to capture the audience with her sets and costumes.  I would have never thought about this concept myself but Jilley did and she totally brought it!  It started with some silhouettes of pinup girls and then they faded to show the hotties behind it!  Each one came down some steps and began to show off their skills with some major body language!  In a hot red lingerie that was stylin from the pin up times, blonde hair and bright red lips, the animations were hitting the beats showing off those luscious hips!  Loved it!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Monavie
Monavie w/Melvis
SONG: DW3 – I got you

This was such a fabulous concept!  I have to say that first off.  It started off as a black screen with a piece of notebook paper with a few scribbles on it and then suddenly Mona came to life as a stick figure straight out the paper!  Joining her in some wonderful animations as hearts with subtle blinking lights encompassed the paper, was Melvis who ended up going to a knee and proposing.  The pictures on the paper changed to tell the story along with the cute animations, of this love story that came to life from a simple piece of paper!  Wonderful!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Selene
Selene with Litz, Sassy, Lily and Nadiwith Carolyna Bikergrrl, Yukio onna, Anie Sevigny, Azure Sharktooth and  Cici Nansen
SONG: Trouble by Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Selene comes to us with a damn cute set that really made me smile!  The girls come down from a rope, into the Bank of Chicago and start sneaking around, portraying their attempt on robbing the bank and our hearts.  I loved the use of different animations for each set of girls and how they would come together and break apart.  Their costumes were black and spicy but in the end, prison bars lowered to capture the beauties in a cage!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - BabyPea
Babypea with SoCo, Gunner, Fuki, Wiz, Ame, Zach, Gert and Kysh
SONG: GTA by Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno

I had never heard this song before and it was definitely one of those moments where you wished you could jump into baby’s head to find out how she comes up with these concepts.  It started out with a background of rocks, and then dark figures, symbolizing her demons, start to crawl down the mountain rocks and then begin to dance with her.  Particles forming around and clouds that envelope the stage to represent a journey an arch appeared and rain into another area that was surrounded by bones and gargoyles.  It was definitely a visual masterpiece and the animations were so incredible!  I can’t wait to see this one again!  Just amazing!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Misfits
JenzZa – Misfits Dance & Performance Art w/ Dulcikate Noel and Phoebe
SONG: Peeping Tom

When the Misfits take the stage, you just know it is going to be something that bring you to tears from emotion or puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh.  This was definitely one that made you smile!  They started dancing around a large record player with follies and rag time posters surrounding them.  Their outfits were were sexy and the female version of Charlie Chaplin down to the little mustaches and cane!  The particles were flowing and then it changes into large piano keyboard and music notes and mover work that was just so great and animations that were so cute!!!  I just adore her style!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Melvis
Melvis w/Andytez, Kellan, Monavie and Ame
SONG: Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul

Melvis was next to take the stage, and he is by far one of my favorite dancers!  His set was to die for as far as capturing an old 50’s esque type of feel with cobblestone streets and store fronts that were classy.  Out came a window washer cleaning the glass on the bakery, blowing a kiss to Andy who was waiting to open the door for clients at a fancy bistro.  Melvis comes out and starts to dance with joy, waiting for his Mrs. Jones who joined him with some phenomenal couples dancing!  This would have been enough, but Melvis added a young little girl coming out jumping around and playing.  Oh the days of old were brought to life in this dance and I loved being in it!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Imrhien
SONG: Witchcraft by Pendulum

First off, I need to confess that it was SOOOO hard to take notes during this dance because I didn’t want to take my eyes off it!  A screen appears talking about fire and ice, and then you see her dancing with a background that was STUNNING with lighting effects.  Suddenly the door explodes back and she zips back with it creating this 3D effect that left me stunned!  Particle once more explode and ice down with her on a platform.  Each explosion of particles zipped her so you couldn’t see it!  Then poof there she was again, reprsenting a whole new aspect!  The platform lifts up and then BAM water where she was floating in, then turns into outide with grass and a pathway.  The animations were ungodly perfect and if I had to choose just one for this dance that jarred my mind into blowing up, I would say…Brilliant!  I HAVE to see this again, and I am so jealous of her ability and want to pick her brain!

Elysium - 20MAY16 - Crowd Dance (Ame)

With the end of our regular how comes one of our favorite parts of our Friday Nights at Elysium.  The crowd dance!  Doing the crowd dances can be so much fun, and so much work at the same time.  It is such a joy when our fans come up and dance with us though!  Ame was the one that brought us some killer songs and animations making us all feel like a pro!  She danced us to Katy Perry’s This is How We Do, Back It Up by Prince Royce ft Jennifer Lopez and Pittbull, and lastly Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home featuring Ty Dolla $ign.  What a way to end the night with some amazing music and animations!

We hope to see you next Friday!

3 thoughts on “No Ordinary Friday Night!

    • It really was such a phenomenal evening of dance. I am blown away STILL! There was so much to say about each dance that it was hard to keep it a reasonable length and I know my words didn’t give it justice cause you just HAD to see it for yourself. 🙂

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