Elysium Review September 16, 2016 – Wild Animals, Wild Times & Wonders of the World

A real menagerie of passion, swank and raw sexuality took the stage tonight at the Empire Room. Aliens and animals, bad dates and big apes, cantina clashes and downtown raunch – every aspect of the wild side of desire was on show. As the voice of Elysium, Gunner von Phoenix, growled over the microphone and Paul Woodrunner barked happy greetings to a packed house, the dance troupe put on a revue that really howled!

Act 1: Jilley with Baby and Mona – Jumpin’ Jack – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

The first act took us to a quirky cafe in a galaxy far, far away, with Jilly introducing us to Sy Snoodles’ three missing sisters. These alien divas got down in a way that would make a Wookie blush, all while quarreling amongst themselves. In this performance rife with imagination, Jilley displayed that personality can bring a new dimension of excitement to the stage.

Act 2: JenzZa – Misfit Dance & Performance Art with Dulcikate Noel, Judd Eldridge, Rumour Bashir and Kaeylan Resident – DayBreak Custom Music Mix

The second act plunged us into the verdant heart of another world – the circle of life within the African jungle. Choreographer Jenzza summoned an entire jungle that overflowed the stage and reached the ceiling with its green canopies. An entire retinue of flora and fauna, from majestic elephants to a delicate bluebird, danced about a tribal mystic, in this display of the natural world’s glory.

Act 3: Sebastain with  Jo, Fukuju, Lily and BabyPea- Just a Gigolo – David Lee Roth 

The rock and roll universe was the subject of the next act – a hard rock revel that had the stage thumping with energy. It brought to life some decades of excess – the loud colors of the 70s and the loud music of the 80s – and choreographer Sebastain brought serious noise and swank to the Empire Room! It was a classic rock ode to the animal side of human appetite and the era it howled at the top of its lungs.

Act 4: Ayita with Babypea, Jo, Nalani, JJ, Kymird and Sorcha – Ooh Ahh I Lost My Bra

elysium-16sep16- - Naybabe
The fourth act brought sexy back, with a wild journey through a date gone wrong – or really, really right. Ayita presented the skin-tingling story of Ooh Ahh I Lost My Bra in glorious technicolor and cartoon design. This randy romp featured a chorus of dancers that took us on a tale through fly-by-night romance, featuring fast cars, missing lingerie and even the Eiffel tower!

Act 5:  Gunner with Babypea, Sebastain and Paul –  Come a Little Bit Closer – Marty Robbins

Things only got hotter in the fifth act, as the audience swung south of the border for a traditional latin dance, set to live guitar music! The place was a cantina, the subject was a group of lovers, and the strident chord of the song kept the whole performance simmering hot from start to finish. Love even became a battlefield with a surprise flight through a window and captions provided by one of Elysium’s wildest imaginations – Gunner von Phoenix!

Act 6: Diawa – Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson

elysium-16sep16 - Diawa
The dazzling sixth act featured Diawa in a solo act with fantastic costuming and dreamy imagery all around. With graceful motion and passionate action, she kept the audience on the edge of their seats through this pulse-pounding performance. It wasn’t until the act spun to its climax, could the audience catch their breath!

Act 7: Babypea – King Kong – DeStorm Power 

In the seventh act, Babypea Von Phoenix went big – real big – featuring an entire cityscape centered around the Eighth Wonder of the World himself – or rather herself, Queen Kong!  As the great ape danced atop the Empire State Building, planes arrived to take her down. But nothing could harm the majesty of this ode to bravado, boldness and seizing your moment on top of the world.

Act 8: Corri with Gemma Paw – Bad Girls –  Donna Summer

elysium-16sep16 - Corri
After every highest climb, there comes a deep dive, and Corri took us downtown in a hardcore way with Donna Summer’s Bad Girls. This dance ground it nasty in a wicked part of town, with wild gyrations set against a sleazy snakepit of a city street. Things have never been hot in the gutter, as sensuality shone from the back alleys of this brilliant vision of urban decay.

Act 9: Kyshra – Group Dance

As the audience piled onto the stage to enjoy a crowd dance, the raw attitude of the evening was in full effect. Kyshra‘s dances guided this packed house in pushing it good and hard, with deep grinding, bootie bouncing and sensuous spins. It was a smoldering conclusion to one of the hottest nights at Elysium this year.
The 16th of September was the evening when Elysium let its carnal side loose. From vivid depictions of love gone wrong, to raw nights on the mean streets, and even the Queen of Beasts rising above it all, the show had the crowd roaring. Captured by the camera of Fukuju Amaterasu, this fiery spectacle had to be seen – and felt – to be believed!

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