Elysium Cabaret – Friday Apr 21

Please find below pictures of Elysium’s show from Friday, April 21st.  With thanks to Web Sass for the photos, to the Elysium choreographers and dancers for sharing their creations with us, to all the people who help behind the scenes to make shows happen, and to our cherished audience for coming out to welcome in the weekend with us!

Act 1: Seb with Soco, Jo, Tray, Paul, Wiz and Jorgio

Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Voodoo Daddy

Act 2: Gracie

Red Sovine – Daddy’s Girl

Act 3: Nara with Gracie and Ariel

Chris Spheeris – Juliette

Act 4: Eva with nadi and Joy Canadeo

Enya – Echoes In Rain

Act 5: Babypea

Goldfrapp – Twist

Act 6: Jo with Sebastain

The Book of Love – Peter Gabriel

Act 7: Immy

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

Act 8: Kyshra with EVERYONE!

Switch – Will Smith

Drop it Low – Kat De Luna (Remix)

Shake Senora – Pitbull Ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul

Elysium Cabaret – April 14th 2017 Photo Gallery

Here are some pics from the show with thanks to Web Sass!

Act 1: Jilley with Paul, Winnie, Beebs and Pan

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

Act 2: Candy with Angie and Baby

Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Act 3: Winnie with Jo, Baby, JIlley, Nara and Rhonda

Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Act 4: Wiz

Easter Bunny Song

Act 5: Angie With: LuLu, Candinette Metaluna, Jilley and Baby

Aaja Nachle – Full Title Song | Madhuri Dixit

Act 6: Ariel with Rhonda

Selena Gomez- Good for You

Act 7: Babypea

Marnie – Wolves

Act 8: Eva with EVERYONE!

Splish Splash
twenty one pilots vs Melanie Martinez – Soaped Out (Mashup)
Nicole Scherzinger – Wet

April 7, 2017 Show Photo Review

Pictures of a wonderful show, a wonderful night shared with friends and family at Elysium Cabaret!  With thanks to Web Sass, Crap Mariner, and Ginty Bachem!  Thank you for making memories with us!  ♥

Lady C You Can Leave Your hat On by Joe Cocker

Devlin House of the Rising Sun
Kyshra with Queenie, Babypea Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Corri with Paul & FT Tito & Tarantula – After Dark

Wiz with Ariel and Rhonda Pacman Fever

Babypea with Kyshra, Ariel, Jo, Ame Candye Kane — White Trash Girl

Nara with Gracie Epic Fantasy Music – The Wolf and the Moon

Imagine Dragons – Believer
Little Mix – Touch
Sia – Move Your Body


3/31/17 – A Chuck Berry Tribute

At Elysium, we respect and honor the great musicians that gave us the music we dance to and Friday was no exception.  This show was in honor of Chuck Berry and we had an eclectic collection of dances to showcase his music.

The crowd was gathering, greeted by Jilley and Paul as Gunner was spinning his awesome tunes.  We were all furiously caching our sets, checking the costumes and attempting to bribe or drive out all the SL gremlins for the evening.

Babypea w/ Gunner, Wiz and FT – Chuck Berry – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Empire 3-31-17_007

The opening act for the night was Baby and crew in a rollicking fun dance.  Shimmying with each man in turn and making her way through the house, I think we were all a bit jealous that we didn’t have 3 sexy men at home to party with.  Baby chose this song because, “I love this song.  It is so upbeat and rowdy and fun.  It is a classic, one of his most well-known songs, and we can’t have a Chuck Berry show without this song.  I love the energy of it!”  We were definitely energized by the end.

Luna w/ CC – Chuck Berry – Nadine

Empire 3-30-31-17 (32)

Next, Luna and CC took us on a romp through town.  From the set to the cute costumes and her choice of choreo, we were transported back to the 50s and immersed.  I really enjoyed the fact the scene kept changing culminating with a terrific groove inside the quintessential pink car.  A very fun and entertaining number.

Corri – Chuck Berry – School Days

Empire 3-31-17_033

The third performance featured Corri giving us a joyful dance in celebration of our times in high school.  Moving from classroom to local soda shop, I think we all had flashbacks of football games, homecoming dances and hanging out with friends.  Corri had on a costume with a sexy and short poodle skirt that would have had any guy offering to escort her home.

Gracie w/ Nara and Tristan – Chuck Berry – Maybellene

Empire 3-31-17_042

In this performance, Gracie and Nara gave us a spirited dance with Tristan in the role of Chuck Berry.  Gracie tells us, “I chose this song because it made me laugh. The thought of someone chasing or racing rather their cheating girlfriend was funny to me.  As I researched  this song I discovered that Maybellene is a cow from a book when he was in school. So I just had to do this song because it showcased his sense of humor.”  She definitely left us all with a smile.

Kyshra w/ Baby, Queenie, Rhonda, Gunner, Zach, Ame and Tristan – Chuck Berry  – My Ding-a-Ling

Empire 3-30-31-17 (2)

Kyshra chose one of Chuck Berry’s most funny and well known songs to celebrate his life with.  On a stage full of bells, we danced to animations not often used for dance and they were perfect for this music.  When asked how she settled on this particular song, she says, ” I was trying to decide on a piece of music when I ran across My Ding-A-Ling and the ideas for how to do the set and choreography just started to flow.”  This was another act showcasing Chuck’s varied style.

Jilley w/Baby and Rhonda – Chuck Berry – Blues for Hawaiians

Empire 3-30-31-17 (72)

The final performance of the evening was Jilley and her girls were sexy hula dancers in a beautiful tropical setting transporting us straight to Hawaii.  Jilley chose this music since it was different from the norm and immediately spoke to her.  The movement was lovely and perfectly timed as Jilley is known for.  As she said, a nice mellow dance that was fun to make.

Ame – Crowd Dance – Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven, Carol and You Can’t Catch Me

Empire 3-30-31-17 (47)

At the end of our shows, we offer our crowd dance to the audience in appreciation and thanks for their continued support.  We invite everyone to come up with us for their time in the spotlight as well.  The 3 songs I chose were quick and lively to get everyone moving.  It was a great close to a great show.

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful night of dance and fellowship with like minds.

Please join us next week and every Friday at 6pm for another inspired show.

Photos by Web Sass, with thanks and gratitude!

WOW Check This Out!!

Crap Mariner generously took pictures of Elysium’s show tonight at Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show, and there were so many stunning photos, I have decided to just post a link to her Flicker.  You won’t want to miss this, plus there are pictures from other Elysium shows posted there as well as a plethora of photographic wealth on other topics for you to enjoy!  She said we may use the pictures as we wish.  I think it is better to view them on her Flicker because then you can see them full size.  Click the album cover below to visit Crap’s Flicker.

Elysium Cabaret

Below are a sample of what you will find there… these are from the show tonight!  Thank you so much Crap, and to all who performed there, all who came out to see the show, and to John and Eleseren, Kultivate, and to Miss Ame for stepping in to DJ!