Magnificent Moments at the August Matinee

Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl): Can you please tell the head of the UK to not schedule holidays on weekends when we have shows?

She said it best folks, because where else would you want to be when Elysium has its monthly matinee? Holiday or not, we all know that Friday is the best day of the week except when the last Saturday of the month takes over that title! Come hell or banking holiday, we were out there on the stage today putting our most weird and wonderful on show. This month I decided to dust off my video camera and put my limited skills to the test. Luckily I managed to capture bits and pieces of the amazing dances so please, take a few minutes to peek at the amazing talent we had on display today. Happy viewing.

Babypea Von Phoenix
 Dark Lantern by Mandragora Scream

The scene was set the lair of a wicked witch, or as I interpreted it, a Voodoo witch doctor. A slightly disturbing picture behind her, was the very brave Wild who was strung up as a very pretty, human sacrifice. If the rich textures, clever positioning of large off-center pieces  weren’t enough, they then proceeded to offer a Vegas-worthy light show that was a feast for the eyes. Fiery particles soon surrounded the errr age-challenged practitioner as she cast her spells. The real question is, did her victim make it out alive or was the wrinkled Pea restored her her plump, squishy goodness?

Maia Von Phoenix
Midsummer by Heather Alexander

From dark dwellings to sunlit-forest, Maia’s fantasy land inhabited by fairies and elves was the perfect representation of Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The quirky music, along with clever use of animations brought this routine to life. From Irish-dancing hunky men, to floating beauties and even a toadstool or too, this was truly adorable. Joining Maia in her colorful display as the aforementioned studly elves were Dan, Gunner, Seb with the fluttering fairies danced by Ayita, Jo, Nalani and of course, the choreographer herself.

Tray Porthos
Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin’ Criminals

We started with the evil, then the mischievous woodland creatures and now it seems the bad guy has come to town. Tray was a very naughty boy indeed, flirting with the pretty girl and then making off with all the money. Of course, what would a bank robbery be without a good car chase, a flash of muscled chest with a pair of handcuffs thrown in. Clearly no one ever told him what happens when you get caught with your hand in the coin-jar. Right into the slammer he went, busted good and proper then doomed to a life of unflattering orange jumpsuits. A great routine, with three amazing set changes to help bring his story to life.

Dongle by Dousk

This next routine was quite unlike anything I had seen before, and if asked to describe it I would have to say ‘performance art at its finest’. Bulbs which appeared broken at first, gradually glowed to life beneath the small, bursts of electricity that were choreographer Ness and her dancers ღღღ Омелия ღღღ  and Nadin Katrin. Arcs of current crackled in the sky, sparks leaping in time with the music with waves of energy flowing behind each girl. The costumes are worth a big mention and truly jaw-dropping in making the dancers appear as live electricity in human form.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

In the truest embodiment of light, Winnie took to the stage as a hauntingly beautiful melody filled the air. Joined by Jo, this raven-haired woman and her little angel moved with grace in the willowy grass. In a scene marked by barren landscapes, lifeless trees and a crumbled building, strands of bright lanterns glowed in the distance. Then one appeared as though sent from above, then there were two, three and then the sky was filled by the symbolic golden lanterns. In Asian cultures, these floating lights symbolize good fortune and the wish for a bright future. A truly touching routine with every bit of the emotion one can always expect from a Winnie creation.

Rise by Katy Perry

From crumbling ruins in the desert to world famous landmarks restored to their former glory. Speaking of glory, ladies and gents we present to you our Manager Wiz his all his glory. Yes that is right, if you want naked men, bronzed and carved like statues then this is the routine for you! Surrounded by paintings and symbols of Greece, this dance was a beautiful and simple piece of choreography. Smooth transitions, elegant animations and motivational music served to make this a memorable routine for reasons other than the costuming, or lack thereof. ~winks~

Dancin’ Fool (remix) byBarry Manilow

This jivin’ number had a backdrop of stairs too, though a far cry from the previous color scheme. Fuki, Winnie, Seb and Melvis brought the choreography of the very talented Jo to life in this up-beat number that was bound to make everyone wiggle in their seats. The best of swing and some very clever animation choices really shined here where the dancing was the star. There were disco-balls and neon lights and all kinds of other fabulous set elements but the choreography itself was up there with the best. A truly fun and light-hearted routine from the talented Jo.

I’m Only Joking by Kongos

She may have been only joking but I am pretty sure these superheroes would not see it that way, Marvel must be rolling over in their multi-million dollar office if they ever saw this! Jilley put her men to good use in this one with Paul, Zach, Tray, Melvis and Ray dressed up as the various characters. I am not sure what the Joker did to them, but Superman seems to have forgotten to turn off his iron, Spiderman went commando under his spandex, Captain American has a thing for the hot guy in the front row and poor Batman has a touch of unrequited love for Robin. Need I say more? The choreography was perfect for the music and the costumes true to their masked wearers.  In the end though, they ended up back in their corner (or cage) and all they needed was their own little chairs so they could be whoever they wanted to be. Extremely creative and a real hoot to end the show with!

That brings us to the end of another amazing show at Elysium Cabaret. As always, filled with a smorgasbord of music, sets, costumes and of course dance to keep our imaginations well fed. We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday night, and of course at our next matinee on Saturday, 24th September at 1pm.


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