Review for Friday 6/3/16

Friday night is always full of excitement at the Empire Room and tonight was no exception.  Thanks to Gunner we had some great music to get everyone in the mood, Paul picked up the tab this week so the nectar of relaxation was flowing freely as Paul and Jilley greeted our guests.  As the strains of “I Gotta Feeling” filled the room and Wiz gave our intro, the excitement was palpable.

Ame – Mr. Strange – Life’s a Cabaret

I was very excited to have the honor of opening the show.  This was a dark circus-type cabaret number originally done for the Lovecraft Festival last year.  Updated with some skittering rats and an evil clown bodyguard who followed my every move, the focus of the dance is the mask we all hide behind out in the world.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Ame

Keith – Master of Puppets – Metallica

Next up we had Keith take the stage.  This is the second dance of Keith’s I’ve seen and I like the way he includes a synopsis of his dance on the program we use.  This one reads: “In the cave of the Devil/Demon Puppet Master, its a man frozen in a block of ice.  As he’s thawed out, its time for him to dance for his master. But the unhappy master thinks he can make the dance HOTTER, and slowly lights him on fire until he is burned alive, only a dancing skeleton is left….”  This was a very hot dance indeed.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Keith

Kyshra – Midnight Caller – Chase & Status

Following Keith, Kyshra kept up the heat with a sultry dance complete with the sumptuous tent, comfortable pillows, a sand pit to dance in and in the center Kyshra chained to a post.  What followed was a sexy dance as if performed by a harem girl.  I think the temperature raised another 10 degrees in the room.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Kyshra

Goddess Shayna – Simply Irresistible – Robert Palmer 

Our 4th act and a new debut at the Empire Room was Goddess Shayna.  Dancing with JMB and Fukuju, she opened with Fuki as the innocent girl next door with JMB mirroring her but in the guise of her “dark side”.  We then switch to Shayna dancing in a club and working the dance floor and dance pole  and finishing back in the bedroom with the “nice” girl gone and the “bad” girl dancing away.  I think I feel the heat rising again.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Shayna

DavidGage – Motivation by Kelly Rowland

Now lest we think the women got left out, our next performers were DavidGage assisted by Melvis, Wiz, Paul and Sebastain doing a very smexy dance for the ladies.  These men were smoking and earned a shower of panties thrown to them on stage from one seriously happy audience member.  We look forward to seeing what David brings every time he comes to the Empire Room.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - DavidGage

Babypea – John Legend – Each Day Gets Better

Baby and Gunner have a very unique and special relationship and it was portrayed beautifully in this dance.  Commissioned for an anniversary and birthday, it was if the story of that couple matched theirs perfectly.  Take some beautiful couple’s choreo combined with that special stage magic that is uniquely Baby and you’re left with a romantic love story that touched everyone’s heart.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - BabyPea

Jilley – Jungle by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

The final dance of the evening before the crowd dance was a fierce Jilley with Paul and Zach doing a street tough number.  As always, Jilley’s choreography was spot on with the beat and matched the energy of the song and story.  She brought the room up at least 10 more degrees and got everyone’s heart pumping for the crowd dance and the rest of the evening.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Jilley

Crowd Dance – Babypea – JIMMY EDWARDS – I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana, Boogie Nights and Feed My Frankenstein.

Some times I wish I had just a small piece of the creativity that can take 3 songs from 3 different genres, put them all together in a crowd dance and really make it work.  Baby did just that with our crowd dance with a very cool futuristic stage with all kinds of interesting places to groove in.  A fun end to a perfect night.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Crowd(BabyPea)

Don’t forget to come visit us every Friday night at 6pm for some of the best performers in Second Life.  See you next week!