How to Possibly Improve Your Graphics for the New Firestorm Viewer

I’m not real tech savvy but Ormand Lionheart is, and he advised the following for people who have Windows and Nvidia graphics cards.  It has helped me a lot with my FPS and some others, so maybe it can help you too.  Eva explains things better than me and also kindly created the screenshot below to further help explain what to do.

From Eva:

You may be able to improve your graphics for Firestorm!

This is for LAPTOP users with NVIDIA graphics cards:

– generally, your laptop will choose which video card to use – the basic built in one or NVIDIA. You need to tell your laptop to use NVIDIA for Firestorm. My frame rates jumped from less than 25 to 40-100!

How to do it: right click on your desktop, select NVidia Control Panel, and follow this screenshot:


Thank you Ormand and Eva!  And Gman for helping me fix my computer at home.

Update: Ormand also says, dancers might want to set their particle slider to zero when performing.  The audience will still see your particles.  His FPS went from 58 to 180 when he slid his particle slider down to zero.  Of course, when performing, we need to see our particles to fully enjoy our dances and see how the performance looks.  Maybe try sliding it down for most of the show?  Or perhaps derender house lights/particles and so forth, to reduce their affect on your system.

Also close as many viewer windows as you can, that can make a difference of 30 FPS.  Here is a screen shot from Ormand:


Anyone interested in stalking Ormand, let me know, I am thinking of starting an Ormand Stalker’s Group.  😀

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