Another Friday Night to Remember

Another great weekend has come and there is no better way to start it than Friday night at the Empire Room with the Elysium dancers. Such a hot show and another full sim this week as we honored Black History Month with a variety of styles a different as all of our unique dancers. With Paul and Jilley at the door with their welcoming smiles and Gunner and Wiz getting ready, the energy in the air was sizzling hot as the night began.


First up was Jilley, stunning the crowd as always with her style. Tonight she was joined on stage with Dream and Baby as they danced to Nat King Cole and “Smile.” A gorgeous interpretation of this song as Jilley, dressed as a sad clown and her dancers behind windows dressed as wooden mannequins. Her dance was perfect and beautifully done as always as the show opened beautifully with her heartfelt performance.



Anu was second on stage tonight with a stage full of talented dancers including some very scantily clad men wearing nothing other than what could be described as strategically placed thongs. Her sizzling hot version of Bootylicious including a huge caste with Babypea, Ginty, Star, Electra, Ferdinand Scarmon, Edward Ballinger, Gunner von Phoenix, Sebastian Borne, Si Di Brit and Keith Ringgold had the crowd going wild and cheering as her act paid tribute to Queen B in the style that she deserved.


Wiz and Ariel were next in a romantic style retro tribute as they danced the night away to All She Wants to Do is Rock by Wynonie Harris. The dance moves and costumes just perfect as they slipped back in time and danced the night away with spectacular moves and bringing cheers once again from our audience as the night just continued to got hotter.


Kyshra was next to prowl onto the stage with her dancers dressed as some of the sexiest felines I have ever seen. Dressed being the questionable world as their feline costumes left nothing to imagination. Joined onstage by Ame, Baby, CowGrl, and Queenie and they livened up an already wild jungle set to a mix that included everything from Tone Loc’s wild thing, Kiss, fingers and more as they had tongues hanging out all over the room including one audience member who called out that they would be worth risking a hairball for.


Next I took the stage with two of my favorite dancers, Josie and Queenie. Straight out of the rain forest as we danced to Janet Jackson’s “Moist.” Janet’s soft voice and falling waters drenching us as we enticed the crowd, slipping into the water and teasing as the storm of colors and water swirled around us. This act brought me a bit out of my comfort zone a little as I showed that softer side of me most don’t get to see onstage.


Eva never fails to stun us with her style and talent as she followed me up with Melanie Martinez – Carousel. Everything was perfect in her act from her costume and animations to her particle effects that were purely stunning. She started her act with a magical carousel and continued on with a lighting spectacular that would rival the fourth of July. An act that could be easily loved by all as she left me wanting to see more.


Baby was the finale with Grand style tonight worthy of her own show on the Vegas Strip. She took with stage with a huge flurry of colorful teal and purple feathers as she danced her solo to Louis Armstrong – The Mardi Gras March. Perfect for the theme of the night and Mardis Gras as all eye were on her. Doing it all with the pizzazz and class that Miss Baby Pea always brings to the stage. She wowed everyone in the place as she danced and strutted for us all and I do not think there was one man in that audience that was not ready to pluck her feathers!



Bringing the night to an end in true Empire Room style, Ame and the Elysium dancers welcomed the crowd on stage to pay tribute to Black History Month in true Motown style. Fun dances and a wild set closed out the night as everyone danced to such classics as The Four Tops – It’s The Same Old Song, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street, The Supremes – Come See About Me.


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