Another Awesome Friday – 8/19/16

I love Fridays.  It’s the traditional end of the work week and the first night of a weekend full of dancing.  Tonight was definitely no exception.  Gunner was getting the room rocking with great tunes and picking up the bar tab for the room, Paul and Jilley were getting everyone settled in and comfortable and all of us dancers were in back putting the finishing touches on our costumes and making sure the SL Gods were being kind to our sets.

Ame and Zach – Snow Patrol – What If The Storm Ends

We were honored and excited to open the show with this song that Fuki pointed us to. Set in an post – apocalyptic Dystopia, we did our best to incorporate as many of the lyrics as we could into the dance, beginning with the return of the female to him and taking him away with her at the end.  A very emotional dance for us and proud to have been able to present it.

Ame and Zach - Storm - 81916

Celia – Comptine

I’m not sure any words I could use would describe this stunning young talent.  She is mesmerizing and graceful to watch and brings more than one person to tears with her interpretation of music through movement.  This evening Celia wowed us with a sublime dance in a grand foyer that only seemed to enhance the story and not overwhelm her diminutive stature.  Beautiful dance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Celia

Jilley – Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody

Jilley’s creativity, sets and light work are astounding to me and this was no exception.  She danced on a ship amid the stars and bright colors of space around her in another cool outfit; I really need to see about raiding her LMs.  :))  With her own special alien magic, she got the room hot and audience wanting more.  Stunning performance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Jilley

Seb w/ Babypea, JMB, Nadi and Lily – Miss McDonald Mix – Continued 

Sebastain, the quintessential bad boy, brought us another example of his yummy bad side with this dance.  Set to swing type theme, Seb danced and seduced each of the women while spending just enough time with each one to leave them begging for more.  Of course Babypea was having none of it and was happily bullying the other girls for more Seb time.  Very entertaining and perfect.  A dance I would love to see again.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Sebastain

Monavie – Beyonce – Heaven

Mona always impresses me with her use of the entire stage, the detail and choice of costume and choreo to fit her music.  She danced in a beautiful purple gown amidst the clouds, gracefully moving from one to the other, the clouds seeming to lead her and form the steps for her to descend and ascend.  She truly gave a vision of heaven for us.  Outstanding!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Mona

Eva w/ Ally Romani, Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas, Nadi and Tauriel – Jai Ho

This is one of my favorite songs and completely enjoyed Eva’s interpretation of it.  Set in a stunning courtyard in India, the women took turns dancing as well as dancing all together in a spicy routine that got a few hearts pumping in the room and maybe even some blood boiling too.  There sexy costumes and movement made me feel transported directly into that Far East setting.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Eva

Ayita w/Sebastain – Evil Night Together by Jill Tracey

In this naughty and delightfully cheeky routine, Ayita begins as our alien Domina with Sebastain (remember the quintessential bad boy) waiting on the lounge for the lady of the ship, errrr, house to return.  Quickly ducking in the closet, Ayita drags him out riding him around the home, teasing and dancing with him but Seb has other ideas.  He turns the tables on her and she finds herself being the one in the cage and Seb taking the bows for his clever turnaround.  Very well done and loved the twist at the end.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Ayita

Babypea w/ Wild Bravin – Mandragora Scream – Dark Lantern

Our last performance of the night had the talented Babypea as an old haggard witch looking for another dose of youth and poor Wild was her victim.  Baby wove her evil magic throughout the dance with spectacular lights and smoke and fire.  At the end, nothing could save our prisoner and Baby was once more returned to the beauty of her youth.  This dance was simply amazing and I really want to steal her set.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Baby

Eva – The Final Countdown – When Stars Align – Major Tom

As always, we finish our night by inviting the audience to come up and dance with us and experience a few moments as an Elysium Cabaret dancer.  Eva put together a great crowd dance on a terrific space stage.  The choreo was spot on and we all loved it.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Crowd(Eva)

We look forward to seeing you again next Friday night @ 6pm SLT for the hottest ticket on the grid.  Hope you can join us!


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