Elysium Review December 16, 2016 – Winter is here!

Though it’s cold outside, The Empire Room filled the house with our wonderful audience again and warmed our hearts with another great weekend filled with amazing talent.  As always the Elysium Cabaret  graced the stage and performed some of the best acts on the planet.  Our wonderful Host and Hostess of The Empire Room, Paul Woodrunner and his lovely Jilley  greeted  all who entered.  DJ Gunner spun some great tunes as the sim filled and the guests took their seats. The show began with an awesome act choreographed by Jilley.
Elysium Cabaret Dancers and the Guests performed at top quality as always.Here is the review below:

Act One: Jilley with Paul Woodrunner and Winnie – Frosty the Snowman  by Patti Page (Rondo Brothers remix) 


Frosty the snowman (Paul Woodrunner), came to life tonight at the Empire room in Jilley’s act. She did a superb job as he stood in the background and then animated to accompany Winnie and Jilley in the most delightful dance choreography. As they danced around together on the snow and then in the ice to bring everyone some holiday cheer!

Act Two: Ally with Eva – At Last by Beyonce

Ally and Eva danced a mean game of chess to the song “One Night in Bangkok” from the soundtrack of the movie “Chess”. They danced a lovely dance through the night away in Bangkok on the Chessboard as the game pieces moved around them. The stage looked great and the ladies looked lovely in their updo’s and japanese dresses!

Act Three: Wiz Nirvana with Babypea Von Pheonix, Goddess Shayna, Jilley, and Ariel Arrowmint – Amazing – Hi Fashion

Amazingly, only Wiz Nirvana can pull this off. As an Amazing Sailormoon Crossdressor walks onto the stage and four superhero sidekicks fly down to dance along with him. This amazing choreography had the cosplay fans raving.  All cosplay antics were put on hold as Wonder Woman (Babypea Von Phoenix), Black Widow (Goddess Shayna), ElastiGirl (Jilley), and SuperGirl(Ariel Arrowmint) all danced with Sailor Amazing Wiz to a lively tribute to how amazing she really is!

Act Four: Nara with Gracie, Ariel, Beebs Carfield, Queenie – Let it Go by PianoGuys

Nara is fairly new to the Empire Room and the Elysium Cabaret but, she definitely out did herself with this awesome icecapade. Nara and the other beautiful ladies, Gracie, Ariel, Beebs, and Qeenie were on the ice dancing to an upbeat instrumental “Let it Go!” by PianoGuy. Her choreography heated up the ice with some really smooth moves in a wonderful wintery scene. Her winter dance will bring nice dreams to the audience.

Act Five: Goddess Shayna – Rory, Paul, Jilley, Joy, Filomena, and Ivey – Winter Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire

Skiiers Paul Woodrunner and Rory(Callmerory) walking in the forest come across some really hot blue birds in a Wintery Wonderland, as they run into the beautiful peacock ladies Goddess Shayna(Shayna Paine), Jilley, Joy Canadeo, Filomena Quinnell, and Ivey Bling, the ladies start to entice them into their flock. The choreography was a challenge for Goddess Shayna and the audience really loved it.

Act Six: Babypea Von Phoenix with Kyshra Rhiadra, JMB Balogh, Wild Bravin, BB Scmooz, and Sorcha Wylde- Christmas Secrets by Enya

Babypea Von Phoenix totally owned the forest with her beautiful correlation. Her fairies fluttered after their forest queen as they danced to Enya’s Little Secrets. Kyshra Rhiadra, JMB Balogh, Wild Bravin, BB Scmooz, and Sorcha Wylde were wonderful little fairies in the forest. The mood of the music just set you in awe as the fairies were dancing so lovingly in the air.

Act Seven: Monavie Vought with Melvis Baum, Goddess Shayna (shayna.paine) and Lina (melina.aurotharius) – Everyone’s a Kid at Christmas Time by Stevie Wonder 

Bringing the kid out of us during Christmas Time is one of Monavie’s favorite past times! Dancing around the tree while a fairy flew above us casting its fairy dust on us making us dream about christmas presents and playing with the train was just what we need. Monavie Vought, Melvis Baum, Lina (melina.aurotharius), and myself, Goddess Shayna (Shayna Paine) enjoyed the playful romping around the Christmas tree and track. It was a wonderful christmas tune and the choreography was great!

Act Eight: Jilley (Crowd Dance) – Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas), Boom Boom Boom (ZZtop and John Lee Hooker), and Aussie 12 days of Christmas(Bucko and Champ)!

Crowd Dance! Jilley is in the house with some great tunes and as always she knows how to make the decorations rock! She had the audience rocking out to Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow, Boom Boom Boom by ZZtop with a little mix of her Aussie christmas! The floor was bopping and bouncing around as the crowd danced on.

Photos by Goddess Shayna, Fyre Beast and Rory.

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