Elysium Review December 11 2016 – Hot December Nights

The holidays are in full effect at Elysium Cabaret, as this weekend presented a Winter gala full of fun and festivity. The stage was often frosty, but spirits were warm, as host Paul Woodrunner and hostess Shayna gave everyone a welcome as sweet as a cupcake. Even our gravely DJ, Gunner von Phoenix, sounded jolly as Saint Nick as he introduced each merry act and kept the Yuletide tunes flowing. The audience settled in for a long Winter’s show that was sometimes fantastical, sometimes flamboyant, and always full of fun – even during a toasty trip to a torch-lit dungeon!

Act One: Jo with Seb, Ayita and Maia – Cold December Night – Michael Bublé


The night began with a merry romp to the Bublé tune, Cold December Night, featuring Jo‘s dance in the snow – and with the snow! Traditional snowmen with stovetop hat and carrot nose danced in this cheery retinue amid falling flakes and frosted fir trees. It was a scene with all the hallmarks of the holiday season and a rousing way to announce a holiday show.

Act Two: Selene with  Carol Bikergrrl /Azure Sharketooth/ Yukio Onna / Cici and Annie- Enter Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs Metallica


Characteristic Christmas frolic gave way to goofy fun, as Selene put together a spectacular scene of a Verizon store gone mad, all to the strains of a mash up of Metallica with Lady Gaga’s smash hit, Telephone. In this spot-on replica of a store that many of us will spend far, far too much time in this holiday-shopping season, dancers swept and the scene shifted. With riotous movement and stunning special effects, Selene’s show was truly off the hook!

Act Three: Babypea – Who Wants to Live Forever – Queen


The greatest gift of all is Heaven itself, and Babypea summoned an image of the celestial realm that managed to be cosmic, critical and compelling all at once. On a stage set with icons of opulence and salvation, Gunner died in a hospital bed, was buried, and rose from this scene of remembrance to dance forever with his beloved Babypea. Betwixt a lavish coffin to a gold cross, a gorgeous dancer in white gauze and her perished lover swept about the stage as if on their bridal day. With shafts of paradise’s light cast about them, the dancers illustrated resurrection and deliverance, showing that Babypea is just as capable of painting a vision of the divine as she is of the profane.

Act Four: JenzZa and the Misfits, with Dulcikate Noel, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Cuddlebug Clowes, Sebastain Bourne, Miny and Rumour Bashir – Baby Likes to Rock It – The Tractors (Misfit’s Toys Custom Mix)


The Empire Room’s latest special visitors, JenzZa and the Mistfits, rolled an army of toy soldiers onto a stage decked in colossal presents, then swept the crowd away into a foot-stomping dance routine. This squad of nutcrackers and its lead ballerina spun and swirled, truly rocking the audience out of their seats in full-bore holiday style! With energy and artistry, awesome mixes and marvelous special effects, this troupe brought something absolutely special as their gift to The Empire Room’s loyal audience!

Act Five: Corri – Bring it to Pain – Body Count


No band fits the Christmas spirit like Body Count – and Corri showed it! Elysium Cabaret’s bad-to-the-bone naughty girl hauled the audience into a flame-decked dungeon and put on an erotic routine that had sweat dripping from the stone walls! Sensual gyrations, a sheer costume and a pounding soundtrack made sure that even if it was cold outside, The Empire Room was at the boiling point.

Act Six: Eva with Misha, Selene, Nadi, Cowgrl, Lexi, Melvis, Si and Diamonte – La La La – Shakira


Scantily clad dancers and evergreen tunes continued as Eva hit the stage with a piping-hot Shakira routine! Plumed with cerulean blue and wearing little else, Eva’s dancers shook it and worked it in front of a sterling silver world map. There was no “fa” to be found in this “la la la,” but joy was certainly spread to all who bore witness to the thrilling spectacle.

Act Seven: Sebastain with Zack, Ray, Paul and Gunner – Shake Santa Shake


Sebastain crammed the stage chock-a-block with naughty Santas, in this frosty fusion of sexy dance with Christmas celebration. Stripped to the waist, Sebastain and his squad of brawny Saint Nicks shook it for all the nice and naughty ladies in the audience, in a North Pole scene decked with snowy trees, presents and a swanky sleigh. It was tasty gift that mixed Chippendale with Christmas symbols, and got our pulses racing in time for the big finish.

Act Eight: Kyshra (Crowd Dance) – Bang A Gong (T-Rex), Bang Bang (Ariana Grande), Bangarang (Skrillex)


As the finales go around here, the crowd hit the stage and Kyshra’s choreography made sure things went out with a bang! Her talent for weaving spectral light with crystalline settings served as a beautiful backdrop for “bang” themed tunes. The whole audience was popping – and locking – in celebration together, enjoying a high-energy ending to a high-spirited Winter night!
As DJ Gunner reminded us, this holiday show was but one of many during this special season! The Empire Room loves any excuse to show topless Santas, sexy dead ladies and exploding Verizon stores. More fantasy and fun are in store for the weekends to come, so make sure you sleigh on down, sit on the edge of your seat and brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind Yuletide spectacle to close out our exciting season!

Photos by Goddess Shayna.

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