WOW Check This Out!!

Crap Mariner generously took pictures of Elysium’s show tonight at Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show, and there were so many stunning photos, I have decided to just post a link to her Flicker.  You won’t want to miss this, plus there are pictures from other Elysium shows posted there as well as a plethora of photographic wealth on other topics for you to enjoy!  She said we may use the pictures as we wish.  I think it is better to view them on her Flicker because then you can see them full size.  Click the album cover below to visit Crap’s Flicker.

Elysium Cabaret - November 24 2017

Below are a sample of what you will find there… these are from the show tonight!  Thank you so much Crap, and to all who performed there, all who came out to see the show, and to John and Eleseren, Kultivate, and to Miss Ame for stepping in to DJ!


One thought on “WOW Check This Out!!

  1. I enjoy the challenge of tacking snapshots of art in motion.
    Last night’s performance was most excellent.
    I hope my captures conveyed the effort y’all put into making it beautiful.
    Glad to be of service.


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