The Orchid Presents A Harlot’s Grand Opening

Well, maybe not a harlot’s opening, but certainly the grand opening of The Orchid, local brothel in the seaside village of Nassau.  Step back into the days of Treasure Island and Black Sails!  Pirates Destiny is pleased to offer a dance show, performed by the Orchid Harlots, in celebration of the opening of their new brothel.  The show is going to be a hilarious, bawdy fun show, so bring your sense of humour!  Grab some friends and come share this adventure with us.

Please understand this is a roleplay sim (well, actually, twelve roleplay sims of islands and ocean, perfect for sailing and high seas adventure!).  The brothel is roleplay-only (no exchange of lindens permitted, roleplay coins-only are used for payment of any services, drinks, meals, etc.  Free coin HUDs are available on the welcome ship).  You do not have to roleplay to attend the show.  But if you want to stay and play after, get to know the place a bit, you will be very welcome!

This show will most likely have nudity so adults only, please.

Sunday, September 18th at 2pm SLT

You do not have to roleplay, but it is appreciated if you dress in era early 1700s attire, either as a pirate or wench, a fine gentleman or lady, even a member of the British, Spanish or French Navy.  Mermaids and other sea creatures also welcome!  Pirates Destiny has a full underwater population with related roleplay!  Always seeking more people to join us, so check us out.  Inexpensive housing as well in a themed community that is friendly, fun, and full of adventure.  G&S roleplay system, daily events, game night, movie night, battles on land and at sea… and so much more!  Create your character, bring your ideas, and join us or at least come enjoy a very fun show that will give you a glimpse of life back in 1715.


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