Babypea Dances to A Christmas Alleluia


Thank you to Andytez Dumpling for videoing this dance.  If you enjoy it, please give it a like and share it.  It is such a beautiful song and Andy did an amazing job on the video, capturing it live during the actual performance… not easy to do on laggy sims!  The song is “Chris Tomlin – A Christmas Alleluia (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle, Leslie Jordan.”


Elysium Review December 23, 2016 – Christmas Cabaret

“Elysium” is another word for “Heaven,” and this Friday, the Elysium Cabaret celebrated the holy holidays with a show that was both dazzling and divine. Host Paul Woodrunner was in especially warm spirits on this Winter weekend night, a bit more jolly as he greeted the crowds that came through The Empire Room door. DJ Gunner von Phoenix commanded the show over the PA, and wove together all the merry melodies of each act with humor and heart-warming holiday wishes. It was a wonderful affair, most of all thanks to the dances that dazzled the audience: Some silly, some sacred and all of them so very special – a perfect recipe for an Elysium Cabaret Christmas treat.

Act One: Babypea – A Christmas Alleluia – Chris Tomlin (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle, Leslie Jordan


Divine splendor was shown in full spectrum by Babypea, who presented a truly glorious Christmas story. Her lone dance in divine white began dancing, as if the evening star itself, before the scene of a nativity manger. Set with the assembly from Christ’s birth, the scene of dark background and stark images soon gave way to a heavenly vista with light effects that were amazing in detail and awesome in intensity. It was as spectacular a celebration of the Christmas day’s holy beginnings as ever graced the stage.

Act Two: Sendar with Eva – Nutrocker – Trans Siberian Orchestra


The second act was strikingly personal and splendid in its composition – a debut by Sendar that dedicated itself to expressing devotion and gratitude, to God and to all those who were blessings in his life. Set by the altar of a church and lit by the glorious stained glass window, Sendar’s dance were sewn with statements announcing his desire to please God with dance and all the kind acts of his life. This outstanding breakdancing routine concluded with a rousing declaration of thanks for those who’ve blessed his journey.

Act Three: Misha with Nadi and Luna – Where Are You Christmas – Faith Hill


The night then moved from the snow-decked outdoors, with Misha’s celebration of the finer qualities of a Winter Wonderland. As snow fell and ice skaters swirled on a frozen lake, the crowd’s imagination was woven into Misha’s seamless vision of a snowy Christmas lakeside scene. A welcome frolic in a frosty forest with artful ice skating and happy melodies really hit the spot for the crowd.

Act Four: Gunner with Babypea, Paul and Jo – I Hate People -Leslie Bricusse (Scrooge the Musical)


No Christmas would be complete without a grinch to grouse about it, and Gunner played the role ideally, decked out as the classic model – Scrooge himself. Dancing through the settings of the Dickens Christmas Story, Scrooge has never looked more spry, singing in tune with “I Hate People.” There was a lot for the audience to love in this charming, cantankerous romp with the old codger, envisioned to cranky perfection by Gunner.

Act Five: Selene with Yukio and Azure – Carol of the Bells – Christmas Metal Songs


Selene’s Santa helpers put on a show about how nice it is to be naughty – a paradox that’s dear to the heart of the Elysium Cabaret and that was presented in an exquisite parlor, decked for Christmas. In front of a majestic tree, wreathes and mantle, girls dressed in red corsets and fur trim danced in a way that managed to be both merry and sexy. It was all about fun and frolics, holiday style, and Selene put on a spectacle that didn’t lack in either – or in exquisite detail.

Act Six: Corri with FT, Zach, Ame and Ray – Leroy the Redneck Reindeer – Joe Diffe


The humor and high spirits continued, taking the audience all the way up to the North Pole, for Corri’s rendition of a little-known Christmas ballad about a redneck reindeer! As Santa and his crew of elves bounced and spun about a terrific depiction of Saint Nick’s famous frozen home, the reindeer in overalls, complete with pickup truck, led the choreography. A fun number through and through, it was a gift for the audience full of cleverness, amazing costuming and remarkable staging.

Act Seven: Eva with Cowgrl, Rosewan, Monavie, Ariel Arrowmint, Nadi and Lexi – Celtic Carol – Lindsey Stirling


Our holiday revue switched from the redneck to the refined, as Eva’s act took us to a Victorian toy store set in a town from Dickens, for a romp of the toys. Amid giant gift boxes, girls clad in traditional Teutonic dresses danced as playthings come alive. So many of the X-mas hallmarks were present on the stage – gas lamp buildings, falling snow, dancing dolls – bringing us a scene straight from a storybook that had all the delights the audience could hope for.

Act Eight: Ame (Crowd Dance) – Shake Up Christmas (Train), Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Pentatonix), Let It Snow/What’s It Gonna Be, Santa (Chicago)


The stage then shifted, readying for the crowd dance, courtesy of Ame. Upon a wintry field, the audience joined the Elysium Cabaret dancers as one family, and stepped in time to an exotic selection of holiday tunes. Togetherness, gratefulness, glamour – the Elysium Cabaret Christmas show had it all.

We hope to bring you even more spectacular displays and splendid times in the year ahead. You are dear to us, and inspire what we do. May you have only the best of holiday seasons, a merry Christmas and a sensational 2017!

Photos by Storm Wylde, Goddess Shayna and Michael Romani.

Elysium Dances Into Christmas TONIGHT!


Elysium invites you to a celebration of the Christmas season, presenting a dance show featuring holiday favourites as well as some acts off the snow-packed path.  One hour of uplifting songs, exquisite sets, breathtaking costumes and synchronised choreography to delight your fancy and envelope you in the wonderment of the holidays.  We wish you and yours a safe, joyous and fulfilling holiday season!

The show starts at 6pm SLT

We would be honoured for you to join us!

Christmas Around the World at LEA9!


Share the peace, the joy, the magic of the Christmas season across the world! Lex and Misty bring you Christmas Around the World, from their Christmas Experience on LEA9. With special thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts. Please join us for a special Christmas dance journey around the world, featuring celebrations of the Christmas season in different cultures!

Wednesday, December 21st at 6pm SLT
Your Sleigh:

Elysium at Pirates Destiny: Christmas Ahoy! YoHoHo and PaRumPaRumRum!!


There be pirates, mermaids, and CHRISTMAS! Is it Christmas in the Caribbean? Will there be rum? Come and find out in this medley of acts created for a pirate/mermaid Christmas. Dress as a pirate or merm if you want to have some extra fun with it, or come as you are. Step back in time for a unique and adventurous celebration of Christmas! Arrrr! Tuesday, December 20th at 2pm SLT.
Your Ship:

Elysium Review December 16, 2016 – Winter is here!

Though it’s cold outside, The Empire Room filled the house with our wonderful audience again and warmed our hearts with another great weekend filled with amazing talent.  As always the Elysium Cabaret  graced the stage and performed some of the best acts on the planet.  Our wonderful Host and Hostess of The Empire Room, Paul Woodrunner and his lovely Jilley  greeted  all who entered.  DJ Gunner spun some great tunes as the sim filled and the guests took their seats. The show began with an awesome act choreographed by Jilley.
Elysium Cabaret Dancers and the Guests performed at top quality as always.Here is the review below:

Act One: Jilley with Paul Woodrunner and Winnie – Frosty the Snowman  by Patti Page (Rondo Brothers remix) 


Frosty the snowman (Paul Woodrunner), came to life tonight at the Empire room in Jilley’s act. She did a superb job as he stood in the background and then animated to accompany Winnie and Jilley in the most delightful dance choreography. As they danced around together on the snow and then in the ice to bring everyone some holiday cheer!

Act Two: Ally with Eva – At Last by Beyonce

Ally and Eva danced a mean game of chess to the song “One Night in Bangkok” from the soundtrack of the movie “Chess”. They danced a lovely dance through the night away in Bangkok on the Chessboard as the game pieces moved around them. The stage looked great and the ladies looked lovely in their updo’s and japanese dresses!

Act Three: Wiz Nirvana with Babypea Von Pheonix, Goddess Shayna, Jilley, and Ariel Arrowmint – Amazing – Hi Fashion

Amazingly, only Wiz Nirvana can pull this off. As an Amazing Sailormoon Crossdressor walks onto the stage and four superhero sidekicks fly down to dance along with him. This amazing choreography had the cosplay fans raving.  All cosplay antics were put on hold as Wonder Woman (Babypea Von Phoenix), Black Widow (Goddess Shayna), ElastiGirl (Jilley), and SuperGirl(Ariel Arrowmint) all danced with Sailor Amazing Wiz to a lively tribute to how amazing she really is!

Act Four: Nara with Gracie, Ariel, Beebs Carfield, Queenie – Let it Go by PianoGuys

Nara is fairly new to the Empire Room and the Elysium Cabaret but, she definitely out did herself with this awesome icecapade. Nara and the other beautiful ladies, Gracie, Ariel, Beebs, and Qeenie were on the ice dancing to an upbeat instrumental “Let it Go!” by PianoGuy. Her choreography heated up the ice with some really smooth moves in a wonderful wintery scene. Her winter dance will bring nice dreams to the audience.

Act Five: Goddess Shayna – Rory, Paul, Jilley, Joy, Filomena, and Ivey – Winter Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire

Skiiers Paul Woodrunner and Rory(Callmerory) walking in the forest come across some really hot blue birds in a Wintery Wonderland, as they run into the beautiful peacock ladies Goddess Shayna(Shayna Paine), Jilley, Joy Canadeo, Filomena Quinnell, and Ivey Bling, the ladies start to entice them into their flock. The choreography was a challenge for Goddess Shayna and the audience really loved it.

Act Six: Babypea Von Phoenix with Kyshra Rhiadra, JMB Balogh, Wild Bravin, BB Scmooz, and Sorcha Wylde- Christmas Secrets by Enya

Babypea Von Phoenix totally owned the forest with her beautiful correlation. Her fairies fluttered after their forest queen as they danced to Enya’s Little Secrets. Kyshra Rhiadra, JMB Balogh, Wild Bravin, BB Scmooz, and Sorcha Wylde were wonderful little fairies in the forest. The mood of the music just set you in awe as the fairies were dancing so lovingly in the air.

Act Seven: Monavie Vought with Melvis Baum, Goddess Shayna (shayna.paine) and Lina (melina.aurotharius) – Everyone’s a Kid at Christmas Time by Stevie Wonder 

Bringing the kid out of us during Christmas Time is one of Monavie’s favorite past times! Dancing around the tree while a fairy flew above us casting its fairy dust on us making us dream about christmas presents and playing with the train was just what we need. Monavie Vought, Melvis Baum, Lina (melina.aurotharius), and myself, Goddess Shayna (Shayna Paine) enjoyed the playful romping around the Christmas tree and track. It was a wonderful christmas tune and the choreography was great!

Act Eight: Jilley (Crowd Dance) – Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas), Boom Boom Boom (ZZtop and John Lee Hooker), and Aussie 12 days of Christmas(Bucko and Champ)!

Crowd Dance! Jilley is in the house with some great tunes and as always she knows how to make the decorations rock! She had the audience rocking out to Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow, Boom Boom Boom by ZZtop with a little mix of her Aussie christmas! The floor was bopping and bouncing around as the crowd danced on.

Photos by Goddess Shayna, Fyre Beast and Rory.

Elysium Review December 11 2016 – Hot December Nights

The holidays are in full effect at Elysium Cabaret, as this weekend presented a Winter gala full of fun and festivity. The stage was often frosty, but spirits were warm, as host Paul Woodrunner and hostess Shayna gave everyone a welcome as sweet as a cupcake. Even our gravely DJ, Gunner von Phoenix, sounded jolly as Saint Nick as he introduced each merry act and kept the Yuletide tunes flowing. The audience settled in for a long Winter’s show that was sometimes fantastical, sometimes flamboyant, and always full of fun – even during a toasty trip to a torch-lit dungeon!

Act One: Jo with Seb, Ayita and Maia – Cold December Night – Michael Bublé


The night began with a merry romp to the Bublé tune, Cold December Night, featuring Jo‘s dance in the snow – and with the snow! Traditional snowmen with stovetop hat and carrot nose danced in this cheery retinue amid falling flakes and frosted fir trees. It was a scene with all the hallmarks of the holiday season and a rousing way to announce a holiday show.

Act Two: Selene with  Carol Bikergrrl /Azure Sharketooth/ Yukio Onna / Cici and Annie- Enter Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs Metallica


Characteristic Christmas frolic gave way to goofy fun, as Selene put together a spectacular scene of a Verizon store gone mad, all to the strains of a mash up of Metallica with Lady Gaga’s smash hit, Telephone. In this spot-on replica of a store that many of us will spend far, far too much time in this holiday-shopping season, dancers swept and the scene shifted. With riotous movement and stunning special effects, Selene’s show was truly off the hook!

Act Three: Babypea – Who Wants to Live Forever – Queen


The greatest gift of all is Heaven itself, and Babypea summoned an image of the celestial realm that managed to be cosmic, critical and compelling all at once. On a stage set with icons of opulence and salvation, Gunner died in a hospital bed, was buried, and rose from this scene of remembrance to dance forever with his beloved Babypea. Betwixt a lavish coffin to a gold cross, a gorgeous dancer in white gauze and her perished lover swept about the stage as if on their bridal day. With shafts of paradise’s light cast about them, the dancers illustrated resurrection and deliverance, showing that Babypea is just as capable of painting a vision of the divine as she is of the profane.

Act Four: JenzZa and the Misfits, with Dulcikate Noel, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Cuddlebug Clowes, Sebastain Bourne, Miny and Rumour Bashir – Baby Likes to Rock It – The Tractors (Misfit’s Toys Custom Mix)


The Empire Room’s latest special visitors, JenzZa and the Mistfits, rolled an army of toy soldiers onto a stage decked in colossal presents, then swept the crowd away into a foot-stomping dance routine. This squad of nutcrackers and its lead ballerina spun and swirled, truly rocking the audience out of their seats in full-bore holiday style! With energy and artistry, awesome mixes and marvelous special effects, this troupe brought something absolutely special as their gift to The Empire Room’s loyal audience!

Act Five: Corri – Bring it to Pain – Body Count


No band fits the Christmas spirit like Body Count – and Corri showed it! Elysium Cabaret’s bad-to-the-bone naughty girl hauled the audience into a flame-decked dungeon and put on an erotic routine that had sweat dripping from the stone walls! Sensual gyrations, a sheer costume and a pounding soundtrack made sure that even if it was cold outside, The Empire Room was at the boiling point.

Act Six: Eva with Misha, Selene, Nadi, Cowgrl, Lexi, Melvis, Si and Diamonte – La La La – Shakira


Scantily clad dancers and evergreen tunes continued as Eva hit the stage with a piping-hot Shakira routine! Plumed with cerulean blue and wearing little else, Eva’s dancers shook it and worked it in front of a sterling silver world map. There was no “fa” to be found in this “la la la,” but joy was certainly spread to all who bore witness to the thrilling spectacle.

Act Seven: Sebastain with Zack, Ray, Paul and Gunner – Shake Santa Shake


Sebastain crammed the stage chock-a-block with naughty Santas, in this frosty fusion of sexy dance with Christmas celebration. Stripped to the waist, Sebastain and his squad of brawny Saint Nicks shook it for all the nice and naughty ladies in the audience, in a North Pole scene decked with snowy trees, presents and a swanky sleigh. It was tasty gift that mixed Chippendale with Christmas symbols, and got our pulses racing in time for the big finish.

Act Eight: Kyshra (Crowd Dance) – Bang A Gong (T-Rex), Bang Bang (Ariana Grande), Bangarang (Skrillex)


As the finales go around here, the crowd hit the stage and Kyshra’s choreography made sure things went out with a bang! Her talent for weaving spectral light with crystalline settings served as a beautiful backdrop for “bang” themed tunes. The whole audience was popping – and locking – in celebration together, enjoying a high-energy ending to a high-spirited Winter night!
As DJ Gunner reminded us, this holiday show was but one of many during this special season! The Empire Room loves any excuse to show topless Santas, sexy dead ladies and exploding Verizon stores. More fantasy and fun are in store for the weekends to come, so make sure you sleigh on down, sit on the edge of your seat and brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind Yuletide spectacle to close out our exciting season!

Photos by Goddess Shayna.

Elysium Review, December 3, 2016 – Elysium Fourth Anniversary Show

Elysium Cabaret celebrated its four-year anniversary this Friday – four years of excitement, creativity and dance! The revue presenting a dazzling showcase of choreography, special effects and the best in Second Life animation. Our outstanding host, Paul Woodrunner, and charming hostess, Jilley, entertained the audience as they packed the house, waiting for the show to begin. DJ Gunner von Phoenix got the hype going and the tracks rolling, revving the crowd’s engines with his distinctive growl. Then the curtain rose, the dancers swept into motion and a cavalcade of Winter fantasy, wild sci-fi and top-talent performance art began!

Act One: Ame Starostin with Zach Starostin – Bring Him Home – ThePianoGuys


As with most creative efforts, the Elysium Anniversary show began with love! A pair of dancers attired in classic ballroom costume swirled and dipped onstage, orchestrated by the seamless choreography of Ame Starostin and her partner, Zach. Their elaborate Baroque hall setting hosted a whole narrative of two lovers courting and coming together in this exquisite composition by one of Elysium’s truly elite talents.

Act Two: Ally Romani – Dance Me to the End of Love – Leonard Cohen


The show then turned from the romantic to the abstract, with Ally Romani putting on a performance of modern dress, modern dance and modern art that was truly striking. Clad in a tux and sweeping a violin bow about the stage, Ally conducted the audience’s attention around a foggy collection of bunkhouse beds. With a message emblazoned behind her, Ally made a strong statement with her dance about the bold nature of creativity and survival against the odds, even the Holocaust – a fitting act to celebrate our beloved Cabaret!

Act Three: Kyshra – E Nomine – Mala


Kyshra literally set the stage ablaze as her act opened on an infernal cavern and a demonic dancer, twisting sensuously amid a ring of skulls. This succubus queen arched and writhed as embers danced with her and chains swung above flame-colored crystal. It hardly comes hotter than Kyshra’s dances, and this red-hot number sent the mercury through the roof with its vision of the fire down below!

Act Four: Nadi with Zach, Ame, Krysta and Ray – Love Runs Out – OneRepublic


The crowd then plunged into grunge as Nadi put on an urban act that was raw, intense and hot as it gets. Flanked by muscled male dancers, Nadi got down in a graffiti-strewn cityscape, thrusting the onlookers right into the heart of the blackboard jungle. It was a heart-pumping, hip-twisting homage to the classic street dances of the modern age – another chapter that fits so well in the canon of Elysium dance imagination.

Act Five: Winnie – Simple Gifts – Allison Krause and Yo Yo Ma


After hot times in the city, Winnie whisked us away to a sublime setting – a winter wonderland rendered with exquisite detail. At the center of a snowy forest, the artist herself spun and stepped in balletic style, surrounded by a court of deer and darling animals. Married with the heart-moving track, this was a sentimental piece that surely stirred the emotions of the audience in concert with the snowflakes that swirled the stage.

Act Six: Babypea with SoCo, Gunner, Fuki, Wiz, Ame, Zach, Gert and Kyshra – Red Lips (ft. Sam Bruno) – GTA


The uncanny Babypea commanded the crowd’s attention with an act that was mind-blowing performance art at its best: A pure-white dancer frolicked in a gauzy frock, surrounded by soot-black, bestial dancers. The troupe took the audience from a craggy wilderness into a Cthonian castle of menace and majesty, blending seduction with the sinister like few others can!

Act Seven: Raemida with Rhonda, Shayna, Queenie and Alexis – Into the Night – Santana


Raemida‘s rousing number brought together a Mediterranean villa, Arabian dancing girl attire and a favorite musician of the Latin world – Santana! Showing off their sleek bodies and smooth movers, Raemida’s dancing girls presented a sight that got heartbeats racing and spurred the senses. As the pounding track and thrilling motion mixed together, the stage was practically on fire.

Act Eight: Jilley with Paul and Seb – Robo Booty – Opiuo


Jilley never fails to raise the bar with her performances, and this latest act sent it straight into outer space with a stunning sci-fi spectacle. A trio of robotic dancers sliced and spun a set of lightsabers as a techno track took the crowd through a succession of science-fantasy sets. Complete with flashing, foggy special effects, this act truly spoke to the soul of future shock by blowing the crowd’s minds with its high-tech awesomeness.

Act Nine: Eva (Crowd Dance) – I Can’t Drive 55 (Sammy Hagar), Low Rider (War), Life is a Highway (Rascal Flatts)


Once things had heated to the burning point, it was time for the traditional inferno of dance that closes out each Elysium Cabaret performance – a crowd dance, supplied by Eva this weekend! This one took place in a mechanic’s garage, with the crowd going through a series of dances that hit every speed, from gunning it in top gear to getting groovy at a mellow pace. It really showed off the potential of dance in a way that’s distinctly Elysian – celebrating together!

There was so much to celebrate in this special show: Four years of camaraderie, creative support and spectacular genius. The Elysium Fourth Anniversary show displayed the spectrum of styles – from space opera to schoolyard rock, high fantasy to romantic realism, seasonal splendor to timeless abstraction. The infinite potential of Second Life dance was honored as much as our beloved Cabaret and its fans and family, setting the stage for years to come. At The Empire Room and among the Elysium Cabaret, inspiration springs eternal!

Photos by Goddess Shayna and audience member, Kazuo Thei.

Elysium Cabaret Fourth Anniversary Shows This Weekend!


Elysium Cabaret celebrates FOUR YEARS!  Four years of dance shows every Friday at 6pm SLT plus our monthly “Best Of” matinèe the last Saturday of each month at 1pm SLT.  This Friday is extra special because it marks our Fourth Anniversary.  So come out and help us celebrate!  We will also have a special Anniversary matinèe on Saturday.

We want to thank all the PEOPLE who have made this possible.  Our staff, choreographers, dancers, and guest performers… our beloved audience and members of our frams (friends and family) group!  Thank you all so very much for all the years of love and support!  We are looking forward to many happy returns.

Friday, December 2nd at 6pm SLT

Saturday, December 3rd at 1pm SLT

Welcome to the weekend!