Friday the 13th…Empire Style

I don’t seem to understand why everyone thinks Friday the 13th is such a crummy day.  I think, based on Friday’s show that it’s a freaking awesome day!  The Empire room was teeming at the gills with fans and dancers and SL actually seemed inclined to cooperate with lag and all that other usual silliness that it tries to throw at us and we had one heck of a show!

DJ Gunner was once again spinning his amazing tunes while Paul was out greeting the masses and Wiz was cheering us on, Baby was getting us organized…sorta and we were all doing our best not to rez sets on top of each other.  I personally was camming around out front ogling all the pretty dresses.  I’ll say this for the audience; y’all really know how to dress up and look amazing!

Nara was the opener and she was joined by Soco and Gracie in a beautiful set to “Voices of Infinity”by Yakuro.  A dark and rainy forest faded away into a beautiful sunny forest with three beautiful forest nymphs dancing and frolicking in their pretty green, leafy outfits.  Such a gentle and glorious way to start the show…a smooth segue into the weekend.


Seb took to the stage next with most of our dancers in a fantastically fun set to something we are lovingly calling the neon nutcracker…or sugarplum insanity.  There were these wild neon presents and trees, Jo, Baby and I were ballerinas, Seb was the mouse king, Jag and Jorgio were mice…(rats as far as I were concerned) and Dev and Gunner were our Nutcrackers.  It was wildly fun…there was dancing and marching and fighting and mayhem…a typical holiday in most homes!


Ariel joined us next as a sultry alien along with Corri to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  Paul and Wiz were our ever-innocent star fleet officers who managed to look remarkably disinterested as the ladies lap-danced their appendages all over the ship.  Eventually they were persuaded to get up and dance to the enjoyment of everyone 🙂  Much fun was had by all, because how can you possibly sit still to Lady Gaga?


A N U Papp from the Muse Dance Company did a most beautiful solo to teh theme song from Outlander.  Disclaimer….LOVE Outlander!!  a n u wore a long green dress and danced in a magical circle in true Scottish style.  If it were  me I would be praying to give up my drab British husband and be rescued by Jamie…oh….wait….She looked amazing, the animations were perfect and the set was so absolutely wonderful, it was magic.


Kyshra…our little minx was in fine form on Friday as were her dancers.  I can say this because there was NOTHING left up to the imagination as Kysh did her best to avoid lag issues by doing her whole set naked *grins*.  She was joined by Queenie, Ame, Lina Monavie, Capri, Minty and Babypea to Eminem ft. Nate Dog “Shake That”.  And shake it they did….ALL of it!  Clean up in aisle 5!!  Drool…everywhere…and far, far too much sexiness for anyone’s health.


Jo was up next, after a quick hose down of the staff and guests, and she and Seb did an adorable duet to Cliff Richard’s “Living Doll”. Jo took advantage of the amazing CoCo Doll Avatar from CoCo designs and she danced out of her display box right into Seb’s waiting arms.  He seemed to know exactly what to do with his little escape artist and what a unique and sweet dance it was.  Jo also had some great artwork in her house which are originals…yep…she’s not just a dancer!


The last act of the evening was Babypea who once again stretched the limits of her imagination and everyone around her with her set to Marnie’s “The Hunter”.  Baby was joined by Sorcha, Beebs, Gunner, Pan, Seb and Kyshra. Truth be told…I need to see this set again.  There were so many things going on…sprites, demons, hunters, demonesses…I’m pretty sure that I need Baby to explain it all to me.  Somehow though, with the great scene changes, particles and mover work…I just stare at it with my mouth hanging open going….gah in amazement.


Eva did the crowd dances, and unfortunately we don’t have a shot of them, which is a shame because the set was soooooo cool.  The poseballs were little black cats!  She chose Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”, a Friday the 13th dubstep remix and AC/DCs “Highway to Hell” or rolled up into one….a hell of a way to kick of the weekend muwahahaaaaaaa!!!

Note from Ame:  We located a crowd dance pic!


Thank you for the kicking off the weekend with us and thanks to Paul, Baby, Jilley, Gunner and Wiz for making it such fun every week. Thanks also to the great fans who fly on in every Friday and help us start the weekend off right!  Catch you next Friday night at the Empire Room.

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