Elysium Comedy-Themed Show: April 28th 2017

If you missed this show, all I can say is, you missed out on a ton of laughter!  Good belly laughs that leave you in pain with tears streaming down your face, struggling to breathe!  Maybe that doesn’t sound like fun but I assure you, it was!!  Take a look at some pics from Elysium’s comedy-themed show, with thanks to Web Sass for preserving some memories for us of one of the funnest Elysium shows ever.  Thank you to all our fabulous choreographers for sharing their creative inspiration with us.  Thank you to Elysium’s dancers and staff for all the hard work and dedication.  And thank you to our cherished audience for coming out and letting us entertain you… welcome to the weekend!!


Tray with Imrhien Fargis, Sebastain Bourne, Babypea Von Phoenix
We Will Rock you/Eye of the Tiger – Red Hot Chili Pipers


Devlin Cowboy – Kid Rock
The Bird


Babypea as HarryNut Sak
Gunther – Ding Dong Song


DavidGage with Sebastain Bourne, Paul Woodrunner, Gunner von Phoenix, and Melvis Baum
I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore : The snake oil Willy Band


Wiz with Ariel, Dev, Sagia, Tray
Tacky – Al Yankovic


Monavie with Melina Aquila (melina.aurotharius) and Corri Stoanes (corroded.battery)
Mona – Sexy Stranger


Jilley with Paul and Seb
OCAD – Too Much


Kyshra with Baby,Lina, Nadi, Ame
Benny Hill Theme


3 Doors Down – Every Time You Go
Alice Cooper – I’ll Bite Your Face Off
Whitesnake – Love Will Set You Free



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