A Friday Full of Love

The Friday before Valentine’s Day…or….the beginning of Valentine’s weekend.  Seems to me it would be a great night to have a show dedicated to love, the idea of love, the expression of love, the love of a good partner, or motorcycle for that matter.  The dancers of the Empire Room were up for the challenge and with the music ministrations of Gunner, along with Paul and Jilley greeting the guests and Gunner actually ponying up for the round of drinks…the lovefest was at hand.

Ame and Zach opened the show Friday night with a set that was so moving I was actually speechless.  There are dances that take your breath away and this was one of them.  They chose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”.  This is one of those iconic songs that I have seen several sets to in SL and what I find most amazing is that every single interpretation has been different and profoundly moving.  This is the thing that makes SL dance for me; seeing how everyone’s imagination creates a new and stunning visual narrative for a song.


I had to follow this masterpiece, and once again, I am amazed at how Wiz, our dance manager, puts together a show.  He always knows how to mix up the sets so that sad, sexy, silly and serene blend together to keep me alert and engaged.  I chose The Beatles “All You Need is Love”.  My set was simple…I started behind a shadowbox in my cupid outfit and eventually faded and flew back to finish up on a giant LOVE sign.  A smattering of particles and a giant Happy Valentine’s Day sign rounded out my not so subtle message 🙂


Corri was joined by Ray and FT for The Guilds “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”.  They were in a fantasy forest with a prehistoric vibe and Corri was definitely looking lovely enough to have both of these manly men fighting over her avatar.  I loved the costumes and whimsical feel to the set….it was enchanting, and that song always makes me crack a smile!


Lovely Lina was up next and she chose George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.  Clearly she and I were on the same wavelength with tossing subtlety out the window.  She was joined by Queenie, Immy, Josie, Alexis, Ariel, Paul, Jag and Ray.   There were cages…there were moving stairs, hot slides…there were garters, bare chests and these adorable, strategically placed bows on the ladies’ backsides.  It was sexy and fun and utterly distracting!


Babypea and Ransom joined us to Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”.  Ransom was at home, dancing around to her favorite Madonna tune when her apartment wall magically faded away to show us a vision of a beautiful seaside with Baby dancing in her Spanish finery.  We were all a little jealous of the daydream…especially folks like me…stuck at home following a blizzard with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I could have parked my avatar in that set, grabbed a margarita and been in heaven!


Jilley made a heck of an entrance on her motorcycle to “Fire” by Barnes Courtney.  This is  a great song…..soulful and bluesy and rock and roll and HOT.  Jilley cruised in, parked that bike and got off and owned the bayou.  She was wearing her leathers and a wild mask and every time Barnes sang about fire, she burst into flame.  It was COOL!  I mean, we all know Gunner loves to call her the Devil Girl, but she sort of channeled that into the MC club beotch from hell and still made it look sexy!


Nara was joined by Gracie for our last act of the evening.  She chose Celine Dionne’s “Somebody Loves Somebody” and took advantage of those marvelous mirrored dances that we all seem to adore.  This set was a Valentine’s Day tribute with great heart trees that had little heart particles. Our ladies were sexy in white which played beautifully off the red backdrop and the mirrored dances were placed perfectly. There were particles floating about and softly draped corners. It was such a pretty set to watch and a wonderful way to segue into our Friday funfest of group dancing.


Eva did our crowd dances and first off I’m giving her a shout out for one super cool stage.  The poseballs were actually props…peace words, hands, peace signs…very creative and it made for a psychedlic and pretty set to just look at, let alone dance on.  She chose three great songs; “Love is All You Need” by the Beatles, Bob Marley’s “One Love” and Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s “Stereo Love” to boogie our buns off into the sunset.


I hope you all had a great time and thank you for hanging out on a Friday with us (or Saturday if you insist on living in that hemisphere).  Thanks also to our hosts at Empire for giving us a place to dance and play and kick off the weekend on a fun note.  Catch you all next Friday night, same bat place…same bat time…totally new bat show!!

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