Beauty and the Beast

The last couple of Friday nights, our beloved SL and the rain in Australia have done their best to try to knock us out, but I have to say, we have managed to kick both of their butts and put on great shows.  Even more, our wonderful patrons have been willing to stick it out despite crashed SL servers, missing acts who can’t get back, music woes and through it all, the staff has worked to make sure that everything is like buttah once we get back online….so, before I get to the review…cheers to EVERYONE for hanging in, hanging on and being the best, most patient and perseverant group ever!!

We were missing our beloved DJ when we started out, but Shay and Oods took over the stream and got everyone’s music and got us running.  Paul and Ally were out front greeting and schmoozing with the guests, bless them all for being gracious and funny and so tolerant of SL and the telecom system in Australia.  Gunner swooped in right at the last second and was able to take the stream and I’m sure Shay was overjoyed to not have to dance and DJ….believe me, if you’ve never done it, it’s not easy!!  So…the Black Eyed Peas got us to curtain:)

Our first act of the evening was Kyshra who was joined by Fuki, Monavie, Nadi and Maia.  She chose Disturbd “Sounds of Silence”.  This is such an amazing cover of a classic.  The ladies were all silvery and yummy and nekkid and the star of the set was the amazing colors that they made with their particles which swirled around their monotone bodies and the stages that they stood on which had textures that accented the colors.  It was captivating!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Kyshra

Nay was our next act with Maia, Nalani and Jo and she took us on another wild, textured ride to “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.  Tune number 2!!  This was so freaking cool, the dancers morphed in and out of swirling textures and then the dancers also twirled and danced at angles…I was transfixed!  It was like the best trip ever without the magic mushrooms 🙂

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Ayita

Tray and Imrhien were up next (or Immy as I call her because the spelling of that is a doozy).  OMG, this act was sooooo fun. They chose “Village on the Sand” by Blackmore night and it was the love story between a pirate and a beautiful Indian Princess.  Tray finds Immy on her island and she woos him with her sexy dance, and in the end Tray trashes his ship to stay with her. *wipes and tear at the corner of her eye*Elysium - 17JUN16 - Tray

JenzZa and her misfits were up next with Dulcikate, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Seb and Rumour. They danced to Cowboy Bill’s Misfit Dance Mix by the Punch Brothers.  Oh…what a set!  It’s always a treat when JenzZa and her friends dance.  Seb was this sort of enormous cowboy, the ladies were sexy and Rumour was a horse who danced, did side passes far better than my actual RL horse can and even knew how to bow and play dead… Ok, I confess, Rumour stole the set for me at least and Seb was just so freaking cute with a chin he could have cut marble with.  JenzZa’s imagination is like being in a happy fantasy fairy garden and she knows how to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Misfits

Baby was our next act and she was joined by Gunner to Caro Emerald’s “Back It Up”.  The scene was a casino and Baby was one hottie of a showgirl who wowed everyone including Gunner.  She managed to coax him away from the slot machines to dance with her and then our beloved Baby did the unthinkable…she shot him!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - BabyPea

Jo hit the planks next with Diawa, myself, Maia and Nay.  She chose Unveiled by Raoul Ferrando who is sort of the king of the belly dance as far as I’m concerned.  Beautiful song…which was matched by beautiful babes in flowing silks and fancy tents.  Jo keeps getting propositioned for a life in Gor now that she’s proven she can wiggle in the desert with the best of them….*giggles*.   This was just a gorgeous dance, exactly what it was meant to be with colors and textures and flowing fabrics and HOT!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Jo

Shayna was the last act of the evening.  Even though our lovely Goddess hasn’t been doing her own choreography and building for very long, I suspect that she will continue to wow us because her sets are down right beautiful!  She chose 311-Amber which is a great tune….I have to be honest..what a night of tunage!  Shayna was a lovely little amber imbued butterfly on her plant with sparkly particles and she floated and twirled and looked downright gorgeous as she danced.  Way to go Shay!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Shayna

Well, like anything great, it must come to an end, but darn it, not before we get to dance to the crowd dances which were choreographed by the inimitable Babypea this week.  Baby chose P!nk “Let’s Get This Party Started”, Celldweller “Gluttony Battle” and Ray Charles’ “Good Thymes”.  We had a wildly good time as the balls were behaving and the servers gracious and we boogied on into the evening.  So happy you could all be there with us and we look forward to seeing you this Friday and we have our matinee on Saturday too!  Thanks to our staff, friends and Paul, Gunner, Jilley, Baby and Wiz for making it another outstanding Friday night 🙂

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Crowd(BabyPea)