Classic Rock w/A Twist -9/30/16

I love our theme shows and tonight was no exception.  We were given the theme “Classic Rock With A Twist” to interpret in our own unique way.  This could include mashups, different genres or pretty much any way we could envision it.  Gunner was in top form playing all our favorites while Paul and Jilley got everyone settled in and comfortable.  The drinks flowed freely and the audience was getting loosened up while all of us were doing all the last minute stuff before the show.  Soon it was 6pm and it was time to begin.

Kyshra with Asali, Baby, Lalita, Mona, Fuki, Jo, Gunner, Nevar, Wiz, Zach, Joss and Ame – Tricky Sandman – RunDMC/Metallica


Kyshra started us off with a version of the classic Tricky Sandman that had us all dancing from the ceiling, well maybe not the ceiling but at least upside down.  The ladies were in smexy lingerie with the guys without shirts all in matching white.  Kyshra definitely knows how to bring the sizzle to the stage and we were off to a hot start of the night

Ally and Michael –  “Dance With Me” by Orleans


Ally danced her first duet with her husband Michael to this awesome classic.  Dancing in a gazebo under the stars, it was romantic and warm.  The choreography was perfect both separately and together and the couples work was spot on.  A truly enchanting first duet.  I hope to see more.

Nevar with Ame , Zach ,  Krysta , Fuki and Nadi – Kansas – Dust In The Wind REMIX (FUNKYMIX) 


Next up, Nevar brought us a different version of Dust in the Wind with a funked up beat.  In a set reminiscent of a dig at some ancient Native American ruins, we danced across the sand with a gentle breeze blowing the dust all around us. We ended in a perfect head spin like small dust devils reminding us that eventually we all end up as dust in the wind.

Babypea with Gunner, Sorcha, Mona, Paul – Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy vs Fedde Le Grand ft. Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It  (mashup by MadMixMustang)


Baby and friends definitely brought the sexy in this very cool mashup.  The stage was sleek and metallic in blacks, teal and gold matching the electro feel of the music.  The butterfly cages surrounding Sorcha and Mona only enhanced their mystique with Baby enticing the men with those sexy moves and strut; a perfect mix to the music.

Ame with Zach, Ray, Nadi, Wiz, Fuki – Falco feat. Queen – Rock you Amadeus 


After Baby was Zach and me and our interpretation of a mashup of We Will Rock You and Rock Me Amadeus.  Set on a stage reflective of the classical era of dress and style, we danced hard with a combination of singles and couples work to tie in the mix of 80’s favorites.

Corri – Stevie Wonder – Superstition


Delicious Corri danced as a black cat on a stage filled with all the things that come to mind when you think of superstitions, complete with the broken mirror and open umbrella.  I’ve never really considered myself superstitious but if I did, her sultry moves would have convinced me that at least black cats are safe…I think. 🙂

SoCo – (Phoenix Dance Team (CAPTAIN) with Melvis, Seb, Lily, Zach, Ame), Baby, Fuki, Ray, Ahn, JP and  Nadi – Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence 


The Phoenix Dance Team were our next dancers and guests with a routine to this haunting version of “Sound of Silence”  Starting again a black stage and adding components and people as the song progressed, SoCo captured the feel of the song, adding a completely different dimension to the words and dance.

Jilley – Streetnoise – Horse With No Name (Club Mix)


The final dance of the evening was Jilley.  Set against a background of desert sands, it looks like she found an oasis to entertain us from.  Complete with armored horse and chain mail armor of her own and awesome dance, she gave us a wicked cool interpretation of another classic standard and ended our performances with a bang.

Babypea  – The Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb on Me,  Pink – U and Ur Hand,  Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce


Ending the night was our Friday night tradition of the crowd dance choreographed by none other than the lovely Babypea.  As we invited the audience up to join us, Baby gave us all an tough workout to end the night.

If you were able to join us tonight, thank you!  If not, we’ll hope to see you next Friday at 6pm sharp and the Empire Room!





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