Twilight with Stage Lights

A clear and lovely Friday night with warm breezes and a starlit sky was where I was watching the show last night, and what a backdrop for a theme show from the “Twilight” series! I confess, I read all of the books (super guilty pleasure) and loved them, so I was excited to see what our awesome dancers would come up with and I wasn’t disappointed.

Our ever cool DJ Gunner started us out with a slightly different soundtrack that our usual rockin’ beats, but it set the mood for a more mellow and romantic show than we may typically see.  Ok…romantic?  Vampires?  Werewolves?  Yep! So with Jilley and Paul making sure everyone was safely snuggled in with garlic and crosses and silver bullets, Gunner was making sure that the guests were ready to be wooed by the magic of our dancers.

Our first dance was choreographed by Moni Corbeau and was performed by Baby and Gunner.  Moni chose Sia’s “My Love”, a beautiful song sung in that iconic voice that just seems to have a way to get straight to your heart and tug every fiber of it.  The stage was framed in a heart and Baby and Gunner danced a beautiful dance all in black in front of a  bridge with candles on a light and airly set.  The color contrast and the framing put our lovers in a perfect setting to focus only on them.  Lovely Moni!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Moni

Goddess Shayna and Oodlemi (I just can’t type his name without a huge grin) were our Bella and Edward.  They danced to “Love Is Worth The Fall” by Oar.The set was a beautiful waterfall and Oods was on a raft, rowing, but he managed to take time with Goddess Shayna and dance with her, wooing her and in general wooing all the lovely ladies in the audience who would have gladly swum out to meet him and enjoy a romantic dance of their own! Our lovers ended by leaping into the water, but not to fear, vampires don’t breathe so they can stay under water a long time 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Shayna

Corri chose The Black Ghosts “Full Moon”. She was a vision in silks that barely hid her beautiful bod.  They were light and airy as was her dance.  She was outlined by the huge full moon in the background and was a temptress for any Werewolf that might appear in the woods that night.  It was also her 10th rez day yesterday, so everyone was also able to wish her a very happy rez day!!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Corri

SoCo and the Phoenix Dance Team chose “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse to do a super sexy set in front of a huge Werewolf that looked like it might gobble them all up at any second.  Lily, Litz, Seb, Zach, JP and Nevar were fantastic, so many abs, so little time…*drools*…. but I digress.  The fog was no match for these lithe dancers who made it perfectly clear that they were far too awesome to be snackfood for a wolf!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Guest(Phoenix Dance Team)

Kyshra took the stage next on the most decadent set of the evening.  I could have moved right on into her set and somehow manage to look sexy in slippers and sweat pants.  She chose Florence and the Machine’s “Heavy In Your Arms”. Flo  has another one of those voices that just cuts right through you.  This dance was gorgeous.  The set was to die for and Kysh was pale with white hair and an amazing blue dress that flowed around her like water.  The lights and particles and textures and candles….  it was a knockout!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Kyshra

Voodoo joined us in a sexy kitten vampiress set to Belle Brigade’s “I Didn’t Mean It”.  She was about 7ft of legs and leather boots with about 7 inches of leather covering the rest of her, and she moved around her set with a wildly sexy strut and dance that was accented by candles and amazing particles that flared with each step she took as she walked across the front of the stage.  She owned that stage and the undivided attention of everyone in the theater.  She may not have meant what she said…but she sure meant to be sure that she made an impression. 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Voodoo

Ally took us to our last set with “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation.  She had a really cool set with these 2 giant floating orbs that pulsated reds and orange swirls and was on a platform with some other abstract ethereal effect surrounding her.  She was all in red and the whole set was backed in black so each effect was accented nicely.  She was a vision as she danced and I’m pretty sure all of our eyes were on fire as we watched her.

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Ally

And like that…an evening of stunning, sultry performances was over and what could be done but join our lovely pale friends who avoid the sun and are allergic to garlic on stage? Baby did our choreography to And One “Sitata Tirulala”, Eisenfunk “Pong” and The Cog is Dead “Burn It Down”.  A hot and sexy set of dances to move us all on our way to a wonderful weekend. These awesome pictures were done by Fuki.  From all of us at the Empire Room, thank you so very much for joining us and kicking off your weekend in style!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Crowd(Baby).jpg

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