Magnificent Matinee Moments

It was that time of the month again where we welcome you to the weekend twice over with the Matinee madness! No hiccups plauged the cast, movers behaved and sets rezzed on cue. If SL were a student we would have been sure to give it a gold star, and each of our acts at least five. Without further prattling, let’s get right to yummy goodness and take a peek at the talented choreographers who graced our stage.

Down With the Sickness by Disturbed

Disturbing. Creepy. Scary. Creative. Unique. Awesome. These are the words that come to mind on this number by Pea. This exceedingly icky creature started by jumping around the dark forest, finally settling in one place. Thus followed the rise of evil, green smoke which magically transformed it green. Pea is green, who woulda thunk it ~laughs~ I know I wanted to make mush out of this shudder-worthy being. Then we add a pram with broken dolly in a kids bedroom and I just want to run screaming. Definitely an awe-inspiring trip into the imagination of this choreographer, creating yet another very memorable dance.

Magica Mélodia by Rondo Veneziano

Ness is well known for her astounding particle work, blended with unique costuming and seamlessly simple choreography. Somehow, all these things gel into this perfect, jawdroppingly unique piece of art that dance along never quite captures. Color changing mermaids, magic fairy dust and a lilting melody carried the audience away once more. One of the hallmarks of the best choreographers and artists is that their work carries their signature without a clear mark, you just know. And with Ness, we always just know.

Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne ft. Randy Rhoads


Diddy Hyun
Another Piece of My Heart by Haley Reinhart

This set at first reminded me of a magical candyland with the bright lighting and pink fantastical lighting; not to mention the sweet and sexy costumes that I am sure had many a man drooling as they watched. Mandy, Arabella and Half joined Diddy on stage in her latest work of good ol’ fashioned fun. Then the music kicked in with the edgy blend of rock meets country and every one was bouncing about in their seats. Clever use of mirror animations created great variation in formations and was a real highlight of this upbeat routine.

Kyser and Taema Mynx
Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne feat. Randy Rhoads

As soon as the curtain rose on this act by Kyser and Taema, the colors and effects of their set took many a breath from the unsuspecting audience. A wide expanse of richly hued sky, floating clouds and ethereal lights offset the unusual yet enchanting costumes chosen by the pair. In an ode to true love in the heavens, elegant animations paired with smooth mover work truly brought this story to life.

S&M by Rhianna

We all know how much I love to hate talking about my own routines. This number was originally created as part of the DoL Dancer’s Challenge. Choreographers select a song at random and have three hours to create a dance and set ready to put on show that very day. A bit of a crazy excercise, but a lot of us Elysiums took up the challenge and had nervous breakdowns but lots of fun regardless. A couple of weeks to smooth over some glitches and make it a little less hum-drum and here you have it. A thank you to my amazing dancers Maia, Jo, Melvis, Wiz and Max for being brave enough to let out their kinky sides!

Bad Girls by Donna Summer

This routine was bad the first time I saw it, and it just got badder this time around! When I say bad, I mean in a delicious finger lickin’ good kinda way! I blame Gunner for the chicken reference since he was the one who said this routine always made him think of KFC ~laughs~ Gemma and Arabella joined choreographer Corri in this smokingly sexy number that showed off smooth and sultry choreography. A perfect closer to a fabulous show.

In the iconic words of Bugs Bunny, ‘That’s All Folks!’ Well .. until we meet again next month for the last Matinee of 2016. Hope to see you all there!

Ayita xoxo


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