Elysium Cabaret: Live at The Empire Room 01JUL16

Our regular blog writers were all on hols last weekend, so here I am!  I am hardly as eloquent as they, but I can at least give you an overview of the show in pictures!  I shall try to keep this short, but perhaps not-so sweet.
While the cats are away…

Those of you who know Baby, know that she is a lovely woman unless faced with certain…. circumstances.  I’m guessing that Gunner didn’t have the coffee ready that day.  Elysium - 01JUL16 - BabyPeaBabyPea creeped us all as she danced Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness.”


Next up!  Wiz doing Meghan Trainor!  Ok, ok – Wiz wasn’t actually /doing/ Meghan Trainor, but he did bring out his old, room-filling IBM kit out and rock it to “Me Too.”Elysium - 01JUL16 - WizWiz and the boys: Tray, Oodlemi, DavidGage and Paul (not necessarily in that order!)


Our Jilley was in an enchanting woodland setting wearing a floral wreath and peasant dress.  She did a moving solo to John Denver’s “Sunshine on my Shoulders.”  We all remember this song from a simpler, less stressful time in our lives.
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Jilley
Thank you so much , Imrhien Fargis(Porthos) for this great shot of Jilley.


Five girls rocking the candy shop!  Three guys dancing on Lollipops!  DavidGage brought us Treblemakers from the sdtk to Pitch Perfect 2 doing the a capella “Lollipop!”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Guest(DxDancers)
Joining David were DeJaye, Emmy, Eric, Heart, Maeve, Skylar and Sweets!


Oodlemi funked it up with a bit of Sly and the Family Stone with a psychodelic backdrop and visual elements that extended to the audience during “Dance to the Music”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Oodlemi
Oodlemi’s bitches were Shayna and Fukuju,  Oh – that’s me.


There is no sex in the champagne room – none.  No, wait – that’s a totally different song.  Sebastain was smoothin’ and groovin’ to a classy backdrop over Ne-Yo’s “Champagne Life.”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Sebastain
Joining Sebastain on stage were: Keith, Storm, Paul and DavidGage.  Again, probably not in that order.  (Not pictured: BabyPea and Jo Balogh – in champagne glasses)


Next in the line-up was Corri – keeping the streets hot to the raw sounds of Lonely Kamel’s “Damn You’re Hot”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Corri


Kyshra brought us home with a Skrillexed version of “Sick Bubblegum” by Rob Zombie and a stage full of vivid lights and slick moves.   No crashing and burning here as these girls rocked it, MF!Elysium - 01JUL16 - KyshraKyshra invited Daze, Jo, Mona and Nadi to join her in this high energy act.


What Fourth of July weekend would be complete without the Stars and Stripes?  Baby did not disappoint here!  Her playlist included Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.” “Living in America” by James Brown and from Katy Perry, “Firework.”  Jo was rocking the maple leaf, it was Canada Day, afterall!  😉
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Crowd(BabyPea)All of you amazing Empire Room patrons joined BabyPea on stage for this one and Jilley Liberty made a special appearance!

Thank you to our hosts for the evening, Paul, Jilley and Ally.  And to our DJ, Gunner, much appreciation for being our on-air personality, the voice of Elysium.
To patrons of the Empire Room and Elysium Cabaret – our heartfelt thanks for your continued support these past 3 and a half years.  Everything we do – we do it for you.

As promised, short.  Lucky for you, our regularly scheduled team will be back to give you a proper accounting next week’s show!

Thank you for bearing with me — if you got this far,
Damn it, Jim – I’m a copy editor, not an author!