July 29, 2016 Caribbean Show!

It was high seas, warm beaches of fine, soft sand, the spray of aqua blue salt water so clear you could see right down to the bottom of the ocean floor as Elysium travelled to the Caribbean tonight.  Warm sunshine and that refreshing sea breeze bathed our guests in relaxation as Jilley and Paul welcomed them with colorful fruity cocktails and platters of lobster bisque, crab legs, and steamed oysters.  DJ Gunner was in fine form, spinning tunes to warm guests up even more, as Manager Wiz made the  opening announcements.  “I Gotta Feeling” sang out over the airwaves, and the show began, welcome to the weekend… Caribbean style!  If you like this review then please tick LIKE at the bottom and share it if you are into social media.  To find out if you DO actually like it, read on!  *grins and hands you a coffee*




Wiz opened the show to Happiest Man Alive, dressed as a rastanaut, looking darling… love the dreads!  And the sunnies… Wiz is so hawt with lips that were made for kissing!  He danced on the sand dunes and showgirls appeared, dancing with him, Jilley, Mona, Moni, Nadi and Joy.  Being proper showgirls they were delightfully topless… BEWBIES!!!!  We can see why he was the happiest man alive.  What a place to land!  I’d say he was not only the happiest, but the luckiest.  This was a very fun upbeat quirky dance in the metamorph Wiz style that we have all come to look forward to, and that got us all pumped up for the rest of the show.




Ally then brought us her message, in a bottle at that, to Message In a Bottle by The Police.  The dark sand beach and moonlit sky gave us a nighttime atmosphere on the beach, a bottle washed up in which danced a very sexy Ally.  The waves were fabulous, layered in such a way that you could just feel them washing over the bottle as a wispy mist meandered through the sky, which twinkled with magical starlight.  Particles of bottles appeared as Ally sent out her S.O.S. from within her glass prison.  I love the light effects of the ripples in the sand.  It is those subtle nuances that really enhance a dance.  The use of transparency with the bottle was so well-done.




Jilley took the stage next, rezzing a massive set that was so detailed, this picture does not do it justice at all.  A boat dock over the ocean, sea creatures in the ocean and lots of palm trees to each side, little monkeys, bananas, a goat, a boat and crab on the sand under the dock, a chicken!  Everywhere you looked on Jilley’s set you saw something interesting.  Okay going back and adding in a second pic of everyone’s acts so I can show more of the neat stuff!  But what was more interesting was the fabulous dance to Pitbull‘s version of Shake Senora, featuring T-Pain and Sean Paul.  The dance with Paul, Sebalicious, and ME (Babypea) was so much fun and turned out to be a Calypso tribute to the female  derrière.  Big bootys, little bootys… well Jilley’s booty is little and mine is big, so we all know mine is better!  Yes, I got one a man can grab a hold of with both hands and sink his… teeth into.  Heck, I got enough booty for an alligator to sink it’s teeth into.  Really really fun dance this was!




Ayita brought us on our next adventure, on the high seas indeed!  Way out in the ocean she danced on a set of life preservers.  The song Brandy by Looking Glass had a comical intro that was so funny, you really missed out if you did not get to hear it.  It was some guy trying to sing Brandy a cappella and, well, just unable to hit those high notes or carry a tune.  Then the real song kicked in, and Ayita danced on her rings as sailors, also on rings, drifted in to bank her as they also danced.  Sailors were danced by Wiz, Si De Brit and someone.  Then up popped a Paul much to Ayita’s surprise.  He took her for a swing, then dumped her overboard!  Or rather overring.  How rude!  Well maybe she fell.  The mover work in this dance was fabulous, wonderful choreo too!  And loved the humour in it!




Next was Kyshra’s turn to give us a Caribbean experience.  Nadi, Moni, Corri, and Jo joined her on a sandy, rock-lined beach, draped by palm trees and hosting ferns and torches.  In the background was a gorgeous tropical grotto that beckoned the viewer to come and stay forever.  Kyshra stole one of my Skrillex songs for this dance, dancing to Burn Up The Dance.  How COULD she!  Not that I have ever danced to this Skrillex song, but well I claim ALLLLLLLLLLLL Skrillex songs and Skrillex himself!  MINE MINE MINE!  Yes, I’m a stalker *grins*.  The ladies danced in sarongs and bikini tops with particles forming ribbons of torchlight around them as they moved.  It was a very hot dance with some very nice formations mover work that made good use of the space on the beach.




Next was MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Do I have to review my own dance?  No one is going to read it but me.  Haha!  Okay so.  I danced to Bob MarleyThree Little Birds.  I had the same idea as Ally, dancing in a bottle.  Mine was filled with all sorts of things to give worry, such as Davy Jones, a drunken pirate, head hunters… but also things to help a person relax, like a floating tube, a skull with a bathing cap smoking a blunt, and three little birds that flew around me as I danced.  Never mind the kraken that was in the process of claiming my bottle and dragging me to the floor of the ocean.  Which you can’t see in this picture, but he was really really big and wrapped around the entire bottle.  Okay fine, adding in a second pic so you can see da kraken!  And, Immy wants me for her coffee table… woot!




Last but definitely not least was Immy with one of the most over the top totally amazing awesome astonishing dances we have ever had at Elysium.  Her set was the ocean with a yacht and men in tuxes dancing with her to The Lonely Island‘s I’m On A Boat.  Well, except for Keith who was sort of dancing, sort of riding, a blue dolphin alongside the ship… I guess he forgot to buy a ticket!  Or maybe he fell overboard?  As Immy danced with her entourage of Tray, Paul, Si De Brit, and Melvis, the ship hit one big wave that turned the yacht and its dancers on it’s side!  WHAT A SWELL!  But there is much more… there was so much water on stage that it fully flooded the entire audience.  There was panic in the seats as sharks swam amongst the guests.  It was mad!  Totally fun, and everyone had the best time!  Immy is a guts for punishment, and she punishes herself when she creates a dance, always pushing the envelope, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in Second Life dance, and this dance was another example of that!



And that brought us to our beloved crowd dances!  We love it when our audience stays and joins us on stage to dance with us at the end of each show.  This is a chance for us to meet you all, to get to know you better and enjoy your company more fully.  It is one way we say THANK YOU for coming out and supporting our shows.  Because without an audience, the shows would not be… shows.  We create these dances to share with you in the hopes of touching you in some way, be it to make you laugh, smile, cheer, cry, or feel SOMEthing.  It is part of how we socialise.  Tonight’s crowd dances were brought to you me Babypea (oh, that’s me).  I chose:

Johnny Nash – Stir It Up

JIMMY EDWARDS – I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana

Kokomo – The Beach Boys

Thank you to our wonderful audience, our friends and family, and to all Elysiums for creating and sharing these imaginative celebrations of music!  A few more pictures below for your enjoyment.  Hugs!  ♥