Mixin’ It Up at the July Matinee

The SL gremlins made an appearance early in the morning, with the sun rising on half the show staff being locked out of SL. Someone must have called Ghostbusters (the better movie) because everyone made it in! And what a treat they gave everyone with the spectacular ‘best of’ numbers we have come to expect of our monthly matinee. The stage was set, announcements went out and the house waited with baited breath for the first of many jaw-dropping routines.

Sexy Robot by The Pinkertones Jilley1Jilley 2
What more could you want than sexy, futuristic robots?! I know .. Jilley in that robot suit! She certainly can move and strutted her stuff in that skintight suit, the eerie eye-slit helmet completing the look . The dance featured a fusion of robotic-style and hip hop animation, with a healthy dose of sex appeal thrown in. The set popped with a glowing stand, propped up by color-change coils. There was also a rotating metal-orb right above her head.  This was a quirky routine that truly embodied the aptly-named music and, let me just say, if this is what robots will look like then gimme!

Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina Selene2Selene1
I loved loved loved the set here. It looked like someone got their hand caught in the cookie jar, except it was a box of makeup instead. Colored bangles, hair-brush, lipstick and many more goodies could be found in here … along with a dancing Selene. If any of you missed it, the silver hand was holding a massive gun matching the one she held. If you also mistook the bullet shells the lipstick caps you could be forgiven, it was very cleverly created. Sporting a striped dress and a black hat, she danced her way to center stage and truly delighted us all. The fact we all made it out in one piece may have helped, this was definitely not a mis-fire!

Unsteady by X AmbassadorsWiz1Wiz2Wiz took this song literally, keeping us on the edge of our seats in the opening moments. Walking a tightrope suspended high above the stage, hearts were in our mouths and we waited to see if he would pull through. Floating platforms soon carried him away, along with Jilley and Zach on either side. They danced precariously here, truly embodying the meaningful lyrics. A visually simply yet breathtaking performance by our wonderful manager, Wiz.

The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails
From teetering on tightropes to three beauties strutting their stuff, this routine by Lulu featuring Candy and Angie was hot hot hot! The animations were flawlessly connected, smooth as silk and a sensual sensation. I could not take my eyes from the simple and elegant setting which enveloped the dancers. The twinkling lights on the stage and flickering candles elevated the scene, not to mention the stage facade behind them (which I want to steal, it’s really different). Colorful costumes, lacy garters and those sharp bobs only served to enhance an already evocative performance.

This Kind Of Lovin by The Whispers
The set on this routine by Voodoo was a work of art. From a monochromatic beginning to an explosion of colors this certainly had everyone admiring its beauty. Piece by piece, silhouettes of flowers, candles and several other items slit upwards leaving us wondering what would appear next. The first touch of color by way of floating leaves, followed by beautiful butterflies was a stunning vision. The dancer herself was framed lovingly in giant heart, with flowing animations and seamless transitions. A very creative number that was a true, visual fest.

Kamikaze by Mø
Now I am not sure I’m off-base here, but I kinda got a King Kong vibe from this number. The little carts up top just like at the theme park attraction, the bridge and torches. The cart started by dropping off all the dancers, SoCo, Jo and Mona up on the higher road, then Melvis, Zach & Andy down on the beach. Next thing I know, the girls are walking across the bridge (they are brave, looks a little dicey to me) before parting on down with the men. A fusion of Bollywood and hip-hop reigned supreme in this number, some seriously inventive choreography. Super fun to watch and I hear Melvis is already working on his next (and third) routine to the music of Mø.

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
Disturbing. Creepy. Scary. Creative. Unique. Awesome. These are the words that come to mind on this number by Pea. This exceedingly icky creature started by jumping around the dark forest, finally settling in one place. Thus followed the rise of evil, green smoke which magically transformed it green. Green Pea, I wonder if it goes squish? I know I wanted to make mush out of this shudder-worthy being. Then we add a pram with broken dolly in a kids bedroom and I just want to run screaming. Definitely an awe-inspiring trip into the imagination of this choreographer, creating yet another very memorable dance.

Train by Goldfrapp
If the routine before it was disturbing, then this was just bizarre. I think the dancers (Ayita, Dan, Dara, Gunner, Jo, Oodles, Shayna & Wiz) deserve props for their willingness to wear leather, latex, blindfolds and gags in this out of the ordinary dance by Maia. Deliciously different use of couples animations, including spanked bottoms for all really set this up for success. Seriously smooth mover work, clever use of formations for the large collective and some steam-punk inspired choreography told the tale of good girl gone bad. I may be bad to say this, but all these whips and chains excite me. I know they certainly excited our audience!

Another fanatic show put on at The Empire Room by the equally amazing Elysium Admin, Managers, Choreographers and Dancers. As always, I look forward to the first show of the month and every Friday thereafter.

Ayita xoxo