Elysium Cabaret – September 22, 2017

You’ve locked yourself in the bathroom (again?) and a madman is turning the door into splinters with an axe. A head pokes through the jagged opening and ….. I’mmmmmm Baaaaaaaack. So this is my first attempt at reviewing the dances AND taking the pics. Please forgive me.        Starts humming along to “I Got a Feeling.”

Set 1: Babypea
with Web, Shesa and Gamma
Ke$ha – Take it Off


WOW. What a great set to start off the night. The set was futuristic. Beautiful women in Sci-Fi attire dancing to a wicked beat. Ke$ha was telling us about a place she knows if you’re looking for a show. She obviously was referring to the Empire Room. In addition to glitter on the floor we have particles in the air.


Set 2: Nara
Birth of Love – BrunuhVille


Nara asked Gunner to announce that this was dedicated to one and only, Diawa. While Di has a special place in our hearts, she has a “special-er” place in Nara’s heart. Nara was dancing with her heart on her sleeve and all over her set. There were rainbows… and roses. There was no mistaking how special this was.


Set 3: Eva
with Misha, Rose, Elayn, Nadi, Cowgrl and Zena

Paint it Black


Eva painted the town red as she painted it black. Here you can see the blue “no-man” group joined her on stage. Great choreography and a slick set just made it just that much more fun. Fantastic.


Set 4: Jilley
Gotan Project – Whatever Lola Wants


It’s not just Nola who get’s what she wants. Jilley wanted our attention… and she got it! If you can tear your eyes away from Jilley’s stunning form for just a minute or two you would notice how well she moves that form around the dance floor, as well. Wonderful.


Set 5: Wiz
Tilted – Christine and the Queens


There’s a bit of a story behind this act, but let me summarize. I have a new body now and I wanted to show it off without stripping off completely. I also wanted to do a set that included some popping. When I discovered “Tilted” it all just came together and I enjoyed doing it. What do you think? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or directly.


Set 6: In2UDeep
with Jericko Daines, Gent Resident, Shayna, Tray and Josephine Jinx
Fight – All Good Things


In2UDeep transported us to a world of mystery, music, might and magic with a lifesize animated chessboard. With each confrontation the fight became “real” as the characters behind the pieces faced off in a head-to-head dance off.  Magical.


Set 7: Lina
with Josephine Jinx

Wicked Way – Imelda May


Lina brought us into her fantastically textured and lighted world and taught us all how to do the reflection dance, perfectly. All while turning up the heat. I don’t think I am alone in hoping for some additional lessons after school. Amazing.


Set 8: Eva
with Everyone
Splish Splash
Soaped Out – Twenty-one Pilots .v Melanie Martinez (mashup)
Wet – Nicole Scherzinger


Eva set the mood and the tone with her tunes and moves as we asked the audience to join us on stage. One would think that a nice relaxing soak in a giant tub would help us recover from all the heat and sweat generated by tonight’s performances. However, when you add 40 or so of your friends and some are barely dressed while others are covered in bubbles and soap suds, the lines between “clean” and “dirty” start to blur.

Thanks you for joining us for another fantastic Show.


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