Friday, April 20th 2018 Show

With thanks to Paul, Jilley and P for organising busy details, DJ Corri for the rehearsal music, DJ Gunner for the show music, and a heap of imaginative choreographers and dependable dancers, we gathered with our Frams (friends and family) to welcome in another weekend! In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road sim. Thank you to all who participated! Here are a few pics from the show, with thanks to R. Crap Mariner. See all of Crap’s fabulous dance photos at:

with Hailie, Alexis, Que and Josephine
Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore

with Devlin, Wiz, Jilley, Alexis
Virtual Choir- You Will Be Found

with Nara
Good Vibes’. Tove Styrke

Lo Fang – One That I Want

with Antonio, Elayn and Jilley
Billy Joel , Downeaster Alrxa

Alannah Myles-Black Velvet

with Genie (Renztoy), DarkRaven Ninetails, Master Gunner, BabyPea
Send in the Clowns

with Paul, Pea and Web
Kelly Rowland – Commander ft. David Guetta

Crowd Dances
Michael Jackson Mix

The incomparable R. Crap with choreographer Web Alicious

Dancing with our beloved FRAMS!

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