Review for 6/10/16

Tonight began with an unexpected twist courtesy of LL and the SL gremlins.  Until about 20 minutes to show time, most of us couldn’t log onto the grid at all and the ones still online couldn’t leave where they were.  Paul made the wise decision to push the show back to 6:30 to allow time for everyone to arrive.  Gunner started spinning the tunes, the drinks were flowing and everyone was relaxing and getting into the mood…until the Internet down under swallowed up Gunner and Baby after our first act.  I then grabbed the stream and off we went again.  🙂

 Imrhien with Fuki, Baby, Tray, Sebastain and Nevar – Kongos – Come With Me Now

Imrhien opened the show with a colorful, futuristic set with great choreography and creativity.  Our dancers entered from the top in smoke filled tubes, wearing white latex in various styles and opacities.  Imrhien kept everyone moving and grooving right on the beat.  A wonderful opening to the show and worth waiting for.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Imrhien

Wiz w/Ame and Zach – X Ambassadors – Unsteady

Unfortunately Jilley was unable to be with us as well due to naughty SL but Wiz was ready to take the stage.  With Zach and I hopping up to join him, Wiz took us on a story of an alcoholic family struggling to hold him and each other up.  A truly masterful telling of a story so suited to the music.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Wiz

Corri – Enigma – Return to Innocence

Our third performance of the evening was the beautiful Corri.  Dressed as a lovely, sparkly fairy and surrounded by magical animals and set, we were taken to a time of innocence and peace;  the sort of place you might go in your dreams or the fantasies of childhood.  Mixed with stunning movement and you have a true delight to the senses.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Corri

Monavie w/ Fukuju, Shayna, Oodlemi and Zach – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) by The New Seekers

Our next performance was Mona treating us to a colorful set representative of the time with the dancers reflecting all walks of life to the song we usually associate with Coca Cola.  Our dancers moved in a garden of flowerswhile surrounded by hearts and the message of peace and harmony.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Mona

Melvis w/ SoCo, Ame, Mona, Jo, Andy and Seb – The 900

Winnie was also another casualty of the SL debacle on Friday, so Melvis stepped up and closed the show for us.  We were wowed with a energetic and strong hip hop routine.  He included the smoke and effects, complete with a man appearing to scream in the background; this all partnered with Melvis and the great choreo he put together.  It was a terrific finish to an awesome show.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Melvis

Ame – Janet Jackson – All Nite, Make Me, Burn It Up ft. Missy Elliott

Wrapping up the night, audience and Elysiums gathered on stage for our crowd dance delivering 11 minutes of solid aerobics to send everyone home with.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Crowd Dance(Ame)

Thank you all for hanging in there with us and enjoying the show!  We perform every Friday night at 6pm, SL willing, and would love to see you there!