Elysium Friday Show Review – 8/5/16

Friday nights are my favorite in SL because I get to dance with and see some of the best performers in SL and this one was no exception.  The evening started like any other with Paul and Gunner deciding between them who was picking up the tab, the performers back stage making last minute preparations and blowing out the nerves and of course, only the best audience on the grid.  Without our audience, we would have no reason to work to give our best to the night.  We had an eclectic mix of dances so let’s get right to it.

Selene – Kenny Chesney – Summertime

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Selene

The show opened with Selene and her friends Thunder and Yukio having a wonderful time in the water splashing, floating and dancing on the dock.  I was really impressed with the perfectly timed splashes and Thunder floating around aimlessly on the water.  The dance was sultry and sexy just like summertime and you could feel the sun and sand between your toes.

Jilley – Kongos – I’m Only Joking

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Jilley

This dance was very entertaining and comic.  Jilley created a set straight from a super heroes comic, the perfect lair for Jilley as Joker to enjoy some popcorn while watching her poor jailed captives; Paul, Si De Brit, Melvis, Tray and Zach, try to escape.  They then cavorted with the Joker and proceeded to have many strange and some erotic thoughts about each other before they were abruptly put back in the jail.  It was fun and feisty all rolled into one.

Queenie – The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Queenie

Up next we were treated to a performance choreographed to the version of the song I and many others grew up with.  Set on a city block in the rain, Queenie danced a poignant routine containing depth of emotion and meaning.  We were truly silent and mesmerized by the music and story unfolding before us.  The lyrics were added in perfect emphasis to the points in the song drawing you in.  The attention to detail on the set truly enhanced the entire experience.  I’m still humming the song today.  🙂

Nadi – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Nadi

I was happy to see Nadi take the stage after a bit away and was certainly not disappointed.   She was joined by Zach and I on a shipping dock filled with crates and barrels for provisioning as we danced along the dock enjoying the music and soft breeze off the water.  She even had a boat in the event I pushed Zach off and bright pennants and lights adding a festive feel.  We were all stoked for a good time and could hardly wait for the boat to appear!

Monavie – Gin Wigmore  – Devil In Me

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Mona

Mona and Baby sure brought the heat in this next act.  With very sexy costumes, the luscious demons danced there way through fire, pillars and steps as if fearlessly walking through hell, stopping at the bottom showing how devilish they really are.  Mona’s mover and particle work was impressive and made a seamless performance that I’m sure raised the temperature in the Empire Room by at least 50 degrees.  I seemed to notice those drinks being replaced quicker than normal and a whole lot of fanning and loosening of the ties.

Zach – Blake McGrath – Chains

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Zach

Tonight was Zach’s debut at the Elysium and Voodoo, Nadi, SoCo and I were more than happy to help.  The dance opens with poor Zach chained to a pole at the police station surrounded by all of us sexy cops pondering his fate.  It was sexy and fun and not often we get to see a male pole dance.  As Winnie said a couple of weeks ago, it’s amazing what stealing the Oreos will get you; the problem is, I think his Oreo theft days won’t be over any time soon.

Babypea – Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Baby

I’ve known Baby a long time and I’m still trying to figure out where she gets these great and sometimes twisted ideas.  Some think it’s what she had for dinner or maybe something in the water down under.  Either way, when I see a set full of piranha and alien-type sea creatures, I figure we’re in for a wild ride and this was no exception. Baby was our alien mistress of the lab creating new life forms from VooDoo, BB, Pan and Keith in the ocean depths.  It was totally wicked and now I will go to bed wondering exactly what’s down there…as if I don’t have enough to worry about trying to figure out what is happening on planet Earth.

Kyshra – Beautiful Liar – Beyonce & Shakira/Get Low – Dillon Francis & DJ Snake/I Want Your Sex (Freemason’s Remix) – George Michael

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Crowd(Kyshra)

Kyshra ended the night with a terrific set and a great mix of music and choreo for the crowd dance.  I really enjoy her crowd dances.  They’re never the same way twice and always a new set carefully thought out to match the song choices.  There was something for everyone and we were all grooving and shaking and bummed when it was finally over.

Thank you Fuki for the great pics!

Please join us next week for another performance!  We’re at the Empire Room every Friday evening at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Feel free to share this with your family and friends so they see what they’ve been missing!