A Macabre Matinee It Was Not

It was the weekend of witches, vampires, ghosts and goblins — a time where zombies wander the Earth and the veil between us and the spirit world was at it’s weakest. People flooded the Empire Room for the October matinee ready for chills and thrills. Little did the poor souls know this Halloween and Best of Show mash-up would be just as spectacular, spooky, hilarious and sensuous as we have all come to expect of Elysium Cabaret.

Shatter Me by Lindsay Sterling

The opening strains of violin were enough to have this dancer wiggling in her seat, though I may be biased since this is one of my favorite covers of a fantastic song. Eva gave the audience an inspired performance with her clever use of set transitions, moving props and some unique movement paths for her dancers Rosewan, Tauriel, Diamonte Thomas, Melvis Baum and Si. The moving clockwork and cogs in the background where a nice accent to the smooth choreography excecuted by her cas; a perfect opener for the show.

Everybody by Backstreet Boys

Setting the scene with a haunted house, squabbling Scooby Gang and the ever so sensible idea to go inide to investigate, this routine was spooktacular. Starts ticking off the names of this motley crew, hoping she doesn’t leave anyone off; Ayita, Jo, Kyshra, Seb, Gunner, Kymir, Babypea, Fuki, Minty Von Phoenix all joined Maia on stage for this retro classic reimagined in a haunted house. Tight choreography, film-style set and mover work made this a number to remember.

Howl by Florence and the Machine

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf multiplied in this moonlit dance, as if one of each were not enough! Shayna certainly proved that three was indeed better than one with zaney choreography, cute and hairy costuming highlighting the faity-tale characters portrayed by Rory (callmerory), Wiz Nirvana, Heloise Merlin, Beebs and Pan. A fitting accompanyment to the song choice, I wonder how many of us wanted to howl at the moon or maybe run in the other direction because those sharp, sharp teeth.

Bubble Roffo (Kittens n Tigers)
Monster Mash by Bobby Picket

What would Halloween be without the Monster Mash?! Diddy Hyun, TanyaSmart, Mandy Oconnell, Thaladar  Borgin and Hakan Secretspy danced alongside Bubble in this lighthearted and truly monster-mashed routine. I was enthralled by this number, never knowing where to look. I will confess that the Addam’s Family inspired ‘thing’s were an eye grabber, as were the munster-like creatures swimming in the swamp. A great routine that was a total riot in all its orange-tinted glory.

Babypea Von Phoenix
A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room

Naked men, naked men! I am fairly certain that is what many members of the audience were shouting, I know they were in the Elysium chat! Gunner, Wiz, Nevar, Joss, Seb joined their Evil Queen from Outer Space in this Lovecraft based routine. The glistening blue set, stunning use of simple particles and eerie music gave us another glimpse into the twisted mind that is the Pea. This time she definitely got the better of her captives and reminded us how simple choreography, mover-work and visual effects can generate the biggest of impacts.

Unveiled by Raul Ferrando

Jo has been delighting audiences across the grid lately with fluid choreography, unique animations and unique music selections. This routine was no exception, featuring Fuki, Ayita, Maia and Kyshra as silk-clad seductresses. Set in the harsh sands of the dessert, tents of rich fabrics and plump cushions were the ideal contrast and served as a colorful backdrop. Tthis number once again displayed Jo’s trademark, seamless use of movers to create true-to-life routines.

What’s That – Nightmare Before Christmas

From sexy and sultry to cute and fun, Mischa transported us to a Winter wonderland just in time for the holidays. Eva Harley, Sorcha Wylde, Si De Brit and Zach Starostin were right there with her and I have to say the song choice for this was just right in its quirkiness. Adorable choreography with equally adorable costumes and I believe Gunner said this was her Elysium debut routine so welcome to the nuthouse Mischa!

24 by Jem

I always think it is super awkward reviewing your own routines. Instead of following the usual format, I will say thank you to Maia and Jo for sharing the stage with me. I will give a shout out to Eva Harley for her help with color-changing costumes. I will also say that 24 is one of my favorite songs and the first routine I created for it did not quite go to plan. Taking the same song and a new approach, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and hope that everyone enjoyed the result.

Mel’s Mix by Melvis

If there were any routine which was a hidden surprise, it was this one! In true Melvis style, it featured well known characters doing entirely uncharacteristic things. Storm-troopers marched themselves in and the fearsome sound of Darth Vadar’s breathing heralded his arrival. What did he do when he got there? Well, he ‘came out’ with a bright pink light saber and his faithful followers broke into well known dance moves from the chart-topping dance crazes we love to hate. Andytez Dumpling, Sebastian Bourne, Monavie Voight, Paul Woodrunner, Wiz Nirvana, Diamonte Thomas, Shayna  and Jilley joined  Melvis for the laugh out loud, comical interpretation of Star Wars.

Another month gone, the year goes so fast! It seems like yesterday summer was at an end and now we are already getting close to Thanksgiving. Bring on November and another month of fantastic dancing at Elysium Cabaret!

Ayita xoxo

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