Elysium Review – 9/2/16

Another Friday at the Empire Room!  Last Friday began as they all do with Gunner playing some great tunes and Paul and Jilley looking fine and getting everyone welcomed and settled.  I think Gunner and Paul lost track of who was picking up the tab so it may have ended up being Jilley or Babypea.  Either way, the crowd was jumping and we were hyperventilating in the back as show time finally arrived.

Jilley with Paul and Andy – “Physical” – Olivia Newton John

Jilley started us off with a terrific dance.  It was high-powered and energetic.  It was so energetic, she started with a very out of shape Paul and Andy and whipped them right into shape by the end of the dance.  I would have felt sorry for them if they didn’t have Jilley to look at and try and impress.  Excellent choreo and great job putting them through their paces.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Jilley

Goddess Shayna with Oodlemi, Fukuju Amaterasu, JMB Balogh, Joy Canadeo and Nicholas Mougin – “Prisoner of Love – Borg edit”

Next up we had Shayna’s styling of a dance by the Borg…well, if they danced.  Set in a Borg ship with flashing pics of the Next Generation Star Trek series, every Star Trek fan in the room was seriously geeked out.  With a variety of dance styles, the choreography was uniquely her own.

Babypea with Jilley, Mona, Kyshra, Fuki, Ame and Immy – “Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)” – RuPAUL 

The 3rd dance was probably the most fun I’ve had in a dance in a while.  Dressed as mollusks, Babypea and crew strutted the runway like we owned it.  The sets and footwork made this a creative and unexpected dance in typical Babypea style.  Who’d have though anyone could make a mollusk sexy.  *grins*

Elysium - 02SEP16 - BabyPea

Diddy Hyun – Kittens N Tigers DANCE TEAM with Bubble Roffo, Mandy Oconnell, TanyaSmart, Andytez Dumpling and Rayzza Rubble – “Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Presley

The next act of the night featured our guests, the Kittens N Tigers Dance Team.  They brought a great dance with a very colorful set.  Their interpretation of the song was spot on and there was sexiness galore gyrating on that stage.  We love our guests and what they bring to us every week and this was certainly no exception.  Thank you!

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Guest(Kittens n Tigers

Nadi with Ame, Zach, Ray and Fuki – “I’m Alive” – Céline Dion

The fifth dancer of the evening was Nadi.  We don’t see her as often as we’d like but when we do, she always has a great dance.  Set in a Spanish courtyard, we samba-ed and salsa-ed our way through the courtyard while Nadi added her own moves and flair in the center.  Everything about this dance was awesome.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Nadi

Asali with Baby, JMB, Nea and Renee – “The Way You Move” – Outkast

Asali was up next as a referee with her team on the football field as the temperature raised in the room at least 30 degrees with their skimpy outfits.  They demonstrated their flexibility and stamina going through the choreography with skilled acrobatics through out.  It was good to see Asali again after a long absence.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Asali

Ame with Zach and Ray – Descent – “VNV Nation”

The final dance of the night was a dance we’d just done for the Lovecraft festival featuring Evil Alien Queens.  The boys were my “guests” and believed they were going to be mated with…well up until I got hungry.  They then realized their fate was sealed and were going to be my dinner.  *evilly grins*

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Ame

Jilley – Crowd Dances – Atomic Kitten – “The Tide Is High” – Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – “Love Never Felt So Good” – DNCE – “Cake By The Ocean”

Finishing off another great night of entertainment was the lovely Jilley treated us to a trio of great dances for the audience to come up and join us.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Crowd(Jilley)

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.  We look forward to seeing you next week – same time, same bat channel.  That’s Friday nights at 6pm at the hottest ticket on the grid, the Empire Room!

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