Elysium’s Celebration of ABC’s Summer Crown Cup 2016!

Elysium Dances for ABC 2016 Summer Crown Cup2

It was a HUGE night, truly a premier show at the AWESOME ABC race track.  It is no wonder that “Awesome” is part of their full name… Awesome Breed Creations!  Because they ARE awesome, on every level.  The sim is designed to be extremely low in scripts with plenty of prims available, which means smooth racing and smooth dancing with as little lag as possible.  The PEOPLE are the friendliest and so much fun to dance for.  We love ABC and it is always a privilege and an honour to perform for them.  THANK YOU ABC!  And, please check out their blog… they have a review of last night’s show!  Click the link below to have a visit and a read:


Thank you also to a wonderful team of dedicated performers for making Elysium’s shows such a joy to be a part of!  ♥