Elysium Review November 18, 2016 – Welcome to the Weekend! Another great night at The Empire Room!

The Empire Room filled the house again for another great weekend. This weekend started out with some very talented acts.  The acts performed by the dancers bring creativity like no other on the planet to the stage. DJ Gunner did an exemplary job of providing the music for the performances and great tunes for the audience after the show. Our wonderful Hostess, Jilley, as always welcomed each and every guest into the show, while our dedicated Empire Room owner, Paul Woodrunner made sure to chat up the audience and accommodate the guests with drinks!

Elysium Cabaret Dancers and the Guests performed at top quality as always.  Here is the review below:


Act one:  Setsuna  – Utau Oka by Akiko Shikata – Solo Act


Setsuna from Club Image graced our stage and wowed the audience with a wonderful performance of an enchanted forest.  She danced and hypnotized the butterflies along with the audience as they were mesmerized by her elegant steps.  She danced as if she were alone in a forest and the world was her stage to a customized mix of Utau Oka by Akiko Shikata.


Act two: JenzZa with Dulcikate Noel, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Cuddlebug Clowes and Sebastain Bourne  -performer by On the Clock a Custom Mix


Act two buzzed in from Misfit Dance & Performance Art, a talented group of dancers bounced down off of colorful alarm clocks.  Another Custom mix On the Clock performed by the adorable mice as the clocks ticked on in unison. What a great team in November for the time change! These mice were in time with the beat of the music and the audience just adored them.


Act three:  Lulu with Ƈαηɗу (Candynette Metaluna) and Angie Zobovic (angellikamaia) performing Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become


Lulu, Candy, and Angie took the stage as they performed this morbid act and Lulu did a great choreography job to the beat of Animal I have Become, a very popular song.  It was a bit scary as she had her nurses there to help her along. The audience gave a big round of applause to this exceptional act.


Act four: Dyann with Sendar, Sebastian Bourne, Troy Trallis, nara.zsun, Orlitza Pobieski, JMB Balough, and Jack Shepherd performing Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader


Well maybe girls and werewolves can get a long in the woods after all. Maybe as long as they are dancing in the moonlight! Right? This performance was a great compilation of choreography by Dyann. It was also her debut act at The Empire Room and we welcome her to the Elysium Cabaret.


Act Five: Wiz Nirvana performing Basket Case by Music Box  – Solo

Wiz Nirvana was definitely thinking outside the box with this act where he was all tied up in a strait jacket. He danced the dance of a Music Box ballerina and the audience wondered if they could close it and take him home after the show.  In the ruined settings it looked like he was doomed to be forever dancing until either he was unwound or his battery ran out. The concept was great and the choreo worked will with the box.


Act six: Nara with Gracie – performing The Moment by KennyG


Pink is the new Divine color. Nara did a wonderful choreography that complimented both her and Gracie as they divinely danced on the stage in the moment. The audience was entranced by their beauty. The choreography and the costumes were set in a beautiful pink forest complimented each other along with the music.


Act seven: Babypea – Til the Last Shot’s Fired by Trace Adkins – Solo


An angel danced along a battlefield on stage on Friday night to honor all veterans. Babypea was just gorgeous in her white attire, as she danced across the stage. The choreography was just wonderful and as always she fascinated the audience again with an outstanding performance.


Act eight: Kyshra – Magic Forest – David Arkenstone – Solo


Tonight’s show was enchanted not only by one captivating forest, but two.  The final act ended with one forest which seemed to be out of this world.  As Kyshra’s beautifully done choreography of acrobatic dancing in the sky, her forest seemed to grow around her becoming more and more alive as she enticed it into existence.


Act nine: Crowd Dance by Goddess Shayna (Shayna Paine) – The Last Time (Rolling Stones), Back in Time (Huey Lewis and the News), and Time Warp (ft. Christina Milian & Reeve Carney)


When time came to the close of the show, Goddess Shayna really rolled the clocks back, forward, and even sideways, for that matter.  The crowd dance stage was a riot of clocks and gears. The audience wasted no time getting up on the stage as they joined in and danced like there was no tomorrow and collapsing in to heap on the stage after they did the Time Warp Again!

Pictures and review by Goddess Shayna

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