Another Hot Night at the Empire Room – Feb 3, 2017

Another Friday night and we all know what that means…dance!  Creative, hot, sexy;  you name it we have it at the Empire Room.  DJ Gunner was setting the atmosphere with some great tunage as always, Paul and Jilley greeting and getting everyone settled and of course how could it be a show without the open bar and the beverages freely flowing.  I didn’t dance tonight so I was able to really focus on what was presented and I left still convinced we have some of the best dancers on the grid.

Jilly w/ Paul and Sebastain – Pakito – Living On Video


The show opened with the ever creative Jilley bringing us a dance with some very cool effects.  They began as complete robots dancing in front of a video screen surrounded by wispy, colored cloud.  As the dance progressed we see them enter the screen and are able to see their inner working as if in an x-ray machine.  A fun and futuristic dance that got the audience revved for more.

Ariel w/ Nara, Devlin, Gracie, Pan, Beebs and Wiz – Jennifer Hudson- The Color Purple- Push da Button


Next up, Ariel raised the temperature in the room with a sexy, bluesy and sultry dance set in the deep south.  As the dance begins, Ariel moved down to the audience treating Jorgio to a smokin’ private dance then joining the others, does the same for Wiz while the others danced the Charleston together enhanced by tight choreo and mover work.  I’m not sure how Jorgio and Wiz felt about it but the audience was certainly fanning themselves and draining those glasses looking for refills.

Angie w/ LuLu and  Candinette Metaluna – Lady Gaga – Telephone


Our third dancer definitely kept the heat coming.  Garbed in some of the sexiest prison wear I’ve ever seen, the ladies left their prison cells in a grungy urban police station joining officer Angie to gyrate without a care.  It looked like they were having so much fun none of them seemed very eager to be calling for bail.  I doubt the guards and judge would have let this eye candy escape very quickly in order the save it for themselves. And wouldn’t you know, the phone didn’t work anyway.

Kyshra – Mika – Lollipop


Up next was a performance by Kyshra that on the surface seemed very much out of her usual with a set full of bright candies while she was wearing a cute vintage style dress with matching purse and pony tails.  As the dance continued, I could see a different but still very sexy Kyshra peeking out of all the projected innocence enhanced by the lyrics of the song and looking like she really enjoying keeping those men and women off guard.  A fun dance with a great set and choreo.

Lulu – Marilyn Manson – The Nobodies


Our fifth performance of the night was the ever smexy Lulu.  The first thing that caught my eye was the green smoky haze effect of the set.  It was almost like viewing it through an absinthe haze in a dream like state.  Lulu’s costume was a perfect mix of sexy and fit the dance perfectly.  Not being a huge rock fan, I was really impressed how it was all tied together and her choreo worked so well with the music definitely keeping the vibe going in the room.

Diawa w/Baby, Gracie, Nara, Jess, Queenie, Jo and Kay – Genesis Mix


I don’t get to see Diawa dance often but when I do, I’m truly captivated by the depth of her performances and tonight was no exception.  Using the Metaharper camera system to enhance the dance by directing the viewer’s focus she brought what I can only describe as the birth of a planet or civilization.  The dance begins with an explosion of white before the dancers appeared.  As the dance moved on, they seemed to be summoning or worshiping before the central fire adding more dancers.  Riveting is the only word I can use to describe the entire performance.

Gunner w/ Sebastain, Big Red, Paul and Wiz – Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back


The men of Elysium took the stage next to give the ladies a bit of eye candy for the night treating us to the hawt choreo of Gunner.  He sure knows how to move those men so we just can’t take our eyes off and wondering just how we can take them all home.  In a deceptively simple black and white set with the colored light accents, these men showed us the meaning of sexy.  They even had the ladies leaving their seats for a closer view.  Whew!

Babypea – Donna Taggart – Jealous Of The Angels


The final performance of the night was a moving dance offered in tribute to Cyan Magic, a dancer in several troupes including Elysium, who passed to the other side earlier in the week.  The dance was dedicated to Cyan and her husband Pride in honor of Cyan.  Baby painted a beautiful picture of the angels gathered to meet and guide her to the next journey in store.  A beautiful tribute to an amazing lady.

Lina – Crowd Dance

Elton John – Bitch is Back
ZZ Top – She’s Got me Under Pressure
Billy Joel – You May be Right

This leads us to one of my favorite parts of the show where we have the privilege of inviting the audience to join us in celebration and thanks for their support.  Lina rocked us through the end of the night with Gunner then DJing the after party.

A very special thank you to Baby and Jorgio Vaher for the pics of the dances.  My PC just doesn’t cooperate sometimes.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and look forward to seeing you again next Friday night at 6pm for another round of great entertainment for your viewing pleasure.


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