Elysium Review November 25th 2016 – Celebrating Thankfulness

Thanksgiving gratitude was served up rich and hot at The Empire Room this weekend! As our esteemed establishment’s proprietor, Paul Woodrunner, calls them, the Elysium Family settled into their seats for a feast of dance and dazzling artistry. Hostess Jilley gave everyone a specially crafted warm welcome at the door, and the audience enjoyed a dance card featuring an assortment of acts from across the grid and many of the Elysium Cabaret favorites. DJ Gunner von Phoenix served a great blend of music throughout the night, which featured comic acts, classic cabaret and some truly ingenious presentations by SL’s elite choreographers

Act One: Babypea with Gunner, Paul, Zach, Ame and Jilly – Baby’s Turkey Song Mix


Babypea began the Thanksgiving menu of dance with song of sympathy for the turkeys out there. On a traditionally appointed farm, dancers poked fun at the Thanksgiving tradition with dancers clad in feathers and beaks dancing to songs of vegetarian protest. This lively medley making fun of the Thanksgiving meal was a cute and creative kick off for what would prove one of Elysium’s most imaginative shows.

Act Two: Lady C – Get This Party Started – Shirley Bassey


Lady C turned the turkey trot in a sterling silver soiree, as she cranked up the volume and attitude with a strip tease on a set that screamed of celebration: Champagne bottles, strings of crystal and glasses brimming with bubbly surrounded Lady C as she spun and swayed to the brazen tones of Shirley Bassey. As her strident, swaying motions took her up and down the shining staircase of a silver ballroom, Lady C shed her shimmering garments, finishing the act by standing topless and triumphant at the height of the steps!

Act Three: Corri – Winter Song – Ronan Keating


Corri celebrated winter’s glory with an act that applied exquisite beauty to its every delicate aspect. Amid a fine drifting of snowflakes, upon a frozen pond snug within a rustic fence, Corri danced as daintily as a ballerina to an ode to the seasons of love. This moving melody about the changing nature of romance stirred the crowd’s hearts as Corri spun upon the ice amid snow-flocked firs, weaving a scene that was no less than a perfect dream of winter.

Act Four: Cowgrl with Rosewan and Eva – Back It Up – Caro Emerald


Cowgrl heated things up for her next act, with a spot-on jazz dance number. Everything echoed the elements of classic Broadway jazz shows, from the glamorous gowns to the high-kicking heels, the black backdrop with big modern-font, the floating bubbles and frolicking music. It was a celebration of a dance tradition that applied true care and class to the characteristics of that awesome style.

Act Five: Misse Tigerpaw – This Love – Taylor Swift


Guest Dancer Misse Tigerpaw of Club Image applied much the same exquisite detail to her Thankgiving gift to The Empire Room – a dance tableau that seemed to have every feature painted by a masterful hand. A screen styled like an invitation faded away, revealing a set that sewed together realistically detailed foliage with hand-drawn cut outs and three oversized memento boxes. Atop these boxes, Misse spun and stepped, dancing to a song of love’s happiness and hurts below a suspended arrow. As stray seed pods swirled with ethereal blue light in the wheat field below, the arrow fell at the finale, striking Misse, only to have her circle gracefully to a landing and dance on above a sky of pen-and-ink tears. It was truly magic to behold!

Act Six: Eva with Misha Selene, Nadi, Cowgrl and Lexi – Together in Electric Dreams – Mechanical Black


Eva showed that her creativity keeps pushing boundaries, as she brought artistic and technological innovation together in a celebration of the social powers of the internet! As the curtain opened on a tableau that looked like a series of chat windows open on a computer’s desktop – topped off by a laboratory scene. As the song commenced, the dancers “uploaded” from their chat window profile photos onto the laboratory, where common clothes were cast aside for sensual sci-fi outfits and a wild dance was enjoyed by all. It was an extraordinarily crafted image of the SL experience, brought to life with symbolism, custom props and some spot on choreography!

Act Seven: Jilley – Thankful – Josh Groban


For the holiday night’s final act, Jilley drove home the theme of ‘thankfulness’ with a song about gratitude and a stage set for beauty. She mixed an ultra-modern setting with costume majesty, striking choreography with special effects, to produce a truly stellar scene. It was a gorgeous abstract ode to an essential quality of humankind and a spectacular finale for a show that truly showed off SL dance talent!

Act Eight: Ame (Crowd Dance) – Good Grief, Rise, This Wheels’ on Fire


As for the crowd dance to close out the night, Ame’s was second to none. With variety like a Thanksgiving menu, it conducted the crowd through a spectrum of musical and dance styles. Good times and a great crowd closed it out in a characteristic way that spoke to a key element of the Thanksgiving spirit – coming together as family to celebrate!
This week’s stellar show was a true Thanksgiving event in many ways: A gathering where friends and family contributed their very best to the night’s menu. This gala occasion showcased humor and heartache, beauty and burlesque, celebration and cyber culture. It reminded us that we have so much to be thankful for in life – and so much ahead to enjoy together during this epic holiday season at The Empire Room!

Photos courtesy of Goddess Shayna.

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