1/20/17 – Another Hot Night at the Empire Room

I always look forward to Friday nights at Elysium.  I get to hang our with the best audience and dancers on the grid.  Gunner was keeping the crowd entertained with his always great mix of tunes, while Paul and Jilley greeted our fine guests.  I’m not sure who got the tab, but the refreshment was certainly flowing people got seated and comfortable.  We always have a great variety of dances and tonight was no exception.

Ame and Zach – Future World Music – Voyage to Atlantis


Zach and I had the privilege of opening the show with a dance we hoped would capture the mood and beauty of the sea.  Set in our imagined Atlantis ruins, we twisted and turned through the columns honoring the magical place of speculation and legend.

Amari with Diamonte Thomas, Hanna Mixemup, Si Di Brit, Dream Wrexan and Rod Eiland – Marlon Roudette – When the Beat Drops Out


Amari and crew were up next with a really fun routine to a song about being there even when everyone is gone.  The dance began with some on stage walking about and leaving while Amari started alone.  They then began rejoining her with great mover work and choreography.  Definitely a chair dance routine.

Wiz with Ariel – I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash and Olivia O’brien


I always appreciate Wiz’s ability to bring a dance to life and this was no exception.  With a minimal set which allows you to focus on the dancers and emotions they evoke, Wiz and Ariel pulled us right into the conflict represented in the song. This was stunning and one not easily forgotten.

Gunner and Baby – Fiza – Mere Watan


The fourth performance of the night was Gunner and Baby telling the age old story of passion and conquest.  Their dance began as a battle of wit and skill while they jabbed each other with words, punches and kicks which ended in the capture of the woman carried off my the man of the desert.  I think he’s expecting her to cook but I have a feeling it won’t be until he surrenders his wealth…as it should be,  *grins*

Monavie with Fukuju, Diiar, Lina and Goddess Shayna – The New Seekers – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)


Next, Mona brought out a colorful set and dance to this great classic.  Beginning in the rings on the stage full of hearts and bright hues of love, it then transformed into a garden with large flowers and the dancers atop them like fairies.  I was transported back to the simpler and more quiet time of my childhood in the 60’s.  Simply gorgeous.

Babypea with Gunner, Pan, Paul and Zach – Savannah Churchill – Fat Meat is Good Meal


Following Mona was Babypea with a real twist on lobster dinner.  As the chef this time, Baby extolled the virtues of the very handsome meat…er men…in her tank, keeping them fresh until dinner time.  It’s probably a good thing none of us were hungry at the moment or they may have met a supermarket lobster’s usual fate.  Tons of fun with a very snappy tune.

Jilley – Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle (Remix)


In our final act, Jilley seduced and enticed as the elusive genie in the bottle offering up her famous wishes.  Dressed in gold, she seductively moved while removing layers on a beautiful Arabian type set.  I adored the effects she had on the floor and I’ve added this to the list of things I’m jealous of and have to steal.  A terrific end of the show leaving everyone wanting more.

Goddess Shayna – Technotronics – Flo-Rida – WildOnes Dubstep – Pixies – Move This, Where is my Mind


The end of the night allows us to invite our audience up to join us in 3 fun crowd dances.  On a multi-color stage of varying tiers, Goddess Shayna lead us through songs that were a favorite of and dedicated to her son.  With great choreo to match, we closed the night with a bang.

We hope you enjoyed the show and if you weren’t able to make it this week, please join us each and every Friday night at 6pm SLT for some of the greatest entertainment on the grid!  See you next time!

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