Elysium – September 8th 2017

More pics of this show found on Crap Mariner’s Flicker, thank you Crap:
Elysium Cabaret


Act 1: Jilley
with Paul
I’ll See You Again – Westlife

Jilley’s moving tribute to all those lost on 9-11.  She danced remembering someone she lost, and then he was there with her, dancing in spirit.  Even though he is gone as she kneels by his grave, the song sings how she feels him walking beside her.  This deeply touching, most beautiful dance had many watching with vision blurred by tears.

Act 2: Mikiko
Dinah Washington – Me And My Gin

Elysium’s newest choreographer dazzles and WOWs the audience with a super sexy dance complete with stylish set and eye-catching lighting.  So hawt no nudity needed.  WOWZA that costume!!

Act 3: Lina
with Paul, Adam, Ray, Queenie, Ariel, Josie Corri and Gracie
Song I Want Your Sex – George Micheal

The gals and the guys sexying up the stage… mega HAWT, sexy costumes, smart set design and fabulous choreo plus great mover work… WOW LINA!  Lots of texture changes, gals in cages, and uber sexeh!

Act 4: Gunner
with Baby, Kyshra, Fuki and Web
Kings of Leon – Closer

Very creepy cool!  He suffers and endures as the ghouls get closer and closer, the walls of the tomb closing in on him!  Tons of exceptional mover work in this dance, with moving walls and props plus the ghouls starting in the audience and creeping up onto the stage.

Act 5: Lulu
SIA – Chandelier

An absolutely gorgeous mirrored set that has to be seen to be believed, and our LuLu dancing in a chandelier… what a brilliant dance!  I love the colour scheme, pinks and purple pastels with crystal and gold.

Act 6: Babypea and Web
with Jilley
Christina Aguilera – Desnudate

The girls lost their clothes after surviving a plane crash in the jungle… but never fear!  They found leaves to wear!

Act 7: Kyshra
with Gunner
Don’t Fear the Reaper

Kyshra danced an exquisite ballet with the reaper.  It was a glorious and oddly erotic even though no clothes came off.  The choreo was mesmerising as was the version of the song.  Very haunting.

Act 8: Jilley

Our cherished FRAMS (Friends and Family) joined us on stage to be danced by JILLEY for some audience participation fun!  Thank you Jilley!
Scatman John – Everybody Jam!
Steps – 5, 6, 7, 8
Vengaboys – We like to Party!

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