April, Friday the 13th 2018 Show

Here is a look at the show Friday the thirteenth. It was a bit of bad luck in that the lag sleen seemed to be affecting almost everyone, causing delays in the show. But the dedicated, professional team pushed through it, the show went on, and the spectacular acts were well-worth the wait. So much talent, so much imagination, what an honour to feature these performers on the Elysium stage! It is with great thanks to and gratitude for the many creative souls who work so hard to share their visions with others that I post this peek.

SONG: Blake McGrath – “Chains” Cover

If you can handle all this sexy…. *wipes drool from lips*

with Web, Jilley, Misha, Immy, BB, Gracie
SONG: Lapsley – Painter

A dance created as a gift for Web Sass.

SONG: Ursine Vulpine – Wicked Game

Wiz just loves to make me cry, and this dance was so full of emotion. The simplicity of the costume only highlighted the feeling of the choreography even more.

with Web Sass, Jilley, Ginty (ginty bachem) and mrhien Fargis
SONG: Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do”

All these sassy caged beauties, don’t be fooled! They are not as delicate as they appear!

with Eva, Immy, Gracie, Si, Antonio and Diamonte
SONG: Christina Aguilera – Show Me How You Burlesque

Very exciting choreo and mover work on this one, fabulous Misha!

SONG: The Never-Ending Story

Absolutely enchanting, a performance full of magic on many levels from set to special effects to costume!

SONG: Under the Skin

This was spell-binding, very trippy, I must see this dance again. Matinee perhaps?

Crowd Dances
Final Countdown
Stars Align
Major Tom

Sorry I did not get pictures of these because everyone was not rezzing for me, and I didn’t want to upset anyone by posting pics of floating heads. These dances were a BLAST, quite literally, as Eva provided us all with jet packs and blasted us off into the space of the stage. Up up up we went, dancing in the air with our jet packs, then landing and dancing some more. Thank you Eva for such a fun experience!

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